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Cardiorespiratory and Motor Coordination

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This volume contains the contributions to a Satellite Symposium of the XXXI In ternational Congress of Physiological Sciences in E... Weiterlesen
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This volume contains the contributions to a Satellite Symposium of the XXXI In ternational Congress of Physiological Sciences in Espoo, Helsinki, Finland, July 15-17,1989. The general purpose of this Symposium was to bring together specialists from different fields of physiology who work on systems that are closely linked function ally with regard to behavioral adaptation. In a certain sense it represents a contin uation of two former books on the Central Interaction Between Respiratory and Cardiovascular Control Systems 1 and on Neurovegetative Control Systems: Basic 2 Function, Integration and Disorders , but explicitly includes the relationship with motor control. Since the first book appeared, much has been achieved in the field of physiology of respiratory, cardiovascular, and somatomotor control. It is not intended that this book compete with other publications from more specialized meetings which deal with the most recent findings in a particular field of research, and rightly so.


Common and Differentiated Rhythmicities in Cardiorespiratory Efferents.- Mechanical and Neural Interactions Between Positive Pressure, Artificial Ventilation, and Cardiovascular Function in Anesthetized Dogs.- Interrelations Between Slow and Fast Rhythms in Sympathetic Discharge.- Common and Specific Sources of Regional Sympathetic Outflows in Cerebral Ischemia, Cushing Reaction, and Asphyxia.- Interrelationships Between the Respiratory and Sympathetic Rhythm Generating Systems in Neonates as Revealed by Alterations in Afferent Inputs.- Identification of Postganglionic Thoracic Sympathetic Neurons: Cardiac and Respiratory Discharge Patterns.- Species-Dependent Respiratory and Autonomic Nerve Activities: Respiratory-Sympathetic Synchronization and Autonomic Nerve Responses to Hypoxia and Hypercapnia in the Rat.- Discussion on Respiratory Related and Non-related Rhythms in Sympathetic Efferents.- Neurochemical Characterization of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Control Systems.- CO2-Induced Depolarization of Neurons in Nucleus Tractus Solitarii: A Potential Substrate for Central Chemoreceptors.- Organization of Respiratory Reflexes in the Caudal Region of the Nucleus of the Tractus Solitarius.- The Role of the Nucleus Raphe Magnus in the Control of Cold Shivering and Respiratory Evaporative Heat Loss.- Gene Expression for Neuropeptides in the Ganglia of the Vagus (Nodose) and Glossopharyngeal (Petrosal) Nerves.- Specificity and/or Non-Specificity in Brainstem Cardiorespiratory Networks.- The Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla: Anatomical Substrates of Cardiopulmonary Integration.- Descending Projections of Hypothalamic Sympathoexcitatory Neurons in the Cat.- Mechanism of the Modulatory Effect of Somatic Nerves Input on Abnormal Cardiovascular Function.- On the Existence of a Common Cardiorespiratory Network.- Cooperativity in Distributed Respiratory and Cardiovascular-Related Brainstem Neural Assemblies: Insights from Many-Neuron Recordings.- Polymorphic Nature of Central Networks Controlling Sympathetic Nerve Discharge.- Interrelation and Superposition of Respiratory and Cardiovascular Rhythms in EEG and Brainstem Reticular Unit Activity as Studied by Quantitative Spectral Analyses.- Functional Organization of the Common Brainstem System to Different States at Different Times.- Discussion on Coordinated Activity in Brainstem Reticular Networks.- Peripheral and Central Interrelations Between Cardiorespiratory and Motor Control.- Somato-Vegetative Interaction at the Peripheral Level: Possible Effects on Motor Performance.- Muscular Activity and Cardiovascular Regulation.- Brainstem Mechanisms Involved in Reflex Cardiovascular Responses to Muscular Contraction.- Simultaneous Suppression of Postural Tone and Respiration and its Functional Significance in the Respiratory-Motor Coordination.- Hypothalamic Modulation of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Locomotor Activity During Exercise.- Approaches of Systems Theory to Cardiorespiratory and Motor Coordination.- The Approach of Synergetics to the Study of Coordination of Rhythms.- Behavioral and Neural Pattern Generation: The Concept of Neurobehavioral Dynamical Systems.- The Applicability of Chaos Theory to Rhythmic Breathing Patterns.- Discussion on the Theoretical and Neuronal Basis of Rhythm Coordination.- Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Variability and Rhythmicity in Humans: Physiological Basis and Clinical Application.- Human Respiratory-Cardiovascular Interactions in Health and Disease.- Respiratory Heart Rate Variability in Fetal and Neonatal Lambs.- Disturbed Brainstem Interaction and Forebrain Influences in Cardiorespiratory Coordination: Experimental and Clinical Results.- Low-Frequency Rhythms in the Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems (With a Reference to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome).- Thermal and Postural Influences on Cutaneous Microvascular Blood Cell Flux in Young Men.- Power Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate and Arterial Pressure Variabilities as an Experimental and Clinical Tool.- Heart Rate Control and Metabolic Parameters After Fatiguing Exercise.- Cardiorespiratory Relations in Human Heart Rate Pattern.- Concluding Lecture.- Thoughts Concerning the Essence of Life: Integrative Power and Governance of Function.


Titel: Cardiorespiratory and Motor Coordination
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