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Advanced Web and Network Technologies, and Applications

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This book constitutes the refereed joint proceedings of four international workshops held in conjunction with the 8th Asia-Pacific... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the refereed joint proceedings of four international workshops held in conjunction with the 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2006, in Harbin, China in January 2006. The 88 revised full papers and 58 revised short papers presented are very specific and contribute to enlarging the spectrum of the more general topics treated in the APWeb 2006 main conference.

Refereed joint proceedings of four international workshops held in conjunction with the 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2006, in Harbin, China Includes 88 revised full papers and 58 revised short papers Topics addressed by the workshops are XML Research and Applications; Sensor Networks; Metropolis/Enterprise Grid and Applications; and Web-based Internet Computing for Science and Engineering (ICSE 2006).

International Workshop on XML Research and Applications (XRA 2006).- Clustered Absolute Path Index for XML Document: On Efficient Processing of Twig Queries.- Positioning-Based Query Translation Between SQL and XQL with Location Counter.- Integrating XML Schema Language with Databases for B2B Collaborations.- Functional Dependencies in XML Documents.- Querying Composite Events for Reactivity on the Web.- Efficient Evaluation of XML Twig Queries.- Early Evaluating XML Trees in Object Repositories.- Caching Frequent XML Query Patterns.- Efficient Evaluation of Distance Predicates in XPath Full-Text Query.- A Web Classification Framework Based on XSLT.- Logic-Based Association Rule Mining in XML Documents.- XML Document Retrieval System Based on Document Structure and Image Content for Digital Museum.- Meta Modeling Approach for XML Based Data Integration.- XML and Knowledge Based Process Model Reuse and Management in Business Intelligence System.- Labeling XML Nodes in RDBMS.- Feature Extraction and XML Representation of Plant Leaf for Image Retrieval.- A XML-Based Workflow Event Logging Mechanism for Workflow Mining.- XML Clustering Based on Common Neighbor.- Modeling Dynamic Properties in the Layered View Model for XML Using XSemantic Nets.- VeriFLog: A Constraint Logic Programming Approach to Verification of Website Content.- International Workshop on Sensor Networks (IWSN 2006).- Bandwidth Guaranteed Multi-tree Multicast Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- Finding Event Occurrence Regions in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Energy Efficient Protocols for Information Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Hierarchical Hypercube-Based Pairwise Key Establishment Schemes for Sensor Networks.- Key Establishment Between Heterogenous Nodes in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks.- A Self-management Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Behavior-Based Trust in Wireless Sensor Network.- Compromised Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network.- Reservation CSMA/CA for QoS Support in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- On Studying Partial Coverage and Spatial Clustering Based on Jensen-Shannon Divergence in Sensor Networks.- Quasi-Bottleneck Nodes: A Potential Threat to the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks.- Adaptive Data Transmission Algorithm for Event-Based Ad Hoc Query.- Determination of Aggregation Point Using Fermat's Point in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Inductive Charging with Multiple Charger Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks.- SIR: A New Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol Based on Artificial Intelligence.- A Limited Flooding Scheme for Query Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Sampling Frequency Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network-Based Control System.- MIMO Techniques in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Energy Efficient Network Topology Configuration Scheme for Sensor Networks.- Robust Multipath Routing to Exploit Maximally Disjoint Paths for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- Energy Efficient Design for Window Query Processing in Sensor Networks.- A Novel Localization Scheme Based on RSS Data for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Threshold Authenticated Key Configuration Scheme Based on Multi-layer Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc.- Connecting Sensor Networks with TCP/IP Network.- Key Establishment and Authentication Mechanism for Secure Sensor Networks.- Energy-Aware Routing Analysis in Wireless Sensors Network.- A Density-Based Self-configuration Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks.- IPv6 Stateless Address Auto-configuration in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.- Fast Collision Resolution MAC with Coordinated Sleeping for WSNs.- Energy-Efficient Deployment of Mobile Sensor Networks by PSO.- Object Finding System Based on RFID Technology.- Low Energy Consumption Security Method for Protecting Information of Wireless Sensor Network.- Process Scheduling Policy Based on Rechargeable Power Resource in Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Energy Efficient Cross-Layer MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Power-Efficient Node Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Residual Energy-Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Processing Probabilistic Range Query over Imprecise Data Based on Quality of Result.- Dynamic Node Scheduling for Elimination Overlapping Sensing in Sensor Networks with Dense Distribution.- International Workshop on Metropolis/Enterprise Grid and Applications (MEGA 2006).- Grid-Enabled Medical Image Processing Application System Based on OGSA-DAI Techniques.- A QOS Evaluating Model for Computational Grid Nodes.- An Enterprize Workflow Grid/P2P Architecture for Massively Parallel and Very Large Scale Workflow Systems.- Grid-Enabled Metropolis Shared Research Platform.- Toolkits for Ontology Building and Semantic Annotation in UDMGrid.- DPGS: A Distributed Programmable Grid System.- Spatial Reasoning Based Spatial Data Mining for Precision Agriculture.- Distributed Group Membership Algorithm in Intrusion-Tolerant System.- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Based Reliable Applications for Enterprise Grid.- Predictive Grid Process Scheduling Model in Computational Grid.- A Dependable Task Scheduling Strategy for a Fault Tolerant Grid Model.- Multi-agent Web Text Mining on the Grid for Enterprise Decision Support.- Semantic Peer-to-Peer Overlay for Efficient Content Locating.- xDFT: An Extensible Dynamic Fault Tolerance Model for Cooperative System.- A Grid-Based Programming Environment for Remotely Sensed Data Processing.- Multicast for Multimedia Delivery in Wireless Network.- Model and Simulation on Enhanced Grid Security and Privacy System.- Performance Modeling and Analysis for Centralized Resource Scheduling in Metropolitan-Area Grids.- AGrIP: An Agent Grid Intelligent Platform for Distributed System Integration.- Scalable Backbone for Wireless Metropolitan Grid.- Research on Innovative Web Information System Based on Grid Environment.- A Framework and Survey of Knowledge Discovery Services on the OGSA-DAI.- A New Heartbeat Mechanism for Large-Scale Cluster.- Parallel Implementing of Road Situation Modeling with Floating GPS Data.- Research on a Generalized Die CAD System Architecture Based on SOA and Web Service.- Towards Building Intelligent Transportation Information Service System on Grid.- Design and Implementation of a Service-Oriented Manufacturing Grid System.- The Research of a Semantic Architecture in Meteorology Grid Computing.- The Design Method of a Video Delivery Grid.- A Secure Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Between Clients with Different Passwords.- International Workshop on Web-Based Internet Computing for Science and Engineering (ICSE 2006).- A Fault-Tolerant Web Services Architecture.- A Grid-Based System for the Multi-reservoir Optimal Scheduling in Huaihe River Basin.- A Logic Foundation of Web Component.- A Public Grid Computing Framework Based on a Hierarchical Combination of Middleware.- A Workflow-Oriented Scripting Language Based on BPEL4WS.- Comments on Order-Based Deadlock Prevention Protocol with Parallel Requests in A Deadlock and Livelock Free Protocol for Decentralized Internet Resource Co-allocation.- Dynamic Workshop Scheduling and Control Based on a Rule-Restrained Colored Petri Net and System Development Adopting Extended B/S/D Mode.- A Dynamic Web Service Composite Platform Based on QoS of Services.- Modeling Fetch-at-Most-Once Behavior in Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Systems.- Application of a Modified Fuzzy ART Network to User Classification for Internet Content Provider.- IRIOS: Interactive News Announcer Robot System.- WIPI Mobile Platform with Secure Service for Mobile RFID Network Environment.- Tourism Guided Information System for Location-Based Services.- A New Bio-inspired Model for Network Security and Its Application.- Partner Selection System Development for an Agile Virtual Enterprise Based on Gray Relation Analysis.- RealTime-BestPoint-Based Compiler Optimization Algorithm.- A Framework of XML-Based Geospatial Metadata System.- Deployment of Web Services for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) System.- A Distributed Information System for Healthcare Web Services.- The Research of Scientific Computing Environment on Scilab.- A Model of XML Access Control with Dual-Level Security Views.- A Web-Based System for Adaptive Data Transfer in Grid.- Optimal Search Strategy for Web-Based 3D Model Retrieval.- ParaView-Based Collaborative Visualization for the Grid.- ServiceBSP Model with QoS Considerations in Grids.- An Efficient SVM-Based Method to Detect Malicious Attacks for Web Servers.- Design and Implementation of a Workflow-Based Message-Oriented Middleware.- Consistency of User Interface Based on Petri-Net.- Research of Multilevel Transaction Schedule Algorithm Based on Transaction Segments.- Web Navigation Patterns Mining Based on Clustering of Paths and Pages Content.- Using Abstract State Machine in Architecture Design of Distributed Software Component Repository.- An Information Audit System Based on Bayes Algorithm.- Distortion Analysis of Component Composition and Web Service Composition.- A Semantic Web Approach to "Request for Quote" in E-Commerce.- An Effective XML Filtering Method for High-Performance Publish/Subscribe System.- A New Method for the Design of Stateless Transitive Signature Schemes.- A Web Service Composition Modeling and Evaluation Method Used Petri Net.- Multi-agent Negotiation Model for Resource Allocation in Grid Environment.- Discovery of Web Services Applied to Scientific Computations Based on QOS.- Common Program Analysis of Two-Party Security Protocols Using SMV.- An Integrated Web-Based Model for Management, Analysis and Retrieval of EST Biological Information.- A Category on the Cache Invalidation for Wireless Mobile Environments.- ESD: The Enterprise Semantic Desktop.- System Architecture of a Body Area Network and Its Web Service Based Data Publishing.- A Feature-Based Semantics Model of Reusable Component.- Mobile Agents for Network Intrusion Resistance.- Grid Service Based Parallel Debugging Environment.- Web-Based Three-Dimension E-Mail Traffic Visualization.- Component Composition Based on Web Service and Software Architecture.- Evaluation of Network Dependability Using Event Injection.- A New Automatic Intrusion Response Taxonomy and Its Application.- Hierarchical Web Structuring from the Web as a Graph Approach with Repetitive Cycle Proof.- The Vehicle Tracking System for Analyzing Transportation Vehicle Information.- Web-Based Cooperative Design for SoC and Improved Architecture Exploration Algorithm.- Research on Web Application of Struts Framework Based on MVC Pattern.- Grid-Based Multi-scale PCA Method for Face Recognition in the Large Face Database.- Grid-Based Parallel Elastic Graph Matching Face Recognition Method.- Web Service-Based Study on BPM Integrated Application for Aero-Manufacturing.


Titel: Advanced Web and Network Technologies, and Applications
Untertitel: APWeb 2006 International Workshops: XRA, IWSN, MEGA, and ICSE, Harbin, China, January 16-18, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540311584
ISBN: 978-3-540-31158-4
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1058
Gewicht: 1540g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006. 2006

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