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Cancer Diagnosis

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Early detection of cancer has been recognized as an important area of preventive medicine for quite some time. In a few sites, suc... Weiterlesen
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Early detection of cancer has been recognized as an important area of preventive medicine for quite some time. In a few sites, such as the cervix, the breast, and the skin, it has been shown beyond doubt that early detection and secondary prevention of cancer are realistic goals. However, the general success of this approach is limited and re quires substantial additional effort in research and public health education. The present volume is based on an International Symposium on Cancer Diagnosis - Early Detection, which was organized by the Committee Coordinating Cancer Research in GroBforschungsein richtungen of the Federal Republic of Germany. The meeting was held at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, June 3-15, 1991. I am grateful to all members of the Scientific Committee who gave valuable advice in preparing the program of the conference: Gunther Bastert (Heidelberg), John Collins (Braunschweig), Heinz Hofler (MunichINeuherberg), Ernst Jung (Mannheim), Gerhard van Kaick (Heidelberg), Stefan Meuer (Heidelberg), Michael Wannenmacher (Heidelberg), and Wolfgang Wilmanns (Munich/ Neuherberg). I am obliged to Volker Diehl (Cologne), Gunther Bastert (Heidelberg), Hans K. Miiller-Hermelink (Wiirzburg), Manfred Schwab (Heidelberg), and Georg Dhom (Homburg/Saar) for serving as chairmen of the sessions. I am also grateful to Horst Metzler and the administration of the German Cancer Research Center for all their efforts to guarantee a smooth running of the Conference.


What does "Early" Stand for in Cancer Diagnosis?.- Session 1 Clinical Aspects I.- Skin Cancer and Melanoma.- Cancer of the Oral Cavity.- Esophageal Cancer: Problems and Challenges in Early Detection.- Early Detection of Gastrointestinal Cancers: Recent Progress in Endoscopy and Surgical Results.- Detection of Minimal Disease in Hematological Malignancies.- Summary of Discussion: Session 1.- Session 2 Clinical Aspects II.- Early Detection of Carcinoma of the Prostate and Transitional Cell Carcinoma: Current Aspects.- Problems in the Early Detection of Cervical Cancer.- Breast Cancer Screening.- Summary of Discussion: Session 2.- Session 3 Tumor Markers.- Introductory Remarks.- Circulating Tumour Markers in Clinical Practice for the Early Detection of Cancer.- Summary of Discussion: Session 3.- Session 4 Imaging Procedures.- Contributions of Ultrasonography to Early Cancer Diagnosis.- Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Body and Musculoskeletal System.- Imaging Techniques: Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resource Imaging in Neuroradiology.- Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy Management.- Immunoscintigraphy in the Early Diagnosis of Tumours of the Abdomen.- Summary of Discussion: Session 4.- Session 5 Histo- and Cytopathology.- Histopathological Diagnosis of Early Cancer and Antecedent Lesions.- Cytodiagnosis of Precancerous States and Early Human Cancer.- Differentiation Markers in the Early Detection of Cancer.- Molecular Genetic Approaches to Early Cancer Detection.- Preneoplastic Lesions as Early Indicators of Neoplastic Development.- Summary of Discussion: Session 5.- Session 6 Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics.- Chromosome Aberrations in Human Neoplasia.- Amplified N-myc Gene as a Genetic Marker for the Prognosis of Human Neuroblastoma.- Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, Tumorigenesis and Imprinting.- Remarks on the Detection of Chromosomal Aberrations by Nonisotopic In Situ Hybridization.- Antibodies to the Human Papillomavirus 16 and 18 E7 Proteins: A Possible Diagnostic Marker for Cervical Cancer.- Summary of Discussion: Session 6.- Session 7 Epidemiology.- Epidemiological Aspects of Early Detection Programs.- Summary of Discussion: Session 7.- Summary of Round Table Discussion on Efficiency of Screening Programs for the Early Detection of Cancer.


Titel: Cancer Diagnosis
Untertitel: Early Detection
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