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Chinese Lexical Semantics

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the 20th Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop, CLSW 2019,... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the 20th Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop, CLSW 2019, held in Chiayi, Taiwan, in June 2019.

The 39 full papers and 46 short papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 254 submissions. They are organized in the following topical sections: lexical semantics; applications of natural language processing; lexical resources; corpus linguistics.

Lexical Semantics.- Spatiality and Its Semantic Consequence of the Quantitative Expression "yiCCN" in Mandarin Chinese.- Difference and Analysis between the Structures of "shai+NP" and "xiu+NP".- Relationship Between Discourse Notions and the Lexicon: From the Perspective of Chinese Information Structure.- A Collostructional Analysis of Ditransitive Constructions in Mandarin.- The Semantic Analysis and Representation of Hai-NP-Ne Construction with NP Quoted from Context.- The Centennial Controversy: How to Classify the Chinese Adverb Du?.- Research on the Hidden De in Basic Noun Compounds Based on the Large-Scale Corpus .- Research of Speech Act Verb Interpretations about Dictionaries of Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language from the Perspective of Frame Semantics .- A Study on the Expressions of Modal Particles of the suggestion function in Spoken Chinese.- A study of the characteristics of ABB-type adjectives in Shaoxing dialect.- The Reclassification of Chinese Nominal Measure Words Based on Definition Mode.- A Brief Analysis of Semantic Interactions Between Loanwords and Native Words in the Tang Dynasty.- On the Verb Zao in Ha-Fu Northeastern Mandarin.- Linguistic Synaesthesia of Mandarin Sensory Adjectives: Corpus-Based and Experimental Approaches.- The Negation Marker mei in Northeastern Mandarin.- Resource Construction and Distribution Analysis of Internal Structure of Modern Chinese Double-syllable Verb.- Gradability, Subjectivity and the Semantics of the Adjectival zhen real and jia fake in Mandarin.- The Repetition of Chinese Onomatopoeia.- A degree-based analysis of V+A+le2 construction.- Semantic Distinction and Representation of the Chinese Ingestion Verb Ch.- Internal structures and Constructional Meanings in Mandarin Chinese: a case study of parallel AXAY QIEs.- A Study on Classification of Monosyllabic and Disyllabic Onomatopoeias Based on the Relation between the Form and Meaning.- Semantic Features and Internal Differences of Ergative Verbs.- Reduplicated Kind Classifier zhongzhong in Mandarin Chinese and the Associated Plurality Type.- A Study on the Semantic Construal of NP yào VP Structure from the Perspective of Grounding.- Research into the Additional Meanings of the Words of Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Consultative CouncilTaking the Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Consultative Council Literature as a Corpus.- From Lexical Semantics to Traditional Ecological Knowledge: On Precipitation, Condensation and Suspension Expressions in Chinese.- A Diachronic Study of Structure Patterns of Ditransitive Verbs.- Investigation on the Lexicalization Process and Causes of "Guzhi".- When Natural Nouns Surface as Verbs in Old Chinese: A Lexical Semantic Exploration.- The Classification of Korean Verbs and Its Application in TCFL.- The Independence of Monosyllabic Words.- Applications of Natural Language Processing.- Microblog Sentiment Classification Method Based on Dual Attention Mechanism and Bidirectional LSTM.- High Order N-gram Model Construction and Application based on Natural Annotation.- A Printed Chinese Character Recognition Method Based on Area Brightness Feature.- "Love is as Complex as Math": Metaphor Generation System for Social Chatbot.- Research on Extraction of Simple Modifier-Head Chunks Based on Corpus.- Incorporating HowNet-based Semantic Relatedness into Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation.- ProteinGene Entity Recognition and Normalization with Domain Knowledge and Local Context.- Sentence-level Readability Assessment for L2 Chinese Learning.- Text Readability Assessment for Chinese Second Language Teaching.- Statistical Analysis and Automatic Recognition of Grammatical Errors in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.- Tibetan case grammar error correction method based on neural network.- Chinese Text Error Correction Suggestion Generation Based on SoundShape Code.- Extracting Hierarchical Relations Between the Back-of-the-book Index Terms.- A Situation Evaluation System for Specific Events in Social Media.- Automatic Recognition of Chinese Separable Words Based on CRFs.- Tibetan Sentence Similarity Evaluation Based on Vectorized Representation Techniques.- An Easier and Efficient Framework to Annotate Semantic Roles: Evidence from the Chinese AMR Corpus.- Linguistic Knowledge based on Attention Neural Network for Targeted Sentiment Classification .- A Method of Automatic Memorabilia Generation Based on News Reports.- Lexical Resources.- A Case Study of Schema-based Categorized Definition Modes in Chinese Dictionaries.- The Construction and Analysis of Annotated Imagery Corpus of Three Hundred Tang Poems.- Building Semantic Dependency Knowledge Graph Based on HowNet.- Study on the Order of Vocabulary Output of International Students.- Construction of the Contemporary Chinese Common Verbs' Semantic Framework Dictionary.- Knowledge Graph representation of Syntactic and Semantic information.- Annotation Scheme and Specification for Named Entities and Relations on Chinese Medical Knowledge Graph.- Directionality and Momentum of Water in Weather: A Morphosemantic Study of Conceptualisation based on Hantology.- Construction of Adverbial-verb Collocation Database Based on Large-scale Corpus.- On the Definition of Chinese Quadrasyllabic Idiomatic Expressions in Chinese-French Dictionaries: Problems and Corpus-Based Solution.- Corpus Linguistics.- A Metaphorical Analysis of Five Senses and Emotions in Mandarin Chinese.- Research on Chinese Animal Words Extraction Based on Children's Literature Corpus.- The Concatenation of Body Part Words and Emotions from the Perspective of Chinese Radicals .- A Corpus-based Study of Keywords in Legislative Chinese and General Chinese.- The Semantic Prosody of "Youyu": Evidence from Corpora.- Corpus-based Statistical Analysis of Polysemous Words in Legislative Chinese and General Chinese.- Corpus-based Textual Research on the Meanings of the Chinese Word Xífu(r).- A Research into Third-person Pronouns in Lun Heng.- Analysis of the Collocation of AA-type Adjectives Based on MLC Corpus.- TG network: a model that more effectively identifies the use of the auxiliary word DE.- A Comparative Study of the Collocations in Legislative Chinese and General Chinese.- From Modern to Ancient Chinese: A Corpus Approach to Beneficiary Structure.- Research on Gender Tendency of Foreign Student's Basic Chinese Vocabulary.- The Restrictions on the Genitive Relative Clauses Triggered by Relational Nouns.- The Construction of Interactive Environment for Sentence Pattern Structure Based Treebank Annotation.- Semantic Representations of Terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine.- The Hé-Structure in the Subject Position Revisited.- On the Semantics of Suffix -men and NP-men in Mandarin Chinese.- Analysis of the Foot Types and Structures of Chinese Four-syllable Abbreviations.- Similarities and Differences between Chinese and English in Sluicing and Their Theoretical Explanation.- An Investigation of Heterogeneity and Overlap in Semantic Roles.- Cognitive Semantics and its Application on Lexicography: A Case Study of Idioms with xn in Modern Chinese Dictionary.- Research on Quantifier Phrases Based on the Corpus of International Chinese Textbooks.- Two-fold Linguistic Evidences on the Identification of Chinese Translation of Buddhist Sutras: Taking Buddhacarita as a case.


Titel: Chinese Lexical Semantics
Untertitel: 20th Workshop, CLSW 2019, Beijing, China, June 28-30, 2019, Revised Selected Papers
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ISBN: 3030381889
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer International Publishing
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Jahr: 2020
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1st ed. 2020

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