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Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2005

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The four volume set assembled following The 2005 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications, ICCSA 200... Weiterlesen
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The four volume set assembled following The 2005 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications, ICCSA 2005, held in Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore, from 9 May 2005 till 12 May 2005, represents the ?ne collection of 540 refereed papers selected from nearly 2,700 submissions. Computational Science has ?rmly established itself as a vital part of many scienti?c investigations, a?ecting researchers and practitioners in areas ranging from applications such as aerospace and automotive, to emerging technologies such as bioinformatics and nanotechnologies, to core disciplines such as ma- ematics, physics, and chemistry. Due to the shear size of many challenges in computational science, the use of supercomputing, parallel processing, and - phisticated algorithms is inevitable and becomes a part of fundamental t- oretical research as well as endeavors in emerging ?elds. Together, these far reaching scienti?c areas contribute to shape this Conference in the realms of state-of-the-art computational science research and applications, encompassing the facilitating theoretical foundations and the innovative applications of such results in other areas.

Grid Computing and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Systems Workshop.- Resource and Service Discovery in the iGrid Information Service.- A Comparison of Spread Methods in Unstructured P2P Networks.- A New Service Discovery Scheme Adapting to User Behavior for Ubiquitous Computing.- The Design and Prototype of RUDA, a Distributed Grid Accounting System.- An Adaptive Routing Mechanism for Efficient Resource Discovery in Unstructured P2P Networks.- Enhancing UDDI for Grid Service Discovery by Using Dynamic Parameters.- A New Approach For Efficiently Achieving High Availability in Mobile Computing.- A Flexible Communication Scheme to Support Grid Service Emergence.- A Kernel-Level RTP for Efficient Support of Multimedia Service on Embedded Systems.- Group-Based Scheduling Scheme for Result Checking in Global Computing Systems.- Service Discovery Supporting Open Scalability Using FIPA-Compliant Agent Platfrom for Ubiquitous Networks.- A Mathematical Predictive Model for an Autonomic System to Grid Environments.- Spatial Analysis and GIS: Local or Global? Workshop.- Spatial Analysis: Science or Art?.- Network Density Estimation: Analysis of Point Patterns over a Network.- Linking Global Climate Grid Surfaces with Local Long-Term Migration Monitoring Data: Spatial Computations for the Pied Flycatcher to Assess Climate-Related Population Dynamics on a Continental Scale.- Classifying Internet Traffic Using Linear Regression.- Modeling Sage Grouse: Progressive Computational Methods for Linking a Complex Set of Local, Digital Biodiversity and Habitat Data Towards Global Conservation Statements and Decision-Making Systems.- Local Analysis of Spatial Relationships: A Comparison of GWR and the Expansion Method.- Middleware Development for Remote Sensing Data Sharing and Image Processing on HIT-SIP System.- A New and Efficient K-Medoid Algorithm for Spatial Clustering.- Computer Graphics and Rendering Workshop.- Security Management for Internet-Based Virtual Presentation of Home Textile Product.- An Efficient Approach for Surface Creation.- Interactive Visualization for OLAP.- Interactive 3D Editing on Tiled Display Wall.- A Toolkit for Automatically Modeling and Simulating 3D Multi-articulation Entity in Distributed Virtual Environment.- Footprint Analysis and Motion Synthesis.- An Adaptive and Efficient Algorithm for Polygonization of Implicit Surfaces.- A Framework of Web GIS Based Unified Public Health Information Visualization Platform.- An Improved Colored-Marker Based Registration Method for AR Applications.- Non-photorealistic Tour into Panorama.- Image Space Silhouette Extraction Using Graphics Hardware.- Adaptive Fuzzy Weighted Average Filter for Synthesized Image.- Data Mining and Bioinformatics Workshop.- The Binary Multi-SVM Voting System for Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction.- Gene Network Prediction from Microarray Data by Association Rule and Dynamic Bayesian Network.- Protein Interaction Prediction Using Inferred Domain Interactions and Biologically-Significant Negative Dataset.- Semantic Annotation of Biomedical Literature Using Google.- Fast Parallel Algorithms for the Longest Common Subsequence Problem Using an Optical Bus.- Estimating Gene Networks from Expression Data and Binding Location Data via Boolean Networks.- Efficient Matching and Retrieval of Gene Expression Time Series Data Based on Spectral Information.- SVM Classification to Predict Two Stranded Anti-parallel Coiled Coils based on Protein Sequence Data.- Estimating Gene Networks with cDNA Microarray Data Using State-Space Models.- A Penalized Likelihood Estimation on Transcriptional Module-Based Clustering.- Conceptual Modeling of Genetic Studies and Pharmacogenetics.- Parallel and Distribuited Computing Workshop.- A Dynamic Parallel Volume Rendering Computation Mode Based on Cluster.- Dynamic Replication of Web Servers Using Rent-a-Servers.- Survey of Parallel and Distributed Volume Rendering: Revisited.- Scheduling Pipelined Multiprocessor Tasks: An Experimental Study with Vision Architecture.- Universal Properties Verification of Parameterized Parallel Systems.- Symbolic Computation, SC 2005 Workshop.- 2d Polynomial Interpolation: A Symbolic Approach with Mathematica.- Analyzing the Synchronization of Chaotic Dynamical Systems with Mathematica: Part I.- Analyzing the Synchronization of Chaotic Dynamical Systems with Mathematica: Part II.- A Mathematica Package for Computing and Visualizing the Gauss Map of Surfaces.- Numerical-Symbolic Matlab Toolbox for Computer Graphics and Differential Geometry.- A LiE Subroutine for Computing Prehomogeneous Spaces Associated with Real Nilpotent Orbits.- Applications of Graph Coloring.- Mathematica Applications on Time Scales.- A Discrete Mathematics Package for Computer Science and Engineering Students.- Circle Inversion of Two-Dimensional Objects with Mathematica.- Specific Aspects of Computational Physics for Modeling Suddenly-Emerging Phenomena Workshop.- Specific Aspects of Training IT Students for Modeling Pulses in Physics.- Filtering Aspects of Practical Test-Functions and the Ergodic Hypothesis.- Definition of Wave-Corpuscle Interaction Suitable for Simulating Sequences of Physical Pulses.- Practical Test-Functions Generated by Computer Algorithms.- Possibilities for Obtaining the Derivative of a Received Signal Using Computer-Driven Second Order Oscillators.- Simulating Laser Pulses by Practical Test Functions and Progressive Waves.- Statistical Aspects of Acausal Pulses in Physics and Wavelets Applications.- Wavelet Analysis of Solitary Wave Evolution.- Numerical Analysis of Some Typical Finite Differences Simulations of the Waves Propagation Through Different Media.- BSplines and Nonorthogonal Wavelets.- Optimal Wavelets.- Dynamics of a Two-Level Medium Under the Action of Short Optical Pulses.- Nonlinear Phenomena in Erbium-Doped Lasers.- Internet Comunications Security (WICS) Workshop.- An e-Lottery Scheme Using Verifiable Random Function.- Related-Mode Attacks on Block Cipher Modes of Operation.- A Digital Cash Protocol Based on Additive Zero Knowledge.- On the Security of Wireless Sensor Networks.- Dependable Transaction for Electronic Commerce.- On the Security of a Certified E-Mail Scheme with Temporal Authentication.- Security Flaws in Several Group Signatures Proposed by Popescu.- A Simple Acceptance/Rejection Criterium for Sequence Generators in Symmetric Cryptography.- Secure Electronic Payments in Heterogeneous Networking: New Authentication Protocols Approach.- Component Based Software Engineering and Software Process Model Workshop.- Software Reliability Measurement Use Software Reliability Growth Model in Testing.- Thesaurus Contruction Using Class Inheritance.- An Object Structure Extraction Technique for Object Reusability Improvement Based on Legacy System Interface.- Automatic Translation Form Requirements Model into Use Cases Modeling on UML.- A Component Identification Technique from Object-Oriented Model.- Retrieving and Exploring Ontology-Based Human Motion Sequences.- An Integrated Data Mining Model for Customer Credit Evaluation.- A Study on the Component Based Architecture for Workflow Rule Engine and Tool.- A Fragment-Driven Process Modeling Methodology.- A FCA-Based Ontology Construction for the Design of Class Hierarchy.- Component Contract-Based Formal Specification Technique.- A Business Component Approach for Supporting the Variability of the Business Strategies and Rules.- A CBD Application Integration Framework for High Productivity and Maintainability.- Integrated Meta-model Approach for Reengineering from Legacy into CBD.- Behavior Modeling Technique Based on EFSM for Interoperability Testing.- Automatic Connector Creation for Component Assembly.- MaRMI-RE : Systematic Componentization Process for Reengineering Legacy System.- A Study on the Mechanism for Mobile Embedded Agent Development Based on Product Line.- Frameworks for Model-Driven Software Architecture.- Parallel and Distributed Components with Java.- CEB: Class Quality Evaluator for BlueJ.- Workflow Modeling Based on Extended Activity Diagram Using ASM Semantics.- Unification of XML DTD for XML Documents with Similar Structure.- Secure Payment Protocol for Healthcare Using USIM in Ubiquitous.- Verification of UML-Based Security Policy Model.- Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling (TSCG 2005) Workshop.- From a Small Formula to Cyberworlds.- Visualization and Analysis of Protein Structures Using Euclidean Voronoi Diagram of Atoms.- C 2 Continuous Spline Surfaces over Catmull-Clark Meshes.- Constructing Detailed Solid and Smooth Surfaces from Voxel Data for Neurosurgical Simulation.- Curvature Estimation of Point-Sampled Surfaces and Its Applications.- The Delaunay Triangulation by Grid Subdivision.- Feature-Based Texture Synthesis.- A Fast 2D Shape Interpolation Technique.- Triangular Prism Generation Algorithm for Polyhedron Decomposition.- Tweek: A Framework for Cross-Display Graphical User Interfaces.- Surface Simplification with Semantic Features Using Texture and Curvature Maps.- Development of a Machining Simulation System Using the Octree Algorithm.- A Spherical Point Location Algorithm Based on Barycentric Coordinates.- Realistic Skeleton Driven Skin Deformation.- Implementing Immersive Clustering with VR Juggler.- Adaptive Space Carving with Texture Mapping.- User-Guided 3D Su-Muk Painting.- Sports Equipment Based Motion Deformation.- Designing an Action Selection Engine for Behavioral Animation of Intelligent Virtual Agents.- Interactive Transmission of Highly Detailed Surfaces.- Contour-Based Terrain Model Reconstruction Using Distance Information.- An Efficient Point Rendering Using Octree and Texture Lookup.- Faces Alive: Reconstruction of Animated 3D Human Faces.- Quasi-interpolants Based Multilevel B-Spline Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Data.- Methodology of Information Engineering Workshop.- Efficient Mapping Rule of IDEF for UMM Application.- A Case Study on the Development of Employee Internet Management System.- Cost-Benefit Analysis of Security Investments: Methodology and Case Study.- A Modeling Framework of Business Transactions for Enterprise Integration.- Process-Oriented Development of Job Manual System.- An Information System Approach and Methodology for Enterprise Credit Rating.- Privacy Engineering in ubiComp.- Development of a BSC-Based Evaluation Framework for e-Manufacturing Project.- Design of a BPR-Based Information Strategy Planning (ISP) Framework.- An Integrated Evaluation System for Personal Informatization Levels and Their Maturity Measuement: Korean Motors Company Case.- Critical Attributes of Organizational Culture Promoting Successful KM Implementation.


Titel: Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2005
Untertitel: International Conference, Singapore, May 9-12. 2005, Proceedings, Part III
EAN: 9783540258629
ISBN: 3540258620
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Anzahl Seiten: 1480
Gewicht: 2201g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T78mm
Jahr: 2005
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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