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Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2003

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Computational Science is becoming a vital part of many scienti?c investi- tions, impacting researchers and practitioners in areas ... Weiterlesen
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Computational Science is becoming a vital part of many scienti?c investi- tions, impacting researchers and practitioners in areas ranging from aerospace andautomotiveto chemistry,electronics,geosciences,?nance,mathematics,and physics. Due to the sheer size of many challenges in computational science, the use of supercomputing, parallel processing, and sophisticated algorithms is - evitable. This volume contains the proceedings of The 2003 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2003), held in M- treal, Canada in May 2003. The papers presented here re?ect the aim of the programcommittee to bring together researchersand scientists from mathem- ics and computer science, the basic computing disciplines, and researchers from various application areas who are pioneering advanced application of compu- tional methods to sciences such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, arts, and the humanities, along with software developers and vendors, to d- cuss problems and solutions in the area, identify new issues, and shape future directions for research, as well as help industrial users apply various advanced computational techniques. Our outstanding invited speakers outlined the theme for the Conference, consideringsophisticatednumericalcomputationalmethods,emergingcompu- tional solutions, and problems and applications pushing the bounds of advanced computing techniques and hardware. This Conference was held as the ?rst in its series, with an emphasis on C- putational Science and the application of computational science. Interest from researchers and practitioners in this interdisciplinary area has been overwhe- ing, and we are looking forward to future events in this Conference series.

Invited Paper.- Random Number Generators with Period Divisible by a Mersenne Prime.- Scientific Visualization.- Visualizing Large Relational Datasets by Combining Grand Tour with Footprint Splatting of High Dimensional Data Cubes.- Visualizing Frequent Itemsets, Association Rules, and Sequential Patterns in Parallel Coordinates.- Information Extraction to Generate Visual Simulations of Car Accidents from Written Descriptions.- Interactive Stereoscopic Visualization of Very Large Visible Men on CAVE.- Panoramic Spherical Video The Space Ball.- Human Expressions Interaction Between Avatar and Virtual World.- Image Processing.- Progressive Curve Representation Based on Reverse Subdivision.- Concept-Based Image Retrieval Using the New Semantic Similarity Measurement.- Case- and Rule-Based Algorithms for the Contextual Pattern Recognition Problem.- A Simple Algorithm for Object Location from a Single Image without Camera Calibration.- Spatial Enhancement of Digital Terrain Model Using Shape from Shading with Single Satellite Imagery.- Robust Real-Time Face Tracking and Modeling from Video.- Computer, Mobile, and Data Networks.- Prediction Mechanism for Accessing Web Sites for Mobile Clients.- Adaptive and Scalable Allocation of Data-Objects in the Web.- Intelligent Fault-Tolerant Web Caching Service on Application Level Active Networks.- Dynamic Clustering of Web Search Results.- A Resilient Web Caching Architecture.- A Context-Based Information Agent for Supporting Education on the Web.- The Two-Criteria Topological Design Problem in WAN with Delay Constraint: An Algorithm and Computational Results.- Mobile IPv6 Fast Handover Mechanism in Wireless LAN with Several Access Routers.- Symmetrical Declustering: A Load Balancing and Fault Tolerant Strategy for Clustered Video Servers.- Efficient and Fast Discovery of Slave Home Agent's Address in Mobile IPv6.- Adaptive Information Exchange with Field Bus Systems.- A Replication Protocol with Composite Topology for High Adaptability.- How Secure Personal Mobility Can Be?.- Algorithms and Applications.- Generation of Valid Labeled Binary Trees.- Scheduling Intervals Using Independent Sets in Claw-Free Graphs.- A Novel Approach to Optimal Packing Using Composite Object Geometry.- A Discrete Farkas Lemma.- Elementary Encoding by Evolutionary Approach.- An Efficient Algorithm for the Compression of Time-Dependent Data from Scientific Simulations.- Rate Control for Low Bit Rate Video via Enhanced Frame Skipping.- Automatic Object-Based Video Segmentation Using Distributed Genetic Algorithms.- 3D Protein Peptide Chain Search Using an Improved Genetic Algorithm.- Efficient Inversion Algorithm for Optimal Normal Bases Type II.- Dual Space Drawing Methods of Cylinders.- Implementation of Smartcard Using Multi Authentication Method.- Textual CBR for Incident Report Retrieval.- The Integral Dictionary: A Lexical Network Based on Componential Semantics.- Classification Methods Using Neural Networks and Partial Precedence Algorithms for Differential Medical Diagnosis: A Case Study.- Consistent and Efficient Density Estimation.- Investigation of Geometric Shapes of Hydrodynamic Structures for Identification of Dynamical States of Convective Liquid.- Restoration of Dynamical Systems Attractors and Estimation of Their Geometric Characteristics into State-Space.- Parallel Genetic Algorithms for the Tuning of a Fuzzy AQM Controller.- New Robust Algorithm for Nonlinear Robot Systems.- Knowledge Representation and Artificial Intelligence.- Scalable Knowledge Discovery in Point-to-Multipoint Environments.- Knowledge Grid Support for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury Victims.- Neural Based Approach to Keyword Extraction from Documents.- Intelligent Crowd Simulation.- Simulation and Modeling.- Parallel Coupled Thermomechanical Simulation Using Hybrid Domain Decomposition.- Three Dimensional Modelling of Combustion in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Using a New Unstructured Parallel Solver.- Computational Modelling of Particle Degradation in Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveyors.- Simulation of Chemical Reaction Fronts in Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Waste.- Numerical Studies of Turbulent Jet Hydrogen/Air Diffusion Flames with Local Quenching Using Stiff Complex Chemistry.- Computational Modeling of Geophysical Systems.- Modeling and Simulation of an Experimental Manufacturing Cell.- A Study of Three-Dimensional Preferential Flow Using a Web-Based Simulation System.- Mathematical Modeling of Crown Forest Fires Initiation.- Numerical Simulation of Free Surface MHD Flows: Richtmyer - Meshkov Instability and Applications.- Parallel Computing for Semiquantal Few-Body Systems in Atomic Physics.- Modelling Traffic Flow at a Multilane Intersection.- Some Recent Results on a Domain Decomposition Method in Biomechanics of Human Joints.- The Design and Implementation of Chinese Question and Answering System.- Computational Aspects of Data Mining.- Dynamic System Design for the Scrap-Processing Problem under JIT.- Extracting Motion Model Parameters with Robust Estimation.- A Scientific On-line Database for Efficient Function Approximation.- Programming Methods in Computer Simulation.- Return of an Object in Two-Stack Dynamic Memory.- Programming in a High Level Approach for Scientific Computing.- A Method to Evaluate Computational Programs Using the Logical Combinatorial Approach.- The Efficient Debugging System for Locating Logical Errors in Java Programs.- A New Definitional Specification Language.- Restructuring Conditional Code Structures Using Object Oriented Design Patterns.- Explicit Surrogate Dual Formulation and Algorithm for Quadratic Programming.- Relationships Between Selected Software Measures and Latent Bug-Density: Guidelines for Improving Quality.- An Analysis of Idle CPU Cycles at University Computer Labs.- Self-configuring Algorithm for Software Fault Tolerance in (n,k)-way Cluster Systems.- Parallel High-Level Image Processing on a Standard PC.- Connection Mechanism Using Agent for Streaming in Multimedia Messaging Service Environment.- Complex Dynamics and Financial Fragility in an Agent Based Model.- Functional Analysis.- Uniform Approximations for Transcendental Functions.- Computing the Incomplete Gamma Function to Arbitrary Precision.- On Monotonic Solutions of an Integral Equation Related with the Chandrasekhar Equation.- A Compact Scheme for the Streamfunction Formulation of Navier-Stokes Equations.- Large Scale Computing.- A Performance Comparison of Matrix Solvers on Compaq Alpha, Intel Itanium, and Intel Itanium II Processors.- The Role of Multi-method Linear Solvers in PDE-based Simulations.- Time-Memory Trade-Offs Using Sparse Matrix Methods for Large-Scale Eigenvalue Problems.- Computer Technology for Solving Large Scale Matrix Problems.- A Compact and Fast Division Architecture for a Finite Field GF(2m).- Montgomery Multiplication and Squaring Algorithms in GF(2k).- Time-Space Efficient Exponentiation over GF(2m).- Efficient Architecture for Exponentiation and Division in GF(2m) Using Irreducible AOP.- A High-Performance UL Factorization for the Frontal Method.- The p-th Order Necessary Optimality Conditions for InequalityConstrained Optimization Problems.- A Direct Method for Block-Toeplitz Systems with Applications to Re-manufacturing Systems.- Reduced Fractal Analysis of the Multidimensional Attractor Reconstructed from Chaotic Time Series.- Resource Management for Finite Element Codes on Shared Memory Systems.- n-Tuples of 0s and 1s: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Intrinsic Order.- Computational Algorithm and Architecture for AB2 Multiplication in Finite Fields.- A Novel De-interlacing Technique Using Bi-directional Motion Estimation.- On the Design and Implementation of a Portable DSM System for Low-Cost Multicomputers.- On a Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Problem Based on the Thermo-Visco-Plastic Rheology.- Parallel Genetic Algorithm for a Flow-Shop Problem with Multiprocessor Tasks.- A New Availability Concept for (n,k)-way Cluster Systems Regarding Waiting Time.- A Study of Tuning Hyperparameters for Support Vector Machines.- A Method for Discretization in Time Based on Cayley Transform for Parabolic Transmission Problem.- Design and Implementation of a Parallel Prime Edge-Length Symmetric FFT.- A Posteriori Output Bound for Partial Differential Equations Based on Elemental Error Bound Computing.- A Bird's Eye View of Matrix Distributed Processing.


Titel: Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2003
Untertitel: International Conference, Montreal, Canada, May 18-21, 2003, Proceedings, Part I
EAN: 9783540401551
ISBN: 978-3-540-40155-1
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1062
Gewicht: 1638g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2003
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2003. 2003

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