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Cancer Chemoprevention

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Great advances were made in the pharmacologic-based treatment of cancer in prior decades. However, despite a marked increase in ou... Weiterlesen
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Great advances were made in the pharmacologic-based treatment of cancer in prior decades. However, despite a marked increase in our understanding ofcell and molecular mechanisms underlying the neoplastic process, therapy for advanced disease remains limited. While the reasons for this are many, it is generally accepted that advanced neoplasms contain a relatively large number of genetic and molecularalterations contributingto the maintenanceofthe neoplastic process. Such a situation precludes easy pharmacologic intervention. However, our ability to detect cancer at an earlier stage, coupled with our increased understandingofcarcinogenesis, are propellingboth basic and clinical scientiststo pursue early intervention/chemopreventive approaches. This is based upon the notion that fewer molecularaberrations are presentearlyon inthedisease process. It also takes advantage ofthe fact that advances in both technology, and in the field ofcancer biology, coupled with a heightened vigilance, have increased our ability to detect early disease more readily. The chemopreventive approach is highly attractive for a number ofreasons. First, treatment ofpre-neoplastic, or early neoplastic, lesions would prevent the significant mobility and mortality associated with advanced neoplastic disorders.


This volume offers a broad overview of topics related to cancer chemoprevention. It provides a review of topics ranging from basic research arenas to clinical trial design, implementation, and interpretation. It covers all key areas necessary for understanding the field of cancer chemoprevention for the interested reader, for individuals wishing to enter this area of investigation, and for individuals seeking guidance in particular areas of research, relating to agent identification, basic science investigations and clinical trials. The genesis of this book is based on the fact that cancer chemoprevention is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field spanning a wide array of disciplines, and forces researchers to address difficult and complex questions whose answers are not readily available. Cancer Chemoprevention provides a ready resource whose importance and intent lie in its ability to gather and solidify disparate data to explicitly outline areas of difficulty and to highlight future areas of important development. It provides broad outlines for current, ongoing and future directions in this area with various target organ sites, written by experts in their respective fields, whose primary research focuses upon that individual field.


Introduction. 1. Agent Identification and Preclinical Testing; J.A. Crowell, C.J. Holmes. 2. Intermediate Biomarkers; J.W. Kosmeder, J.M. Pezzuto. 3. Tissue Microdissection and Processing; A. Maitra, A.F. Gazdar. 4. Basic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic Principles; C.H. Takimoto. 5. Chemoprevention in Prostate Cancer; C. Nabhan, R. Bergan. 6. Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer; R.M. O Regan, V.C. Jordan. 7. Chemoprevention of Colon Cancer; M. Mulcahy, A. Benson. 8. Lung Cancer; E.P. Worden, G.P. Kalemkerian. 9. Chemoprevention in Head and Neek Cancer; A. Mellott, E. Vókes. 10. Chemoprevention of Superficial Bladder Cancer; R. Lieberman. 11. Chemoprevention of Skin Cancer; M. A. Horn, K. B. Gordon. 12. The Role of Vaccines in Cancer Prevention; S.N. Khleif, H. Frederickson. Index.


Titel: Cancer Chemoprevention
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