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Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition

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Inhalt Invited Talks.- Finding Clusters and Components by Unsupervised Learning.- Kernel Methods for Exploratory Pattern Analysis:... Weiterlesen
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Invited Talks.- Finding Clusters and Components by Unsupervised Learning.- Kernel Methods for Exploratory Pattern Analysis: A Demonstration on Text Data.- The Use of Graph Techniques for Identifying Objects and Scenes in Indoor Building Environments for Mobile Robots.- Graphical-Based Learning Environments for Pattern Recognition.- SSPR.- Spectral Analysis of Complex Laplacian Matrices.- Decision Tree Structures for Graph Database Filtering.- A Significant Improvement of Softassign with Diffusion Kernels.- Structural Perceptrons for Attributed Graphs.- Eigenspace Method by Autoassociative Networks for Object Recognition.- A Novel Constraint-Based Approach to Online Graphics Recognition.- Extraction of Skeletal Shape Features Using a Visual Attention Operator.- Computing the Cyclic Edit Distance for Pattern Classification by Ranking Edit Paths.- Contour Segments from Spline Interpolation.- Steady State Random Walks for Path Estimation.- Learning of Form Models from Exemplars.- An Optimal Probabilistic Graphical Model for Point Set Matching.- A New Variational Framework for Rigid-Body Alignment.- An Error-Tolerant Approximate Matching Algorithm for Attributed Planar Graphs and Its Application to Fingerprint Classification.- Comparison of Algorithms for Web Document Clustering Using Graph Representations of Data.- Heat Kernels, Manifolds and Graph Embedding.- A Syntactic Pattern Recognition Approach to Computer Assisted Translation.- GIATI: A General Methodology for Finite-State Translation Using Alignments.- A Coupled Relaxation Method for Finding Perceptual Structures.- A Comparison of Unsupervised Shot Classification Algorithms for News Video Segmentation.- Diagnosis of Lung Nodule Using the Semivariogram Function.- Dictionary-Based Syntactic Pattern Recognition Using Tries.- Improving Probabilistic Automata Learning with Additional Knowledge.- Distances between Distributions: Comparing Language Models.- A New Uniform Translocation Distance.- Understanding Human-Computer Interactions in Map Revision.- Multiscale Curvature Assessment of Postural Deviations.- Modelling Human Shape with Articulated Shape Mixtures.- Learning People Movement Model from Multiple Cameras for Behaviour Recognition.- Poster Papers.- A Comparison of Least Squares and Spectral Methods for Attributed Graph Matching.- An Auction Algorithm for Graph-Based Contextual Correspondence Matching.- Segmentation Graph Hierarchies.- Clustering Variable Length Sequences by Eigenvector Decomposition Using HMM.- A Kernel View of Spectral Point Pattern Matching.- Neural Networks for Improved Target Differentiation with Sonar.- An MCMC Feature Selection Technique for Characterizing and Classifying Spatial Region Data.- Human Action Recognition by Inference of Stochastic Regular Grammars.- Optimizing Classification Ensembles via a Genetic Algorithm for a Web-Based Educational System.- A Structural Approach to Adaptive Inverse Halftoning for Document Images.- Syntactic Modeling and Recognition of Document Images.- Symbols Recognition System for Graphic Documents Combining Global Structural Approaches and Using a XML Representation of Data.- Sketch Recognition Based on Topological Spatial Relationship.- A Study on the Consistency of Features for On-Line Signature Verification.- Statistical Structure of Natural 4 × 4 Image Patches.- Grey Scale Skeletonisation with Curvature Sensitive Noise Damping.- License Vehicle Plates Localization Using Maximum Correlation.- Adaptive Context for a Discrete Universal Denoiser.- Pose Estimation from Airborne Video Sequences Using a Structural Approach for the Construction of Homographies and Fundamental Matrices.- Temporal Post-processing of Decision Tree Outputs for Sports Video Categorisation.- A New Method of Polyline Approximation.- On Extending Symmetry Sets for 2D Shapes.- Structural Analysis and Matching of Shape by Logical Property.- Scale Descriptors through Phase Unwrapping.- Lung Segmentation on Postero-anterior Digital Chest Radiographs Using Active Contours.- Emotion Recognition from Dance Image Sequences Using Contour Approximation.- Matching Concavity Trees.- SPR.- Combining Classifier for Face Identification at Unknown Views with a Single Model Image.- A Logodds Criterion for Selection of Diagnostic Tests.- Evaluation of Classical and Novel Ensemble Methods for Handwritten Word Recognition.- Improving Support Vector Classification via the Combination of Multiple Sources of Information.- Fusing Segmentation and Classification from Multiple Features.- A Classifier Combination Tree Algorithm.- Bounds for the Average Generalization Error of the Mixture of Experts Neural Network.- An Effective EM Algorithm for PCA Mixture Model.- EM Initialisation for Bernoulli Mixture Learning.- A New Family of Weak Estimators for Training in Non-stationary Distributions.- Path Relinking Particle Filter for Human Body Pose Estimation.- Clustering with Soft and Group Constraints.- Learning from General Label Constraints.- Solving the One-Class Problem Using Neighbourhood Measures.- Detection of a Single Texture in Colour Images.- Clustering Based Under-Sampling for Improving Speaker Verification Decisions Using AdaBoost.- Control of Sparseness for Feature Selection.- On Prediction Mechanisms in Fast Branch & Bound Algorithms.- Structures of Covariance Matrix in Handwritten Character Recognition.- Statistical Machine Translation Decoding Using Target Word Reordering.- Classifier Design for Population and Sensor Drift.- A Cost-Sensitive Paradigm for Multiclass to Binary Decomposition Schemes.- Cost-Based Classifier Evaluation for Imbalanced Problems.- A Two-Stage Classifier with Reject Option for Text Categorisation.- Misclassification Probability Estimations for Linear Decision Functions.- Generalized Variable-Kernel Similarity Metric Learning.- Approximate Gradient Direction Metric for Face Authentication.- Poster Papers.- The Imbalanced Training Sample Problem: Under or over Sampling?.- Automatic Preference Mining through Learning User Profile with Extracted Information.- A Computational Study of Naíve Bayesian Learning in Anti-spam Management.- Kernel-Based Non-linear Template Matching.- Analyzing Weight Distribution of Feedforward Neural Networks and Efficient Weight Initialization.- One-Class Support Vector Machines with a Conformal Kernel. A Case Study in Handling Class Imbalance.- Automatic Labeling of Sports Video Using Umpire Gesture Recognition.- Comparison of Two Fast Nearest-Neighbour Search Methods in High-Dimensional Large-Sized Databases.- A Shallow Description Framework for Musical Style Recognition.- A Nearest Neighbor Method Using Bisectors.- Distance Based Strategy for Supervised Document Image Classification.- Identification of Humans Using Robust Biometric Features.- Facial Expression Recognition Based on the Two-Dimensional Structure of Affect.- Clustering Using WCC Models.- Algorithms for Constructing Min-Max Partitions of the Parameter Space for MDL Inference.- Preclustering of Electrocardiographic Signals Using Left-to-Right Hidden Markov Models.- Graph-Based Clustering of Random Point Set.- Cluster Validity and Stability of Clustering Algorithms.- Bagging Classification Models with Reduced Bootstrap.- Multiple Classifier Prediction Improvements against Imbalanced Datasets through Added Synthetic Examples.- Automatic Design of Cascaded Classifiers.- Recognition of Handwritten Numerals Using a Combined Classifier with Hybrid Features.- Generating Classifier Outputs with Fixed Diversity for Evaluating Voting Methods.- Feature Selection Using Improved Mutual Information for Text Classification.- Feature Subset Selection Using an Optimized Hill Climbing Algorithm for Handwritten Character Recognition.- Feature Shaving for Spectroscopic Data.- Feature Selection by Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling - A Bayesian Approach.- Classifier-Independent Visualization of Supervised Data Structures Using a Graph.- Texel-Based Texture Synthesis with Bunch Sampling.- Towards 3-Dimensional Pattern Recognition.- A General Strategy for Hidden Markov Chain Parameterisation in Composite Feature-Spaces.- Tracking the Evolution of a Tennis Match Using Hidden Markov Models.- Local Features for Speaker Recognition.- Selection/Extraction of Spectral Regions for Autofluorescence Spectra Measured in the Oral Cavity.- Kernel Relative Principal Component Analysis for Pattern Recognition.- Dynamic Character Model Generation for Document Keyword Spotting.- Texture Classification by Combining Wavelet and Contourlet Features.- Distance Measures between Attributed Graphs and Second-Order Random Graphs.- On Not Making Dissimilarities Euclidean.- Content Structure Discovery in Educational Videos Using Shared Structures in the Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models.


Titel: Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition
Untertitel: Joint IAPR International Workshops, SSPR 2004 and SPR 2004, Lisbon, Portugal, August 18-20, 2004 Proceedings
EAN: 9783540278689
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Anwendungs-Software
Veröffentlichung: 29.10.2004
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Anzahl Seiten: 1169

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