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The fascinating phenomenon ferromagnetism is far from being fully understood, although it surely belongs to the oldest problems of... Weiterlesen
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The fascinating phenomenon ferromagnetism is far from being fully understood, although it surely belongs to the oldest problems of solid state physics. For any investigation it appears recommendable to distinguish between materials whose spontaneous magnetization stems from localized electrons of a partially ?lled atomic shell and those in which it is due to itinerant electrons of a partially ?lled conduction band. In the latter case one speaks of band-ferromagnetism, prototypes of which are the classical ferromagnets Fe, Co, and Ni. The present book is a status report on the remarkable progress that has recently been made towards a microscopic understanding of band-ferromagnetism as an electron c- relation e?ect. The authors of the various chapters of this book Band-Ferromagnetism: Ground-State and Finite-Temperature Phenomena participated as selected - perts in the 242nd WE-Heraeus-Seminar (4-6 October 2000) held under almost the same title in Wandlitz near Berlin (Germany). It was the second seminar of this type in Wandlitz. (The ?rst in 1998 dealt with the complementary topic of the physics of local-moment ferromagnets such as Gd). Twenty-six invited spe- ers from ten di?erent countries together with ?fty-?ve further participants, who presented contributions in form of posters, spent three days together discussing in an enthusiastic and fertile manner the hot topics of band-ferromagnetism.

This book deals with band-ferromagnetism, a topic of importance for magnetic recording media. It is the most comprehensive presentation of the relevant theories and experiments. It will appeal to researchers, electrical engineers and advanced students.

Written by leading experts in the field of band-ferromagnetism, this book is intended to give a status report on our understanding of this complicated and fascinating problem of solid state physics. Modern developments are presented and explained in a tutorial style emphasizing the decisive ideas and the hot topics of current and future research on band-ferromagnetism. The authors include experimentalists and theoreticians working on different aspects of magnetism and employing a variety of techniques. In particular, they treat the following five central themes: Ground-State Properties, Finite-Temperature Electronic Structure, Models of Band-Ferromagnetism, Low-Dimensional Systems, Understanding Spectroscopies. The book will be of benefit to students and researchers alike.

Ground-State Properties.- On the Way to a Gutzwiller Density Functional Theory.- Anisotropy in Magnetism.- Anisotropic Magnetic Ground-State Moments Probed by Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy.- First Principles Determination of Magnetic Anisotropy and Magnetostriction in Transition Metal Alloys.- Finite-Temperature Electronic Structure.- Magnetism of Correlated Systems: Beyond LDA.- Probing the Electronic States of Band Ferromagnets with Photoemission.- Temperature Dependence of Spin- and Angle-Resolved Photoemission of Ni.- Spin Fluctuations in Itinerant Electron Systems.- Itinerant Electron Magnets: Curie Temperature and Susceptibility in Density-Functional Theory.- Band Magnetism near a Quantum Critical Point.- Non-equilibrium Physics of Magnetic Solids: Time Dependent Changes of Magnetism.- Models of Band-Ferromagnetism.- Metallic Ferromagnetism An Electronic Correlation Phenomenon.- Ferromagnetism in the Hubbard Model.- Orbital Order Versus Orbital Liquid in Doped Manganites.- Low-Dimensional Systems.- First Principles Theory of Magnetism for Materials with Reduced Dimensionality.- Surface Electronic Structure of Band Ferromagnets.- Phase Transitions in Coupled Two-Dimensional Ferromagnetic Layers.- Theory of Spin Excitations and the Microwave Response of Cylindrical Ferromagnetic Nanowires.- Transmission of Electron Beams Through Thin Magnetic Films.- Understanding Spectroscopies.- New Developments in UPS and XPS from Ferromagnetic Materials.- Theory of Electron Spectroscopies.- Magnetic Dichroism in Electron Spectroscopy.- Neutrons as a Probe of the Magnetic Moment Stability in Itinerant Electron Ferromagnets.


Titel: Band-Ferromagnetism
Untertitel: Ground-State and Finite-Temperature Phenomena
EAN: 9783540423898
ISBN: 3540423893
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Anzahl Seiten: 408
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Größe: H241mm x B160mm x T26mm
Jahr: 2001
Auflage: 2001

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