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Cardiovascular Biology of Purines

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Following many years when a great deal of attention was directed towards the intracellular roles of purines, there is expanding in... Weiterlesen
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Following many years when a great deal of attention was directed towards the intracellular roles of purines, there is expanding interest in the field of extracellular purinergic signalling. In this book we focus on the actions of purines in cardiovascular biology, where it is clear that they play major roles in both normal and pathophysiological conditions. Activation of different purinoceptor subtypes by purines can regulate cardiac contractility and electrical activity, modulate catecholamine-mediated responses both pre- and post-junctionally, trigger and mediate ischaemic preconditioning, cause vasodilation and vasoconstriction and enhance endothelial proliferation and apoptosis as well as inhibit platelet and neutrophil function. This book covers the cardiovascular actions mediated by the major P1 and P2 subclasses of purinoceptors and emphasizes the interactions between these two signalling systems. Cardiovascular Biology of Purines covers topics ranging from molecular and cellular to systemic and clinical. It also aims to highlight how basic advances have led to the identification of novel targets for cardiovascular therapeutic developments. We hope that our book will prove to be timely and helpful.


Preface. I: Adenosine. 1. Molecular Biology and Pharmacology of Recombinant Human Adenosine Receptors; J. Linden, K.A. Jacobson. 2. Cardiac Physiology of Adenosine; J.G. Dobson Jr., R.A. Fenton. 3. Vascular Biology and Pharmacology of Adenosine Receptors; P.L. Martin, R.A. Olsson. 4. Roles of Adenosine in Angiogenesis; H.J. Granger, et al. 5. Adenosine KATP Channel and Cardioprotection in the Intact Heart; D.W. Green, G.J. Grover. 6. Adenosine Receptor Subtypes and Cardioprotection in Cardiac Myocyte and Transgenic Models; G.P. Matherne, et al. 7. Regulation of Adenosine Receptor Subtypes and Cardiac Dysfunction in Human Heart Failure; B. Stein, et al. 8. Adenosine and Cardiac Arrhythmias; D.J. Slotwiner, B.B. Lerman. 9. Adenosine and Cardiac Aging; R.A. Fenton, et al. II: Nucleotides. 10. Molecular Biology of P2X Purinoceptors; B.F. King. 11. The G Protein-Coupled P2 Receptors; T.K. Harden. 12. P2 Purioceptors in Blood Vessels; V. Ralevic. 13. P2 Purinoceptors and Cardiac Functions; A. Rubino. 14. Vascular P2 Receptors and their Possible Role in Hypertension; C. Kennedy. III: Interaction between P1 and P2 Receptors. 15. Neuromodulation in the Cardiovascular System; C. Allgaier, P. Illes. 16. Adenosine Receptors, Blood Vessel and Inflammation; G.W. Sullivan. 17. P2 Purinoceptors and Regulation of the Function of Platelets, Erythrocytes and Mast Cells; F. di Virgilio, S. Falzoni. 18. Purinoreceptors and T Cell Function: Regulation of Lymphocyte Activation by Extracellular ATP and Adenosine; M. Sitkovsky, et al. 19. Recent Advances in Cardiac Adenosine Metabolism; J. Schrader, et al. 20. The Role of Peripheral Autonomic Neurons with P1- and/or P2 Purinoreceptors in Cardiac Regulation; J.A. Armour. 21. Extracellular Metabolism of Nucleotides and Adenosine in the Cardiovascular System; H. Zimmermann, J.D. Pearson. Index.


Titel: Cardiovascular Biology of Purines
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ISBN: 1461375630
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