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A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World

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A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of topics relati... Weiterlesen
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A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of topics relating to the practices, expressions, and interactions of religion in antiquity, primarily in the Greco-Roman world. * Features readings that focus on religious experience and expression in the ancient world rather than solely on religious belief * Places a strong emphasis on domestic and individual religious practice * Represents the first time that the concept of "lived religion" is applied to the ancient history of religion and archaeology of religion * Includes cutting-edge data taken from top contemporary researchers and theorists in the field * Examines a large variety of themes and religious traditions across a wide geographical area and chronological span * Written to appeal equally to archaeologists and historians of religion

THE EDITORS Rubina Raja is professor of Classical Archaeology at Aarhus University, Denmark. She studied Classical Archaeology in Copenhagen, Rome and Oxford and heads an excavation project in Jerash, Jordan. Among other things she works on the archaeology of religion in the Roman period and is involved as co???director of the ERC funded project "Lived ancient religion" at Erfurt University. Jörg Rüpke is Fellow for History of Religion at the Max Weber Centre of the University of Erfurt. He has held positions in Classical Philology and Comparative Religion and is director of the ERC project "Lived ancient religion".

A COMPANION TO THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF RELIGION IN THE ANCIENT WORLD CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS VOLUME: Marlis Arnhold, Gideon Bohak, Kimberley Bowes, Olivier de Cazanove, Sylvia Estienne, Steven Fine, Valentino Gasparini, Laura Gawlinski, Susanne Gödde, Richard Gordon, Henner von Hesberg, Valérie Huet, Dr. Robin M. Jensen, Julia Kindt, Thierry Luginbühl, Marleen Martens, Patrice Méniel, Eva M. Mol, Frits Naerebout, Richard Neudecker, Inge Nielsen, Christiane Nowak, Robert Parker, Rubina Raja, Eric Rebillard, Jörg Rüpke, Günther Schörner, Anne Viola Siebert, Christopher Smith, Wolfgang Spickermann, Eftychia Stavrianopoulou, Ellen Thiermann, William Van Andringa, Zsuzsana Várhelyi, Miguel John Versluys, Lara Weiss, and Greg Woolf A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World presents a comprehensive overview of a wide range of topics and archaeological materials relating to the practices, expressions, and interactions of religion in antiquity. Chapters are primarily focused on "lived religion" - religious experience rather than belief - in the Greco-Roman world, and take their point of departure in concepts, aspect, and empirical material relating to central themes within the archaeology of religion. Featuring 35 contributions from leading specialists, researchers, and theorists from a variety of relevant fields, chapters are structured around themes that include archaeology of ritual, embodiment, experiences, creating spaces of experiences, designing and appropriating sacred space, sharing public space, expressiveness, and agents and transformations. Collectively, chapters serve to shape our understanding of the role of objects in cultural practices of constructing religion and encountering and appropriating such a religion as objectified representations of the sacred. Combining the best current scholarship with a wide-ranging geographical scope and chronological span, A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World offers illuminating insights into everyday religious life and ritual practice during antiquity.

Notes on Contributors x Abbreviations xiv 1 Archaeology of Religion, Material Religion, and the Ancient World 1 Rubina Raja and Jörg Rüpke Part I Archaeology of Ritual 27 2 The Archaeology of Ancient Sanctuaries 29 William Van Andringa 3 Ritual Activities, Processions and Pilgrimages 41 Thierry Luginbühl 4 Perpetuated Action 60 Lara Weiss 5 Public and Private 71 Robert Parker Part II Embodiment 81 6 Amulets 83 Gideon Bohak 7 Dress and Ornaments 96 Laura Gawlinski 8 Dance 107 Frederick Naerebout 9 Gendered Agents and Embodied Religious Experience 120 Zsuzsanna Várhelyi Part III Experiences 131 10 Polychromy and Jewish Visual Culture of Roman Antiquity 133 Steven Fine 11 Watching Rituals 144 Valérie Huet 12 Killing and Preparing Animals 155 Patrice Méniel 13 Communal Dining: Making Things Happen 167 Marleen Martens 14 WATER 181 Olivier de Cazanove 15 Temporary Deprivation: Rules and Meanings 194 Richard Gordon Part IV Creating Spaces of Experiences 207 16 At Home 209 Kimberly Bowes 17 Gardens 220 Richard Neudecker 18 Religion and Tomb 235 Henner von Hesberg, Christiane Nowak and Ellen Thiermann Part V Designing and Appropriating Sacred Space 251 19 Archaeology of Christian Initiation 253 Robin M. Jensen 20 Oracular Shrines as Places of Religious Experience 268 Julia Kindt 21 Buildings of Religious Communities 279 Inge Nielsen 22 Sanctuaries and Urban Spatial Settings in Roman Imperial Ostia 293 Marlis Arnhold Part VI Sharing Public Space 305 23 Complex Sanctuaries in the Roman Period 307 Rubina Raja 24 Temples and Temple Interiors 320 Henner von Hesberg 25 Theater 333 Susanne Gödde 26 The Archaeology of Processions 349 Eftychia Stavrianopoulou 27 Urbanization and Memory 362 Christopher Smith Part VII Expressiveness 377 28 Images 379 Sylvia Estienne 29 Instruments and Vessels 388 Anne Viola Siebert 30 Anatomical ex votos 397 Günther Schörner 31 Monumental Inscriptions 412 Wolfgang Spickermann Part VIII Agents 425 32 Material Culture and Religious Identity in Late Antiquity 427 Eric Rebillard 33 Individual Choices and Individuality in the Archaeology of Ancient Religion 437 Jörg Rüpke 34 Material Culture and Imagined Communities in the Roman World 451 Eva Mol and Miguel John Versluys Part IX Transformations 463 35 Ritual Traditions of Non-Mediterranean Europe 465 Greg Woolf 36 Tracing Religious Change in Roman Africa 478 Valentino Gasparini Index 489


Titel: A Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World
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