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Car Crash Culture

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A morbidly fascinating and articulate collection of essays, this book explores the grim underside of America's cult of the automob... Weiterlesen
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A morbidly fascinating and articulate collection of essays, this book explores the grim underside of America's cult of the automobile and the disturbing, frequently conspiratorial, speculations that arise whenever the car becomes the cause or the site of human death. Through analysis of fatal celebrity car accidents and other examples of death by automobile, as well as through personal memoir and forensic reports, cultural critics ponder our very human fascination with the car crash. Topics include the roles and experiences of passengers and bystanders, car crash conspiracy theories, the automobile as a site of murder, studies of car crash cinema, and psychological interpretations of the notion of the 'accident.' The book features original essays by such underground icons as Kenneth Anger and Adam Parfrey.


MIKITA BROTTMAN has published books on horror films, cult cinema, and the history of cannibalism. She teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art and writes for a number of alternative and underground publications.

'Well worth the ride.' - Cercles 'Car Crash Culture is certain to challenge your perception of travel, and will definitely give your next drive a different perspective. Especially if you happen to pass an accident.' - Pansicus Revue '...[a] delicious anthology...when doesn't a good crushed Ford Pinto make good bedtime reading?' - www.indieWire.com 'A stimulating collection...' - South Atlantic Review


Introduction; M.Brottman - CAR CRASH CONTEMPLATIONS - Kar Krash Karma; K.Anger - Clutching Pearls: Speculations on a Twentieth Century Suicide; A.Loudermilk - Existential Reality on Powell Boulevard; A.Parfrey - This Wreckless Landscape; E.Laurier - Strangers in the Night; W.Luhr - Jump on In... You're in Safe Hands; H.Lake - CAR CRASH CRIMES - Dragging Deaths: A Case in Point; J.D. Dix & S.Bolesta - The Love Bug; J.C.Rupp - Vehicular Suicides: Eleven Case Studies; A.Pokorny, J.D.Smith, J.Finch & T.Imajo - Suicide and Homicide by Automobile; J.M.McDonald - A Case with Bear Facts; T.Murad & M.Boddy - Highway to Hell: The Case of California's Freeway Killer; M.Newton - CAR CRASH CONSPIRACIES - Car Crash Cover-Ups: The Deaths of Princess Diana and Mary Jo Kopechne; P.L.Simpson - Why Don't We Make Believe it Happened in the Road? The Many Deaths and Rebirths of Paul McCartney - Papal Conveyance; D.Kerekes - 'SS-100-X'; P.McElwain-Brown - CAR CRASH CINEMA - Machine Dreams; H.R.Greenberg - The End of the Road: David Cronenberg's Crash and the Fading of the West; - M.Brottman & C.Sharrett - Heart Like a Wheel; T.Williams - Thanatos ex Machina: Godard Caresses the Dead; D.Sterritt - Signal 30; M.Brottman - THE DEATH DRIVE - Eleven Dead Caddies and One Dead Punk; J.Farrell - Violence and Vinyl: Car Crash Pop Songs; J.Sargeant - Death as Art/The Car Crash as Statement: The Death of Jackson Pollock; S.J.Schneider - Rebel With a Cause: The Death of Albert Camus; D.P.Royal - Car Crash Crucifixion Culture; J.Darius - American Blood Ritual; C.Sharrett - Traffic of the Spheres: Prototype for a Memorial; G.Ulmer


Titel: Car Crash Culture
EAN: 9780312240387
ISBN: 978-0-312-24038-7
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Genre: Sozialwissenschaften allgemein
Anzahl Seiten: 356
Gewicht: 513g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2002
Auflage: 2002



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