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Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Proteins

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Proceedings of the International Association for Cereal Chemistry Symposium on Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cere... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the International Association for Cereal Chemistry Symposium on Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Proteins, Budapest, Hungary, May 31-June 1, 1983, with supplemental invited contributions

Cereals belong to the most important elements in the history of mankind. From the beginning of agriculture, cereals have been by far the most important staple food in the world. Although the cereal consumption decreased to a low level in the developed countries in Europe and North America, in the devel oping countries over two-thirds of the calorie and protein intake is based on cereals. A substantial quantity of cereals goes indirectly into food via feed to animals. Generally, cereal proteins are classified as proteins of lower biological value because of shortage in lysine and some other essential amino acids. Recent developments in the de termination and evaluation of the biological value of proteins and protein mixtures suggest that the oversimplified earlier evaluation of cereal proteins must be reviewed. This book contains the edited proceedings of the Inter national Symposium on "Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Proteins", held in Budapest, Hungary, Hay 31- June 1, 1983, under the sponsorship of the International Association for Cereal Chemistry, Hungarian Scientific Society for Food Industry and Grain Trust, Hungary, with supplemental invited contributions. Scientists (biologist, plant breeders, farmers, chemists, biochemists, engineers, food technologists and nutritionists) from 17 countries presented and reviewed, along with partici pants from 20 countries, the recent methodology and trends in the determination of the biological value of cereal proteins, v the amino acid composition of cereal proteins and factors in fluencing the composition and the role of cereal proteins in nutrition and animal feeding.


1 General Problems.- Cereal Proteins - Past, Present, Future.- Cereal Utilization in West Africa.- The Role of Cereal and Plant Proteins in the World Food Supply.- Amino Acid Problem of Cereals at Daily Meals.- Nutritional Functions of Cereals.- Cereal Proteins in Human Nutrition.- 2 Methodology of Protein Quality Evaluation.- Protein Nutritional Quality: A Modeling Approach.- In Vivo Methods in the Evaluation of the Nutritional Quality of Cereal Proteins.- Specificity of Amino Acids for Nutritional Evaluation of Proteins.- Amino Acid Scoring Systems and their Role in the Estimation of the Protein Quality of Cereals.- Mathematical Modeling of Protein Nutritional Quality from Amino Acid Composition.- Prediction of Protein Nutritive Value of Cereal-Legume Blends Using Rat Biossays and Amino Acid Scores.- Differences between Digestibilities of Protein and First Limiting Amino Acid in Some Plant Products.- Available Amino Acid Score: Method for Protein Quality Evaluation.- Simple Enzymic Methods for Prediction of Plant Protein Digestibility.- Optimization of Lysine Composition in Plant Breeding Programmes and in Feed Technology by the Dye-Binding Analysis.- Determination of Reactive Lysine by Dye-Binding.- 3 Chemistry (Amino Acid Composition) and Biochemistry of Cereal Proteins.- Comparative Amino Acid Composition of Proteins of Wheat, Rye and Triticale Grain.- Bioenergetic Aspects of Amino Acid Production in Cereals.- Views on the Amino Acid Composition of Grain and the Influence of Processing.- Contributions to the Amino Acid Composition of Protein Fractions of Wheat Flours.- Action of Some Proteinases on Wheat Gluten Isolated from Mature and Developing Kernels.- Effects of Fertilizers on the Amino Acid Composition of Cereal Protein.- Effect of Thermal Processing on the Tryptophan Content of Baby Foods.- Amino Acid Content and in Vitro Protein Quality of Different Corn Varieties.- The Amino Acid Composition of Wheat Grain as Related to its Protein Content.- 4 Protein Preparations and Cereals - Composition and Nutritive Value.- Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Germs.- Maize Germ Proteins, their Composition, Nutritive Value and Functional Properties.- Chemical and Biological Data of Rice Proteins for Nutrition and Feeding.- The Influence of Home Processing on the Quality of Cereal and Millet Proteins.- Comparative Study of Yield and Biological Value of Different Corn Varieties.- Wheat Gluten - A Nutural Protein for the Future - Today.- Wheat Protein Products in Nutrition.- 5 Cereals in Food and Feed.- Amino Acid Bioavailability from Whole-Wheat Flour Bread and Extracted Wheat Flour Bread by Humans.- Amino Acid Indices and Rat Biodata for Composite Flour Breads Fortified with Legume and Oilseed Proteins and Lysine.- Fortification of Wheat Flour with Potato Protein.- Calculation of the Amino Acid Requirements of Growing Birds under Variable Environmental Conditions.- Remarks on the Importance of Protein Quality in Mixed Feeds.- The Improvement of Protein Utilization in Industrial Feeds and Cereals.- List Of Contributors.


Titel: Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Proteins
Untertitel: Proceedings of the International Association for Cereal Chemistry Symposium on Amino Acid Composition and Biological Value of Cereal Proteins
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