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Essentials of Inorganic Materials Synthesis

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"Provides an introduction to inorganic materials synthesis. Covers common reactions employed in synthesis, ceramic procedures, dec... Weiterlesen
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"Provides an introduction to inorganic materials synthesis. Covers common reactions employed in synthesis, ceramic procedures, decomposition of precursor compounds, combustion synthesis, arc and skull methods, reactions at high pressures, mechanochemicalmethods, use of microwaves, soft chemistry routes, topochemical reactions, intercalation chemistry, Ion-exchange methods of fluxes, sol-gel synthesis, electrochemical methods, hydro-, solvo- and iono-thermal methods, nebulized spray pyrolysis, CVD and ALD, nanomaterials, nanoparticles, nanowires, nanotubes, graphene-like layered structures, materials, metal borides, carbides and nitrides, metal oxides and chalcogenides, metal fluorides, metal silicides, phosphides, intergrowth structures, metal-rich compounds and intermetallics, superconducting compounds, and porous materials, including meal-organic frameworks"--


C.N.R. Rao, D.Sc., Ph.D,is the National Research Professor and Linus Pauling Research Professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research and Honorary Professor at the Indian Institute of Science, at Bangalore, India. He is a fellow of the Royal Society, London, a foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences and a member of many other science academies. He is the recipient of the Einstein Gold Medal of UNESCO, the Hughes and Royal Medals of the Royal Society, the August Wilhelm von Hofmann medal of the German Chemical Society, the Dan David Prize and the Illy Trieste Science prize for materials research and the first India Science Prize. Kanishka Biswas, Ph.D, is Ramanujan Fellow in the New Chemistry Unit of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India. He is an Associate of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. He is pursuing research in solid state chemistry of metal chalcogenides and thermoelectric "waste heat to electrical energy conversion".


This compact handbook describes all the important methods of synthesis employed today for synthesizing inorganic materials. Some features: * Focuses on modern inorganic materials with applications in nanotechnology, energy materials, and sustainability * Synthesis is a crucial component of materials science and technology; this book provides a simple introduction as well as an updated description of methods * Written in a very simple style, providing references to the literature to get details of the methods of preparation when required


Author Biographies vii Preface ix 1 Introduction 1 2 Common Reactions Employed in Synthesis 7 2.1 Soft-Chemistry Routes, 12 3 Ceramic Methods 17 4 Decomposition of Precursor Compounds 23 5 Combustion Synthesis 33 6 Arc and Skull Methods 37 7 Reactions at High Pressures 41 8 Mechanochemical and Sonochemical Methods 47 8.1 Mechanochemistry, 47 8.2 Sonochemistry, 50 9 Use of Microwaves 53 10 Soft Chemistry Routes 57 10.1 Topochemical Reactions, 57 10.2 Intercalation Chemistry, 64 10.3 Ion Exchange Reactions, 73 10.4 Use of Fluxes, 78 10.5 Sol-Gel Synthesis, 81 10.6 Electrochemical Methods, 86 10.7 Hydrothermal, Solvothermal and Ionothermal Synthesis, 90 11 Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis 97 12 Chemical Vapour Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition 103 13 Nanomaterials 107 13.1 Nanoparticles, 107 13.2 Core-Shell Nanocrystals, 116 13.3 Nanowires, 119 13.4 Inorganic Nanotubes, 133 13.5 Graphene-like Structures of Layered Inorganic Materials, 137 14 Materials 151 14.1 Metal Borides, Carbides and Nitrides, 151 14.2 Metal Chalcogenides, 157 14.3 Metal Halides, 162 14.4 Metal Silicides and Phosphides, 167 14.5 Intergrowth Structures and Misfit Compounds, 171 14.5.1 Intergrowth structures, 171 14.5.2 Misfit Compounds, 177 14.6 Intermetallic Compounds, 178 14.7 Superconducting Compounds, 182 14.8 Porous Materials, 191 14.8.1 Mesoporous Silica Materials, 191 14.8.2 Aluminophosphates, 194 14.8.3 Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), 196 Index 201


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