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Cancer Associated Viruses

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This volume offers a comprehensive review of tumor virology. It examines the many aspects of cancer-related viruses and how they c... Weiterlesen
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This volume offers a comprehensive review of tumor virology. It examines the many aspects of cancer-related viruses and how they contribute to cell proliferation, the genes that are responsible for driving these cancers, and their mechanisms of transmission.

The acknowledgment that viruses are potent biological factors in driving many cancers have seen a dramatic upsurge in recent years in large part to the success of the human papilloma virus vaccine against invasive cervical carcinomas and followed by the awarding of the noble prize in medicine in 2008 to Dr. Harald zurHausen who identified the link between papilloma virus and cervical cancers. Over the last few years there have been some volumes addressing different aspects of viruses and cancers and to some extent focusing on the DNA viruses, more specifically the human DNA viruses. This proposed volume will attempt to review and address the major gaps in current knowledge in DNA viruses as well as RNA viruses bringing a historical perspective of where studies began to a more recent molecular approach and vaccine successes in tumor viruses. We will also cover other known oncogenic viruses associated cancers in other mammals in addition to humans.


1. Historical Perspectives of Viruses and Cancer - Baruch Blumberg 2. Peyton Rous: A centennial tribute to the founding father of cancer virology. 3. Virus Mediated Cell Proliferation - Jae Jung 4. Viral Encoded Genes and Cancer - Blossom Damania 5. Oncogenic Viruses and Cancer Transmission- Robin Weiss 6. Overview of DNA Viruses and Cancer - James Alwine 7. Herpesviruses and Cancer - Bala Chandran 8. Lymphocryptoviruses- EBV and its role in human cancer - Erle S. Robertson 9. LCV and RRV in nonhuman primates - Scott Wong 10. Rhadinoviruses - KSHV and associated malignancies - Thomas Schultz 11. RFHV and contribution to disease -Tim Rose 12. Murine herpesvirus 68 in Tumorigenesis - Sam Speck 13. Marek's Disease Virus and T cell Lymphomas - Mark Parcells and Robin Morgan 14. Polyoma Viruses and Cancer -Ole Gjoerup 15. SV40 as a Model System for Cancer - Janet Butel 16. BK virus and Transformation - Hans Hirsch 17. JC virus and Transformation -Kamel Khalili 18. Merkel Cell Polyoma viruses - Jurgen Becker 19. Papilloma Viruses - HPV and BPV and Cancer - Jianxin You and Suzanne Wells 20. Adenoviruses and Cell proliferation - Robert Ricciardi 21. Overview of Hepatitis Viruses and Cancer - Tim Block 22. Hepadna Viruses - HBV and Hepatocellular Carcinomas - Bill Mason 23. Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatocellular Carcinomas - Brett Lindenbach 24. Human and Animal Retroviruses: HIV-1 a Risk Factor for Malignancy - Kathleen Boris-Lawrie 25. HTLV-1 and Cell Proliferation - Chou-Zen Giam 26. HTLV-2 and Cell Proliferation - Patrick Green 27. Avian and Murine Retroviruses -Karen Beemon & Naomi Rosenberg 28. Rous Sarcoma Virus -Leslie Parent 29. Mouse Mammary Tumor Viruses - Susan Ross 30. Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus and Lung Cancer - Hung Fan 31. Small RNAs and their Role in Viral Mediated Cancers - Rolf Renne & Sankar Swaminathan 32. Immunodeficiency and Opportunistic Viral infections and Cancer - Charles Wood


Titel: Cancer Associated Viruses
EAN: 9781441999993
ISBN: 144199999X
Format: Fester Einband
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Veröffentlichung: 01.03.2012
Jahr: 2012



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