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Computational Science - ICCS 2002

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Computational Science is the scienti?c discipline that aims at the development and understanding of new computational methods and ... Weiterlesen
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Computational Science is the scienti?c discipline that aims at the development and understanding of new computational methods and techniques to model and simulate complex systems. The area of application includes natural systems such as biology, envir- mental and geo-sciences, physics, and chemistry and synthetic systems such as electronics and ?nancial and economic systems. The discipline is a bridge b- ween 'classical' computer science logic, complexity, architecture, algorithms mathematics, and the use of computers in the aforementioned areas. The relevance for society stems from the numerous challenges that exist in the various science and engineering disciplines, which can be tackled by advances made in this ?eld. For instance new models and methods to study environmental issues like the quality of air, water, and soil, and weather and climate predictions through simulations, as well as the simulation-supported development of cars, airplanes, and medical and transport systems etc. Paraphrasing R. Kenway (R.D. Kenway, Contemporary Physics. 1994): 'There is an important message to scientists, politicians, and industrialists: in the future science, the best industrial design and manufacture, the greatest medical progress, and the most accurate environmental monitoring and forecasting will be done by countries that most rapidly exploit the full potential ofcomputational science'. Nowadays we have access to high-end computer architectures and a large range of computing environments, mainly as a consequence of the enormous s- mulus from the various international programs on advanced computing, e.g.

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Keynote Papers.- The UK e-Science Core Programme and the Grid.- Community Grids.- Conference Papers.- A Conceptual Model for Surveillance Video Content and Event-Based Indexing and Retrieval.- Comparison of Overlap Detection Techniques.- Using a Passage Retrieval System to Support Question Answering Process.- XML Design Patterns Used in the EnterTheGrid Portal.- Modeling Metadata-Enabled Information Retrieval.- Conference Papers.- Spontaneous Branching in a Polyp Oriented Model of Stony Coral Growth.- Local Minimization Paradigm in Numerical Modelling of Foraminiferal Shells.- Using PDES to Simulate Individual-Oriented Models in Ecology: A Case Study.- In Silico Modelling of the Human Intestinal Microflora.- A Mesoscopic Approach to Modeling Immunological Memory.- Conference Papers.- A New Method for Ordering Binary States Probabilities in Reliability and Risk Analysis.- Reliability Evaluation Using Monte Carlo Simulation and Support Vector Machine.- On Models for Time-Sensitive Interactive Computing.- Induction of Decision Multi-trees Using Levin Search.- A Versatile Simulation Model for Hierarchical Treecodes.- Conference Papers.- Computational Processes in Iterative Stochastic Control Design.- An Efficient Approach to Deal with the Curse of Dimensionality in Sensitivity Analysis Computations.- Birge and Qi Method for Three-Stage Stochastic Programs Using IPM.- Multivariate Stochastic Models of Metocean Fields: Computational Aspects and Applications.- Conference Papers.- Simulation of Gender Artificial Society: Multi-agent Models of Subject-Object Interactions.- Memory Functioning in Psychopathology.- Investigating e-Market Evolution.- Markets as Global Scheduling Mechanisms: The Current State.- Numerical Simulations of Combined Effects of Terrain Orography and Thermal Stratification on Pollutant Distribution in a Town Valley.- Conference Papers.- The Differentiated Call Processing Based on the Simple Priority-Scheduling Algorithm in SIP6.- A Fuzzy Approach for the Network Congestion Problem.- Performance Evaluation of Fast Ethernet, Giganet and Myrinet on a Cluster.- Basic Operations on a Partitioned Optical Passive Stars Network with Large Group Size.- Conference Papers.- 3D Mesh Generation for the Results of Anisotropic Etch Simulation.- A Fractional Splitting Algorithm for Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition.- Tetrahedral Mesh Generation for Environmental Problems over Complex Terrains.- Domain Decomposition and Multigrid Methods for Obstacle Problems.- Domain Decomposition Coupled with Delaunay Mesh Generation.- Conference Papers.- Accuracy of 2D Pulsatile Flow in the Lattice Boltzmann BGK Method.- Towards a Microscopic Traffic Simulation of All of Switzerland.- Modeling Traffic Flow at an Urban Unsignalized Intersection.- A Discrete Model of Oil Recovery.- Virtual Phase Dynamics for Constrained Geometries in a Soap Froth.- Conference Papers.- A Correction Method for Parallel Loop Execution.- A Case Study for Automatic Code Generation on a Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Model.- Data- Flow Oriented Visual Programming Libraries for Scientific Computing.- Conference Papers.- One Dilemma Different Points of View.- Business Agent.- On the Use of Longitudinal Data Techniques for Modeling the Behavior of a Complex System.- Problem of Inconsistent and Contradictory Judgements in Pairwise Comparison Method in Sense of AHP.- Conference Papers.- An Integration Platform for Metacomputing Applications.- Large-Scale Scientific Irregular Computing on Clusters and Grids.- High Level Trigger System for the LHC ALICE Experiment.- The Gateway Computational Web Portal: Developing Web Services for High Performance Computing.- Evolutionary Optimization Techniques on Computational Grids.- Conference Papers.- Eclipse and Ellipse: PSEs for EHL Solutions using IRIS Explorer and SCIRun.- Parallel Newton-Krylov-Schwarz Method for Solving the Anisotropic Bidomain Equations from the Excitation of the Heart Model.- Parallel Flood Modeling Systems.- Web Based Real Time System for Wavepacket Dynamics.- The Taylor Center for PCs: Exploring, Graphing and Integrating ODEs with the Ultimate Accuracy.- Conference Papers.- Classification Rules + Time = Temporal Rules.- Parametric Optimization in Data Mining Incorporated with GA-Based Search.- Implementing Scalable Parallel Search Algorithms for Data-Intensive Applications.- Techniques for Estimating the Computation and Communication Costs of Distributed Data Mining.- Conference Papers.- Distributed Resource Allocation in Ad Hoc Networks.- The Average Diffusion Method for the Load Balancing Problem.- Remote Access and Scheduling for Parallel Applications on Distributed Systems.- Workload Scheduler with Fault Tolerance for MMSC.- A Simulation Environment for Job Scheduling on Distributed Systems.- Conference Papers.- ICT Environment for Multi-disciplinary Design and Multi-objective Optimisation: A Case Study.- A Web-Based Problem Solving Environment for Solution of Option Pricing Problems and Comparison of Methods.- Cognitive computer graphics for information interpretation in real time intelligence systems.- AG-IVE: An Agent Based Solution to Constructing Interactive Simulation Systems.- Computer-Assisted Learning of Chemical Experiments through a 3D Virtual Lab.- Conference Papers.- Lattice-Boltzmann Based Large-Eddy Simulations Applied to Industrial Flows.- Computational Study of the Pyrolysis Reactions and Coke Deposition in Industrial Naphtha Cracking.- An Accurate and Efficient Frontal Solver for Fully-Coupled Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical Problems.- Utilising Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the Modelling of Granular Material in Large-Scale Engineering Processes.- Parallel Implementation of the INM Atmospheric General Circulation Model on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors.- Conference Papers.- A realistic simulation for Highway Traffic by the use of Cellular Automata.- Application of Cellular Automata Simulations to Modelling of Dynamic Recrystallization.- A Distributed Cellular Automata simulations on cluster of PCs.- Evolving One Dimensional Cellular Automata to Perform a Non-Trivial Collective Behavior Task: One Case Study.- Conference Papers.- New Unconditionally Stable Algorithms to Solve the Time-Dependent Maxwell Equations.- Coupled 3D Finite Difference Time Domain and Finite Volume Methods for Solving Microwave Heating in Porous Media.- Numerical Solution of Reynolds Equations for Forest Fire Spread.- FEM-based Structural Optimization with Respect to Shakedown Constraints.- Tight Bounds on Capacity Misses for 3D Stencil Codes.- Conference Papers.- A Distributed Co-operative Problem Solving Environment.- The Software Architecture of a Problem Solving Environment for Enterprise Computing.- Semi-automatic Generation of Web-Based Computing Environments for Soft ware Libraries.- The Development of a Grid Based Engineering Design Problem Solving Environment.- TOPAS - Parallel Programming Environment for Distributed Computing.- Conference Papers.- Parallel Implementation of a Least-Squares Spectral Element Solver for Incompressible Flow Problems.- Smooth Interfaces for Spectral Element Approximations of Navier-Stokes Equations.- Simulation of a Compressible Flow by the Finite Element Method Using a General Parallel Computing Approach.- A Class of the Relaxation Schemes for Two-Dimensional Euler Systems of Gas Dynamics.- OpenMP Parallelism for Multi-dimensional Grid-Adaptive Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations.- Conference Papers.- Parameter Estimation in a Three-dimensional Wind Field Model Using Genetic Algorithms.- Minimizing Interference in Mobile Communications Using Genetic Algorithms.- KERNEL: A Matlab Toolbox for Knowledge Extraction and Refinement by NEural Learning.- Damages Recognition on Crates of Beverages by Artificial Neural Networks Trained with Data Obtained from Numerical Simulation.- Simulation Monitoring System Using AVS.- Conference Papers.- ODEs and Redefining the Concept of Elementary Functions.- Contour Dynamics Simulations with a Parallel Hierarchical-Element Method.- A Parallel Algorithm for the Dynamic Partitioning of Particle-Mesh Computational Systems.- Stable Symplectic Integrators for Power Systems.- A Collection of Java Class Libraries for Stochastic Modeling and Simulation.- Conference Papers.- Task-Oriented Petri Net Models for Discrete Event Simulation.- A Subspace Semidefinite Programming for Spectral Graph Partitioning.- A Study on the Pollution Error in r-h Methods Using Singular Shape Functions.- Device Space Design for Efficient Scale-Space Edge Detection.


Titel: Computational Science - ICCS 2002
Untertitel: International Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21-24, 2002. Proceedings, Part I
EAN: 9783540435914
ISBN: 978-3-540-43591-4
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1097
Gewicht: 1420g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2002
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2002. 2002

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