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Cancer Cell Lines

  • Kartonierter Einband
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This book describes all human leukemia-lymphoma cell lines that have been established and that grow continuously under standardise... Weiterlesen
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This book describes all human leukemia-lymphoma cell lines that have been established and that grow continuously under standardised in vitro conditions. These lines are derived from cells belonging to all the major hematopoietic cell lineages, i.e. B- and T-lymphocytes, natural killer cells, granulocytic cells and megakaryocytic cells. The clinical data, the culture conditions and the major phenotypic features of the cell lines are described with citations. This book is the first book describing human leukemia-lymphoma cell lines and will be of interest to scientists involved in the areas of hematology, oncology, immunology, molecular biology and cytogenetics. Cancer Cell Lines, Volumes 1-3: These 3 volumes provide a comprehensive text on the culture of established cell lines from every type of human cancer. The volumes provide a basic manual and reference resource for every cancer research scientist using human cancer cells.


1. Human Leukemia-Lymphoma Cell Lines: Historical Perspective, State of the Art and Future Prospects; H.G. Drexler, J. Minowada. 2. B-Cell Precursor Cell Lines; S. Faderl, Z. Estrov. 3. B-Lymphoid Cell lines; R.M. Mohammad, et al. 4. Multiple Myeloma Cell lines; H. Jernberg-Wiklund, K. Nilsson. 5. T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Natural Killer Cell Lines; H.W. Findley, et al. 6. Myelocytic Cell Lines; H.G. Drexler. 7. Monocytic Cell Lines; H.G. Drexler. 8. Erythroid-Megakaryocytic Cell Lines; H.G. Drexler. Appendix 1: Myeloid Cell Lines Available from Major Cell Banks. 9. Non-Hodgkin's B-Lymphoma Cell Lines; R.M. Mohammad, et al. 10. Mature T-cell Malignancies; M.J.S. Dyer. 11. Hodgkin's Disease; A. Staratschek-Jox, et al. 12. CD30-Positive Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Cell Lines; H. Herbst, H.G. Drexler. 13. Authentication and Characterization; R.A.F. MacLeod, H.G. Drexler.


Titel: Cancer Cell Lines
Untertitel: Part 3: Leukemias and Lymphomas
EAN: 9789048154203
ISBN: 978-90-481-5420-3
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Netherlands
Genre: Medizin
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Jahr: 2010
Auflage: 2002
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