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Activity in Cool Star Envelopes

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Proceedings of the Midnight Sun Conference, held in Tromsø, Norway, July 1-8, 1987 Proceedings of the Midnight Sun Conference, hel... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the Midnight Sun Conference, held in Tromsø, Norway, July 1-8, 1987


Proceedings of the Midnight Sun Conference, held in Tromsø, Norway, July 1-8, 1987

I. Magnetic Fields.- Stellar Magnetic Fields, Origin and Structure.- Observational Constraints for Solar-Type Dynamos.- The Development of Structure in Coronal Magnetic Fields.- Stellar magnetic fields: measurements and diagnostics.- A new technique for the measurement of stellar magnetic fields: First Results.- Multiwavelength observations of magnetic fields and related activity on XI Bootis A.- II. Atmospheric Activity.- Atmospheric Activity in the outer envelopes of cool dwarf stars.- Radiation losses in chromospheric and transition region emission lines from AD Leo (dM4e).- Variation of the flare energy spectrum during the activity cycle of the UV CET-TYPE stars.- Statistical photometry of flare stars in the ultraviolet and photographic bands.- Photographic photometry and'statistical investigation of Pleiades flare stars.- B-19-A flare star in front of the NGC 7000 aggregate.- IRAS observations of flare stars.- Spectroscopic observations of X-ray selected late type stars.- Activity in envelopes of T Tauri Stars.- RY Lupi-A pulsating T Tauri Star?.- Deuterium burning and pulsational instabilities in pre-main-sequence stars.- Small scale stellar surface structures.- Visible and infrared photometry of ER Val.- Spot activity and circumstellar matter in II Peg.- III. Stellar and Solar Flares.- Magnetic reconnection models of flares.- Conditions for transition from quiescent to active states in stellar atmospheres.- Stellar and solar flares: Some theoretical problems from the point of view of modern observations.- Quasi-static evolution of a force-free magnetic field Applications to the theory of stellar flares and coronal heating.- Flares: Magnetic or convective origin?.- Simultaneous optical and infrared observations of stellar flares.- Coordinated photometry, spectroscopy and X-ray observations of flare stars.- Modeling of long-decay stellar flares on EQ Peg and Prox Cen.- Spatially resolved flares in RSCVn Systems.- Simultaneous EXOSAT and VLA observations of the W UMa binaries VW Cep and XY Leo: A Flare on VW Cep.- IV. Stellar Coronae and Winds.- Models of Solar-type coronae.- Acceleration of energetic particles in solar flares.- Effect of a dense coronal region on line observations from coronal holes.- Dynamic Nature of coronal heating.- Stellar X-ray astronomy with ROSAT.- Observing Cool Stars with the XUV wide field camera on ROSAT.- On solar and stellar coronal models.- EXOSAT observations of RSCVn stars.- Densities and heating of coronae of the active late-type dwarfs.- EXOSAT observations of quiescent and flaring emission from M dwarf flare stars.- X-ray variability of dM stars observed by EXOSAT.- Stellar Radio Emission.- Radio Emission Processes Related to Solar Flares.- Properties of Stellar Magnetospheres Deduced from Radio Observations of Close Binaries.- VLA observations of the X-ray bright Hyades M-dwarfs.- Radio Emission from Active Young Stars in the RHO OPHIUCHI CLOUD.- Mass Loss Mechanisms for Cool Stars.- Winds in Cool Stars.- The Ultraviolet Variability of Betelgeuse.- Envelope Activity of the K-Type Supergiant HD 4817.- Helium Lines Formation in T-Tauri Stars.- (X-ray observations of solar flares.- Name Index.- Object Index.


Titel: Activity in Cool Star Envelopes
Untertitel: Proceedings of the Midnight Sun Conference, held in Tromsø, Norway, July 1-8,1987
EAN: 9789027727060
ISBN: 9027727066
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Netherlands
Anzahl Seiten: 372
Gewicht: 723g
Größe: H241mm x B160mm x T25mm
Jahr: 1988
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1988

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