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Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, RAAD 2017, held... Weiterlesen
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This volume contains the proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, RAAD 2017, held at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy, from June 21-23, 2017. The conference brought together academic and industrial researchers in robotics from 30 countries, the majority of them affiliated to the Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, and their worldwide partners. RAAD 2017 covered all major areas of R&D and innovation in robotics, including the latest research trends. The book provides an overview on the advances in service and industrial robotics. The topics are presented in a sequence starting from the classical robotic subjects, such as kinematics, dynamics, structures, control, and ending with the newest topics, like human-robot interaction and biomedical applications. Researchers involved in the robotic field will find this an extraordinary and up-to-date perspective on the state of the art in this area.

Provides an unique opportunity to see the results of the robotic community of Alpe-Adria-Danube Region and related research activities

Presents the last achievements in the field of service and industrial robotics

Offers several disruptive innovations in the robotic field

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Robot kinematics and dynamics.- Comparative Analysis of Quasi-differential Approaches in Inverse Kinematics, by Bertalan Csanádi, János F. Bitó, Imre J. Rudas, József Tar.- A Novel Single-Loop Decoupled Schoenflies-Motion Generator: Concept and Kinematics Analysis, by Raffaele Di Gregorio.- A comparative study of three manipulator performance measures, by Vassilis Moulianitis, Eleftherios Katrantzis, Nikos Stravopodis, Nikos Aspragathos.- Analysis of constraint singularities of a 2-dof spatial parallel mechanism, by Stefano Mauro, Gabriele Biondi.- Central active mechanism for unmanned space docking , by Stefano Mauro, Tharek Mohtar, Stefano Pastorelli, Massimo Sorli.- On the mechatronic design of a low-cost 6-DoFs parallel kinematic manipulator, by Hermes Giberti, Enrico Fiore.- Behaviour-based Inverse Kinematics Solver on FPGA, by Alexander Köpper, Berns Karsten.- A novel reconfigurable 3-URU parallel platform, by Luca Carbonari, David Corinaldi, Matteo Palpacelli, Giacomo Palmieri, Massimo Callegari.- Mechatronic Design and Control of a 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator, by Giorgio Figliolini, Chiara Lanni, Rea Pierluigi, Tommaso Gallinelli.- Control, identification and calibration of robotic systems.- Force Analysis for the Impact Between a Rod and Granular Material, by Dorian Cojocaru, Dan Marghitu, Hamid Ghaednia, Memduh Arsalan.- Cooperative Distance Measurement for an Anti-aircraft Battery, by Karol Dobrovodský, Pavel Andris.- Collision Avoidance of Robots by Artificial Force Field around Geometric Primitives using two Range Image Sensors, by Christian Thormann, Alexander Winkler.- Using Compliancy for Autonomous Execution of Path Following Tasks, by Leon lajpah, Nejc Likar.- Study concerning a robotic system with Matlab/OpenCV post-processing, by Victor Constantin, Ciprian Ion Rizescu, Mihai Ciocan, Dana Rizescu.- Output Control of a Class of Hyper-redundant Robots, by Mircea Ivanescu, Mircea Nitulescu, Dong Hai Nguyen, Mihaela Florescu.- Using virtual sensors in industrial manipulators for service algorithms like payload checking, by Marina Indri, Stefano Trapani.- Robust Motion Control of a Soft Robotic System Using Fractional Order Control, by Bastian Deutschmann, Christian Ott, Concepcion A. Monje, Carlos Balaguer.- FloBaRoID - A Software Package for the Identification of Robot Dynamics Parameters, by Stefan Bethge, Jörn Malzahn, Nikos Tsagarakis, Darwin Caldwell.- Implementation of a fractional-order control for robotic applications, by Luca Bruzzone, Vittorio Belotti, Pietro Fanghella.- Real-time Computation of Inexact Minimum-Energy Trajectories Using Parametric Sensitivities, by Alexander Reiter, Hubert Gattringer, Andreas Mueller.- Sensor-based loops and branches for playback-programmed robot systems, by Michael Riedl, Eric Mathias Orendt, Dominik Henrich.- On Latencies and Noise Effects in Vision-Based Control of Mobile Robots, by Mohammad M. Aref, Juho Vihonen, Reza Ghabcheloo, Jouni Mattila.- A Novel Method for Geometric Robot Calibration Using Laser Pointer and Cameras, by Hubert Gattringer, Matthias Neubauer, Dominik Kaserer, Andreas Mueller.- Redundant Robotic Manipulator Path Planning for Real-Time Obstacle and Self-Collision Avoidance, by Tuomo Kivelä, Jouni Mattila, Jussi Puura, Sirpa Launis.- A Low-cost Experimental Device for Compliant Physical Human-Robot Interaction, by Dániel Rácz, Mátyás Takács, Péter Galambos, János Somló.- Using spring-damper elements to support human-like push recovery motions, by Ruth Malin Kopitzsch, Katja Mombaur.- Validation of Relevant Parameters of Sensitive Manipulators for Human-Robot Collaboration, by David Kirschner, Andreas Schlotzhauer, Mathias Brandstötter, Michael Hofbaur.- Optimization-based methods for planning and control of environment-aware robotic systems.- Preliminary design of an electropneumatic automatic machine for herbaceous grafting, by Guido Belforte, Gabriella Eula, Terenziano Raparelli, Silvia Sirolli, Pietro Piccarolo, Paolo Gay, Davide Ricauda, Lorenzo Comba.- A Falling Motion Strategy for Humanoids Based on Motion Primitives of Human Falling, by Libo Meng, Zhangguo Yu, Weimin Zhang, Xuechao Chen, Marco Ceccarelli, Qiang Huang.- Legged robot strategies for climbing stairs, by Mircea Nitulescu, Mircea Ivanescu, Sorin Manoiu-Olaru, Dong Hai Nguyen Van.- Kinematic Path Control of a Redundant Robot Arm in Sliding Mode, by Evgeniy Krastev.- Precise Positioning of a Robotic Arm Manipulator Using Stereo Computer Vision and Iterative Learning, by Kaloyan Yovchev, Denis Chikurtev, Nayden Chivarov, Nedko Shivarov.- A Receding Horizon Push Recovery Strategy for Balancing the iCub Humanoid Robot, by Stefano Dafarra, Francesco Romano, Francesco Nori.- Neural Networks for Real-Time, Probabilistic Obstacle Detection, by Tobias Werner, Josua Bloeß, Dominik Henrich.- Vision systems.- Cloud Robot Vision Services Extend High-performance Computing Capabilities of Robot Systems, by Florin Daniel Anton, Theodor Borangiu, Silvia Anton, Silviu Raileanu.- A robotic 3D vision system for automatic cranial prostheses inspection, by Maria Cristina Valigi, Silvia Logozzo, Gabriele Canella.- Automated, Depth Sensor Based Object Detection and Path Planning for Robot-Aided 3D Scanning, by Jakob Ziegler, Hubert Gattringer, Dominik Kaserer, Andreas Mueller.- Collision Avoidance System for Collaborative Robotics, by Stefano Mauro, Leonardo Sabatino Scimmi, Stefano Pastorelli.- Mobile robots and path planning design and construction of a demonstrative Heritagebot Platform, by Marco Ceccarelli, Daniele Cafolla, Matteo Russo, Giuseppe Carbone.- Estimation of the Traversal Time for a Fleet of Industrial Transport Robots, by Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl, Micheal Reip.- Adapting Edge Weights for Optimal Paths in a Navigation Graph, by Clemens Mühlbacher, Gerald Steinbauer, Stephan Gspandl, Micheal Reip.- Advanced Modelling Techniques for Flexible Robotic Systems, by Mariapaola D'Imperio, Cristiano Pizzamiglio, Daniele Ludovico, Giancarlo Genta, Darwin Caldwell, Ferdinando Cannella.- Autonomous Mobile Manipulation using ROS, by Heiko Engemann, Patrick Wiesen, Stephan Kallweit, Harshavardhan Deshpande.- Automation and robotics for vehicles.- Team of Pneumatic ASi-controlled Climber Robots for Ships Inspection, by Enrico Ravina.- Elasto-kinematic characteristics of Car Sus-pensions with magnetorheological bushings, by Renato Brancati, Giandomenico Di Massa, Ernesto Rocca, Cesare Rossi, Sergio Savino, Francesco Timpone.- Delay-dependent criteria for robust lateral stability control of articulated vehicles, by Mojtaba Sharifzadeh, arash farnam, Adolfo Senatore, Francesco Timpone, Ahmad Akbari.- Comparison of modelling tools for the assessment of the parameters of driving assistance solutions, by Flavio Farroni, Guido Fusco, Luigi Pariota, Sebastian Rosario Pastore, Aleksandr Sakhnevych, Francesco Timpone.- Modeling, Simulation and Control of a 4WD Electric Vehicle with In-Wheel Motors, by Raffaele Iervolino, Aleksandr Sakhnevych.- Path Tracking Control for Autonomous Driving Applications, by Antonio Tota, mauro velardocchia, Levent Guvenc.- UAV: Innovation and new application fields in the future.- Electromagnetic characterization of installed antennas through UAVs, by Irene Aicardi, Pietro Bolli, Andrea Lingua, Fabio Paonessa, Marco Piras,Giuseppe Virone.- Remote Sensing from RPAS in Agriculture: an Overview of Expectations and Unanswered Questions, by Enrico Borgogno Mondino.- A Self-adapting Method for 3D Environment Exploration Inspired by Swarm Behaviour, by Jan Zelenka, tomas kasanicky, Ivana Budinska.- Analysis & Modelling of Powertrain Components for an Efficient UAV Design, by Mario Silvagni, Marcello Chiaberge, Federico Tessari.- Camera Selection and Flight Planning for Post Processing 3D Reconstruction Automatization, by Mario Silvagni, Marcello Chiaberge, Osman Abdalla Sidahmed Osman.- A modular Cloud Robotics architecture for data management and mission handling of Unmanned Robotic Services, by Marcello Chiaberge, Mario Silvagni, Claudio Sanguedolce, Gianluca Dara.- Application of an inspection robot composed by collaborative terrestrial and aerial modules for an operation in agriculture, by Roberto Grassi, Rea Pierluigi, Erika Ottaviano, Paolo Maggiore.- Industrial applications.- Airbrush robotic painting system: experimental validation of a colour spray model, by Lorenzo Scalera, Enrico Mazzon, Paolo Gallina, Alessandro Gasparetto.-

Spring design for motor torque reduction in articulated mechanisms, by Paolo Boscariol, Giovanni Boschetti, Paolo Gallina, Chiara Passarini.- A robotic design for a MIM based technology, by Hermes Giberti, Luca Sbaglia.- Robust One-Shot Robot Programming by Demonstration using Entity-based Resources, by Eric Mathias Orendt, Michael Riedl, Dominik Henrich.- The "Robot Mechanics" course experience at Politecnico di Milano, by Hermes Giberti, Enrico Fiore.- Mechatronic Design and Prototype of a 4-DOFs Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutting Machine, by Giorgio Figliolini, Rea Pierluigi, Carlo Cocomello.- Robotic grippers.- Development of a NEMS-Technology based Nano Gripper, by Andrea Veroli, Alessio Buzzin, Rocco Crescenzi, Fabrizio Frezza, Giampiero de Cesare, Vito D'Andrea, Francesco Mura, Matteo Verotti, Alden Dochshanov, Nicola Pio Belfiore.- A 3-Finger Robotic Gripper for Grasping Fabrics Based on Cams-Followers Mechanism, by Panagiotis Koustoumpardis, Sotiris Smyrnis, Nikos Aspragathos.- Experimental results for QuBu Gripper: a 3-Jaw electric gripper, by Luca Girolamo Butera, Giuseppe Quaglia.- Experimental evaluation and comparison of low-cost adaptive mechatronic grippers, by Giovanni Carabin, Ilaria Palomba, Dominik Matt, Renato Vidoni.- The experience at University of L'Aquila on shape memory alloys actuators, by Francesco Durante, Pierluigi Beomonte Zobel, Terenziano Raparelli.- Humanoids & cognitive systems.- Human Robot Interaction using Dynamic Hand Gestures, by Zuhair Zafar, Daniel Alejandro Salazar Villarreal, Salah Al-Darraji, Djordje Urukalo, Berns Karsten, Aleksandar Rodic.- Ability of humanoid robot to perform emotional body gestures, by Djordje Urukalo, Ljubinko Kevac, Zuhair Zafar, Salah Al-Darraji, Aleksandar Rodic, Berns Karsten.- Supporting a Human-Aware World Model through Sensor Fusion, by Dominik Riedelbauch, Tobias Werner, Dominik Henrich.- Interactive Communication Between Human and Robot Using Nonverbal Cues, by Salah Al-Darraji, Zuhair Zafar, Berns Karsten, Djordje Urukalo, Aleksandar Rodic.- Building of hyper-redundant under-actuated soft robotic arm with 20 d.o.f. , by Ilija Stevanovic, Aleksandar Rodic, Milo Jovanovic, Marija Tomic.- Safety related devices and applications.- Structure optimization of the Cable Driven Legs Trainer, by Houssein Lamine, Med Amine Laribi, Sami Bennour, Lotfi Romdhane, Said Zeghloul.- A novel kinematic of a 4 d.o.fs haptic device based on the delta robot architecture, by Houssem Saafi, Celestin Preault, Med Amine Laribi, Said Zeghloul.- Design and Operation of a Novel Hexapod Robot for Surveillance Tasks, by Giuseppe Carbone, Fernando Gomez-Bravo.- Exoskeletons and body shells: prospectives with new materials, design and brain control.- Design and Lab Tests of a Scaled Leg Exoskeleton with Electric Actuators, by Cristian Iancu, Marco Ceccarelli, Erwin-Christian Lovasz.- Textile rotary pneumatic actuator for rehabilitation, by Terenziano Raparelli, Alexandre Ivanov, Fabio Eduardo Palladino.- Neural and physiological measures to classify user's intention and control exoskeletons for rehabilitation or assistance: the experience @NearLab, by Simona Ferrante, Emilia Ambrosini, Claudia Casellato, Marta Gandolla, Alessandra Laura Giulia Pedrocchi, Giancarlo Ferrigno.- Lower Limb Exoskeleton with Hybrid Pneumaticaly Assisted Electric Drive: Models, by Igor Orlov, Anton Aliseychik, Elena Kolesnichenko, Vladimir Pavlovsky, Dmitriy Gribkov, Alexey Podoprosvetov.- Wearable robotic systems for motion assistance.- Exoskeleton for Gait Training in Spinal Cord Injured people: clinical analysis and ethical dilemmas, by Luciano Bissolotti, Paola Zuccher, andrea zenorini, Sonia Chiari, Paolo Gaffurini, Armando Pasini, Federico Nicoli.- Wearable hearing support system tapping toward sound source, by Ryuichi Shimoyama.- Qualitative Assessment of a Clutch-Actuated Ankle Exoskeleton, by Miha Deman, Jan Babic, Andrej Gams.- Shared Control for Human-Robot Cooperative Manipulation Tasks, by Tadej Petric, Miel Cevzar, Jan Babic.- Open Source EMG Device For Controlling a Robotic Hand, by Miel Cevzar, Tadej Petric, Jan Babic.- Assistive strategies for a back-support exoskeleton: experimental evaluation, by Stefano Toxiri, Jesus Ortiz, Darwin Caldwell.- FEX a Fingers Extending eXoskeleton for Rehabilitation and Regaining Mobility, by Patrizio Sale, Giovanni Stellin, Stefano Masiero, Francesco Becchi, Wiktor Sieklicki.- Ankle prosthesis with an active control of the pitch and the release of the energy, by Michele Gabrio Antonelli, Stefano Alleva, Francesco Durante, Pierluigi Beomonte Zobel.- Development of an active orthosis for inferior limb with light structure, by Francesco Durante, Pierluigi Beomonte Zobel, Terenziano Raparelli.- Technological rehabilitation.- P.I.G.R.O.: an active exoskeleton for robotic neurorehabilitation training driven by an electro-pneumatic control, by Katiuscia Sacco, Guido Belforte, Gabriella Eula, Terenziano Raparelli, Silvia Sirolli, Elisabetta Geda, Giuliano Carlo Geminiani, Roberta Virgilio, Marina Zettin.- Study and experimentation of innovative textile pneumatic muscle prototypes, by Guido Belforte, Gabriella Eula, Alexandre Ivanov, Terenziano Raparelli, Silvia Sirolli.- Design and Control of Linkage Exoskeletons in Wheelchair, by Gao Huang, Marco Ceccarelli, Weimin Zhang, Fei Meng, Tao Sun, Qiang Huang.- An ethical reflection on the application of cyber technologies in the field of healthcare, by Adelaide Conti, Elena Azzalini, Cinzia Amici, Valter Cappellini, Rodolfo Faglia, Paola Delbon.- Hand robotic rehabilitation: from hospital to home, by Alberto Borboni, Mauro Serpelloni, Michela Borghetti, Cinzia Amici, Francesco Aggogeri, Davide Fausti, Massimo Antonini, Maurizio Mor, Emilio Sardini, Rodolfo Faglia.- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices: preliminary analysis, by Riccardo Adamini, Francesco Aggogeri, Manuela Baronio, Alberto Borboni, Elisabetta Dal Gal, Nicola Pellegrini, Carlo Remino.- ERRSE: Elbow Robotic Rehabilitation System with an EMG-based force control, by Monica Tiboni, Giovanni Legnani, Matteo Lancini, Mauro Serpelloni, Davide Fausti, Massimiliano Gobbo.- Path's Slicing Analysis as a Therapist's Intervention Tool for Robotic Rehabilitation, by Mozafar Saadat, Alireza Rastegarpanah, Che Abdullah, Hamid Rakhodaei, Alberto Borboni.- Surface EMG for human-machine interfaces: new knowledge and open issues, by Marco Gazzoni, Alberto Botter, Taian Vieira.- Upper limb rehabilitation robotic system requirements analysis, by Dorin Popescu, Florin Manta, Ligia Rusu, Taina-Elena Avramescu, Mihaela Zavaleanu.- Biomedical applications.- Human energy involved in manual and mechanically facilitating the harvesting of saffron flowers, by Andrea Manuello Bertetto, Gianmario Satta, Alberto Concu.- Stiffness Characterization of biological tissues by means of MEMSTechnology based Micro Grippers under Position Control, by Alvise Bagolini, Pierluigi Bellutti, Paolo Di Giamberardino, Imre J. Rudas, Vito D'Andrea, Matteo Verotti, Alden Dochshanov, Nicola Pio Belfiore.- Bio-mechatronic modules for robotic massage, by Maksim Arkhipov, Igor Orlov, Vadim Golovin, Liudmila Kocherevskaya, Eugeny Vzhesnevsky, Uglev Aleksander.- Control of force impulse in human-machine impact, by Carlo De Benedictis, Walter Franco, Daniela Maffiodo, Carlo Ferraresi.- Dionis Surgical Positioner - Design for high stiffness of a parallel structure, by Jeremy Olivier, Jerry Bielmann, Mohamed Bouri, Hannes Bleuler.- Method for measuring the displacement of cadaveric elbow after the section of medial collateral ligament anterior and posterior bundles, by Daniele Borzelli, Laura Gastaldi, Cristina Bignardi, Alberto L. Audenino, Mara Terzini, Arman Sard, Stefano Pastorelli.- A new testing device for the role of the trunk in force production and in balance control in disabled sitting athletes, by Valeria Rosso, Laura Gastaldi, Walter Rapp, Benedikt Fasel, Yves Vanlandewijck, Stefan Lindinger, Vesa Linnamo.- Two-Segments Foot Model for Biomechanical Motion Analysis, by Elisa Panero, Laura Gastaldi, Walter Rapp.- Validation of three KUKA Agilus robots for application in neurosurgery, by Marko vaco, Petar Koren, Bojan Jerbic, Josip Vidakovic, Bojan ekoranja, Filip uligoj.- A New Bone Fixation Device for Human Joint Test Rig Machine, by Luca Luzi, Nicola Sancisi, Michele Conconi, Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli.- Cesare Rossi, ad memoriam.- Performance Analysis of the Automata in a Blossoming Flower Clock in the 18th Century, by Yu-Hsun Chen, Marco Ceccarelli, Hong-Sen Yan.- Design Issues for an Inherently Safe Robotic Rehabilitation Device, by Giuseppe Carbone, Doina Pîsla.- Influence of the tendon design on the behavior of an under-actuated finger, by Vincenzo Niola, Cesare Rossi, Sergio Savino.- Author Index.


Titel: Advances in Service and Industrial Robotics
Untertitel: Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, RAAD 2017
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