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Bacterial Cell Wall Homeostasis

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This volume brings together the most widely used and important protocols currently being employed in researching and understanding... Weiterlesen
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This volume brings together the most widely used and important protocols currently being employed in researching and understanding bacterial cell wall homeostasis. Chapters in Bacterial Cell Wall Homeostasis cover a variety of subjects, such as: modern microscopy techniques and other biophysical methods used to characterize the subcellular structure of the bacterial cell wall; high-throughput approaches that can be used to identify all the genes and proteins that participate in the correct functioning of an organism's cell wall; protocols for assaying individual gene products for specific cell wall functions or identify chemicals with inhibitory activity against the cell wall; and methods for analyzing the non-protein components of the cell wall and the increasing use of computational approaches for predicting and modeling cell wall related functions and processes. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introduction to their respective topics, lists of the necessary material and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Thorough and cutting-edge, Bacterial Cell Wall Homeostasis: Methods and Protocols emphasizes the diversity of the research taking place in bacterial cell wall homeostasis, and explains how the integration of information from across multiple disciplines is going to be essential if a holistic understanding of this important process is to be obtained.

Includes cutting-edge methods and protocols

Provides step-by-step detail essential for reproducible results

Contains key notes and implementation advice from the experts

Part I Analyzing Physical Properties of the Bacterial Cell Wall1. Atomic Force Microscopic Analysis of Bacterial Cell Wall Peptidoglycan Architecture Robert D. Turner, Jamie K. Hobbs, and Simon J. Foster 2. Ultra-Sensitive High Throughput Analytical Methods to Identify Novel Components Involved in Cell Wall Biology and to Study Bacterial Cell Wall DynamicsLaura Alvarez, Sara B. Hernandez, Miguel A. de Pedro, and Felipe Cava Part II Genome-Wide Approaches for the Identification of Gene Products with Roles in Cell Wall Homeostasis 3. Microarray Analysis to Monitor Bacterial Cell Wall HomeostasisHee-Jeon Hong and Andy Hesketh4. Cell Shaving and False Positive Control Strategies Coupled to Novel Statistical Tools to Profile Gram-Positive Bacterial Surface ProteomesNestor Solis and Stuart J. Cordwell5. Differential Proteomics Based on Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology to Understand the Biogenesis of Outer Membrane of Escherichia coliAlessandra M. Martorana, Sara Motta, Paola Sperandeo, Pierluigi Mauri, and Alessandra Polissi6. Random Transposon Mutagenesis for Cell-Envelope Resistant to Phage Infection Ruth Reyes-Cortés, Emma S. Arguijo-Hernández, Marco A. Carballo-Ontiveros, Eva Martínez-Peñafiel and Luis KameyamaPart III Functional Analysis of Cell-Wall Associated Proteins 7. Zymographic Techniques for the Analysis of Bacterial Cell Wall in BactillusTatsuya Fukushima and Junichi Sekiguchi8. Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry to Define Sortase Cleavage ProductsAndrew Duong, Kalinka Koteva, Danielle L. Sexton, and Marie A. Elliot9. Genetics and Cell Morphology Analyses of the Actinomyces oris srtA MutantChenggang Wu, Melissa Elizabeth Reardon-Robinson, and Hung Ton-ThatPart IV Reporter Assays for Cell Wall Stress 10. Construction of a Bioassay System to Identify Extracellular Agents Targeting Bacterial Cell EnvelopeHee-Jeon Hong 11. Luciferase Reporter Gene System to Detect Cell Wall Stress Stimulon Induction in Staphylococcus aureusVanina Dengler and Nadine McCallumPart V Analysis of the Non-Protein Components of the Cell Wall 12. Extraction and Analysis of Peptidoglycan Cell Wall Precursors Elisa Binda, Lùcia Carrano, Giorgia Letizia Marcone, and Flavia Marinelli 13. Continuous Fluorescence Assay for Peptidoglycan GlycosyltransferasesAlexander J. F. Egan and Waldemar Vollmer 14. Analysis of Peptidoglycan Fragment Release Ryan E. Schaub, Jonathan D. Lenz, and Joseph P. Dillard 15. Analysis of Cell Wall Teichoic Acids in Staphylococcus aureus Gonçalo Covas, Filipa Vaz, Gabriela Henriques, Mariana G. Pinho, and Sérgio R. Filipe 16. Analysis of Bacterial Cell Surface Chemical Composition Using Cryogenic X-Ray Photoelectron SpectroscopyMadeleine Ramstedt and Andrey ShchukarevPart VI Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Based Approaches 17. Biophysical Measurements of Bacterial Cell ShapeJeffrey P. Nguyen, Benjamin P. Bratton, and Joshua W. Shaevitz 18. Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Bacterial Cell WallLam T. Nguyen, James C. Gumbart, and Grant J. Jensen 19. Structural Comparison and Simulation of Pneumococcal Peptidoglycan Hydrolase LytB Xiao-Hui Bai, Qiong Li, Yong-Liang Jiang, Jing-Ren Zhang, Yuxing Chen, and Cong-Zhao Zhou


Titel: Bacterial Cell Wall Homeostasis
Untertitel: Methods and Protocols
EAN: 9781493936748
ISBN: 978-1-4939-3674-8
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Biologie
Anzahl Seiten: 288
Größe: H19mm x B259mm x T183mm
Jahr: 2016
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1st ed. 2016

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