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Ammonoid Paleobiology: From macroevolution to paleogeography

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This two-volume work is a testament to the abiding interest and human fascination with ammonites. We offer a new model to explain ... Weiterlesen
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This two-volume work is a testament to the abiding interest and human fascination with ammonites. We offer a new model to explain the morphogenesis of septa and the shell, we explore their habitats by the content of stable isotopes in their shells, we discuss the origin and later evolution of this important clade, and we deliver hypotheses on its demise. The Ammonoidea produced a great number of species that can be used in biostratigraphy and possibly, this is the macrofossil group, which has been used the most for that purpose. Nevertheless, many aspects of their anatomy, mode of life, development or paleobiogeographic distribution are still poorly known.

Themes treated are biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleoenvironment, paleobiogeography, evolution, phylogeny, and ontogeny. Advances such as an explosion of new information about ammonites, new technologies such as isotopic analysis, tomography and virtual paleontology in general, as well as continuous discovery of new fossil finds have given us the opportunity to present a comprehensive and timely "state of the art" compilation. Moreover, it also points the way for future studies to further enhance our understanding of this endlessly fascinating group of organisms.


PART I - Macroevolution

1 Ancestry, origin and early evolution of ammonoids

Christian Klug, Björn Kröger, Jakob Vinther, Dirk Fuchs and Kenneth De Baets

2 Evolutionary trends of Triassic ammonoids

Claude Monnet, Arnaud Brayard and Morgane Brosse

3 Evolutionary trends within Jurassic ammonoids

Pascal Neige and Isabelle Rouget

4 Buckman's rules of covariation

Claude Monnet, Kenneth De Baets and Margaret M. Yacobucci

5 Evolutionary patterns of ammonoids: phenotypic trends, convergence, and parallel evolution

Claude Monnet, Christian Klug and Kenneth De Baets

PART II - Paleobiogeography of ammonoids

6 Biogeography of Paleozoic ammonoids

Dieter Korn and Kenneth De Baets

7 Biogeography of Triassic ammonoids

Arnaud Brayard, Gilles Escarguel, Claude Monnet, James F. Jenks and Hugo Bucher

8 Macroevolution and paleobiogeography of Jurassic-Cretaceous ammonoids

Margaret M. Yacobucci

9 Paleobiogeography of Early Cretaceous ammonites

Jens Lehmann, Christina Ifrim, Luc Bulot and Camille Frau

10 Paleobiogeography of Late Cretaceous Ammonoidea

Christina Ifrim, Jens Lehmann and Peter D. Ward

PART III - Ammonoids through time

11 Ammonoids and quantitative biochronology - a u

nitary association perspective

Claude Monnet, Arnaud Brayard and Hugo Bucher

12 Paleozoic ammonoid biostratigraphy

Dieter Korn and Christian Klug

13 Biostratigraphy of Triassic ammonoids

James F. Jenks, Claude Monnet, Marco Balini, Arnaud Brayard and Maximiliano Meier

14 Ammonoid biostratigraphy in the Jurassic

Günter Schweigert

15 Ammonite biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous

Jens Lehmann

16 Taxonomic diversity and morphological disparity of Paleozoic ammonoids

Dieter Korn, Christian Klug and Sonny A. Walton

17 Permian-Triassic extinctions and rediversifications

Arnaud Brayard and Hugo Bucher

18 Ammonoids at the Triassic-Jurassic transition: pulling back from the edge of extinction

Louise M. Longridge and Paul L. Smith

19 Ammonites on the brink of extinction: diversity, abundance, and ecology of the Order Ammonoidea at the
Cretaceous/Paleogene (K/Pg) boundary

Neil H. Landman, Stijn Goolaerts, John W.M. Jagt, Elena A. Jagt-Yazykova and Marcin Machalski

20 Ammonoid Taphonomy

Ryoji Wani and Neal S. Gupta


Titel: Ammonoid Paleobiology: From macroevolution to paleogeography
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