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Cutaneous Receptors

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The elucidation of the ultrastructure, cytochemistry and reactivity of cutaneous recep tors is of particular importance in the uns... Weiterlesen
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The elucidation of the ultrastructure, cytochemistry and reactivity of cutaneous recep tors is of particular importance in the unsolved biological problem of sensory transduc tion. Topographically and with regard to evolution, cutaneous receptors are the most widespread primary sense organs. Because of their simple structure they are particular ly useful in the study of the functional morphology of receptor end-organs. Research into receptor structures in classic neuromorphology revealed magnificent patterns and pictures of receptors, showing their great diversity and their presence in all human and animal systems. Since the end of the sixties, ultrastructural studies have led to the discovery of a large amount of new information. The findings concerning the cellular organization of the inner core (pease and Quilliam, 1957), axon terminals (Cauna and Ross, 1960) and capsule cells (Polacek and Mazanek, 1966) of encapsulated receptors have opened up new possibilities for a revaluation of receptor cell units and their relationships.


1. Introduction.- 2. Historical Survey.- 3. Ultrastructure and Morphological Classification.- 3.1. General Remarks on the Ultrastructure of Receptor Cell Units.- 3.1.1. Receptor Nerve Fibre and Nerve Ending.- 3.1.2. Schwann Receptor Cells.- 3.1.3. Merkel and Grandry Specialized Cells.- 3.1.4. Endoneural Receptor Cells: Fibroblasts and Macrophages.- 3.1.5. Perineural Receptor Cells.- 3.2. Morphological Classification of Cutaneous Receptors.- 3.3. Unencapsulated Receptors.- 3.3.1. Epidermal Receptors.- Free Intraepidermal Nerve Endings.- The Merkel Tastfleck.- 3.3.2. Dermal Receptors.- Free Subepidermal Nerve Endings.- Innervation of Conventional Hairs.- 3.4. Encapsulated Receptors.- 3.4.1. Encapsulated Receptors Without a Lamellated Inner Core.- Ruffini Corpuscles.- Grandry Corpuscles.- 3.4.2. Encapsulated Receptors with an Asymmetrical Lamellated Inner Core.- Meissner Corpuscles.- Krause Bulbs and "Genital" Corpuscles.- Golgi-Mazzoni Corpuscles.- 3.4.3. Encapsulated Receptors with a Symmetrical Lamellated Inner Core.- Krause Simple Endkolben.- Herbst Corpuscles.- Pacinian Corpuscles.- 3.5. Vascularization of Encapsulated Receptors.- 3.6. Receptor Complexes in the Skin.- 4. Cytochemistry and Radioautography of Receptors in Normal and Experimental Conditions.- 4.1. Cholinesterases and Catecholamines.- 4.2. Phosphatases.- 4.3. Oxydoreductases.- 4.4. In Vivo Uptake of Horseradish Peroxidase.- 4.5. Uptake of Labelled 3H-Leucine.- 4.6. Uptake of Labelled 3H-Thymidine.- 5. Ultrastructure of Denervated Receptors.- 5.1. Historical Survey.- 5.2. Early Changes in Denervated Receptors.- 5.3. Degeneration of Non-nerve Receptor Elements.- 5.4. General Conclusions on Receptor Degeneration.- 6. Ultrastructure of Reinnervated Receptors.- 6.1. Historical Survey.- 6.2. First Period of Receptor Regeneration.- 6.3. Second Period of Receptor Regeneration.- 6.4. General Conclusions on Receptor Regeneration.- 7. References.- 8. Subject Index.


Titel: Cutaneous Receptors
EAN: 9783540088264
ISBN: 3540088261
Format: Kartonierter Einband
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Jahr: 1978



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