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Computational Science - ICCS 2007

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Part of a four-volume set, this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computational Sc... Weiterlesen
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Part of a four-volume set, this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2007, held in Beijing, China in May 2007. The papers cover a large volume of topics in computational science and related areas, from multiscale physics to wireless networks, and from graph theory to tools for program development.


Resolving Occlusion Method of Virtual Object in Simulation Using Snake and Picking Algorithm.- Graphics Hardware-Based Level-Set Method for Interactive Segmentation and Visualization.- Parameterization of Quadrilateral Meshes.- Pose Insensitive 3D Retrieval by Poisson Shape Histogram.- Point-Sampled Surface Simulation Based on Mass-Spring System.- Sweeping Surface Generated by a Class of Generalized Quasi-cubic Interpolation Spline.- An Artificial Immune System Approach for B-Spline Surface Approximation Problem.- Implicit Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Point Data with Noise.- The Shannon Entropy-Based Node Placement for Enrichment and Simplification of Meshes.- Parameterization of 3D Surface Patches by Straightest Distances.- Facial Expression Recognition Based on Emotion Dimensions on Manifold Learning.- AI Framework for Decision Modeling in Behavioral Animation of Virtual Avatars.- Studies on Shape Feature Combination and Efficient Categorization of 3D Models.- A Generalised-Mutual-Information-Based Oracle for Hierarchical Radiosity.- Rendering Technique for Colored Paper Mosaic.- Real-Time Simulation of Surface Gravity Ocean Waves Based on the TMA Spectrum.- Determining Knots with Quadratic Polynomial Precision.- Interactive Cartoon Rendering and Sketching of Clouds and Smoke.- Spherical Binary Images Matching.- Dynamic Data Path Prediction in Network Virtual Environment.- Modeling Inlay/Onlay Prostheses with Mesh Deformation Techniques.- Automatic Generation of Virtual Computer Rooms on the Internet Using X3D.- Stained Glass Rendering with Smooth Tile Boundary.- Guaranteed Adaptive Antialiasing Using Interval Arithmetic.- Restricted Non-cooperative Games.- A New Application of CAS to Plottings.- JMathNorm: A Database Normalization Tool Using Mathematica.- Symbolic Manipulation of Bspline Basis Functions with Mathematica.- Rotating Capacitor and a Transient Electric Network.- Numerical-Symbolic Matlab Program for the Analysis of Three-Dimensional Chaotic Systems.- Safety of Recreational Water Slides: Numerical Estimation of the Trajectory, Velocities and Accelerations of Motion of the Users.- Computing Locus Equations for Standard Dynamic Geometry Environments.- Symbolic Computation of Petri Nets.- Dynaput: Dynamic Input Manipulations for 2D Structures of Mathematical Expressions.- On the Virtues of Generic Programming for Symbolic Computation.- Semi-analytical Approach for Analyzing Vibro-Impact Systems.- Formal Verification of Analog and Mixed Signal Designs in Mathematica.- Efficient Computations of Irredundant Triangular Decompositions with the RegularChains Library.- Characterisation of the Surfactant Shell Stabilising Calcium Carbonate Dispersions in Overbased Detergent Additives: Molecular Modelling and Spin-Probe-ESR Studies.- Hydrogen Adsorption and Penetration of Cx (x=58-62) Fullerenes with Defects.- Ab Initio and DFT Investigations of the Mechanistic Pathway of Singlet Bromocarbenes Insertion into C-H Bonds of Methane and Ethane.- Theoretical Gas Phase Study of the Gauche and Trans Conformers of 1-Bromo-2-Chloroethane and Solvent Effects.- Dynamics Simulation of Conducting Polymer Interchain Interaction Effects on Polaron Transition.- Cerium (III) Complexes Modeling with Sparkle/PM3.- The Design of Blue Emitting Materials Based on Spirosilabifluorene Derivatives.- Regulative Effect of Water Molecules on the Switches of Guanine-Cytosine (GC) Watson-Crick Pair.- Energy Partitioning Analysis of the Chemical Bonds in mer-Mq3 (M = AlIII, GaIII, InIII, TlIII).- Ab Initio Quantum Chemical Studies of Six-Center Bond Exchange Reactions Among Halogen and Halogen Halide Molecules.- Comparative Analysis of the Interaction Networks of HIV-1 and Human Proteins.- Protein Classification from Protein-Domain and Gene-Ontology Annotation Information Using Formal Concept Analysis.- A Supervised Classifier Based on Artificial Immune System.- Ab-origin: An Improved Tool of Heavy Chain Rearrangement Analysis for Human Immunoglobulin.- Analytically Tuned Simulated Annealing Applied to the Protein Folding Problem.- Training the Hidden Vector State Model from Un-annotated Corpus.- Using Computer Simulation to Understand Mutation Accumulation Dynamics and Genetic Load.- An Object Model Based Repository for Biological Pathways Using XML Database Technology.- Protein Folding Simulation with New Move Set in 3D Lattice Model.- A Dynamic Committee Scheme on Multiple-Criteria Linear Programming Classification Method.- Kimberlites Identification by Classification Methods.- A Fast Method for Pricing Early-Exercise Options with the FFT.- Neural-Network-Based Fuzzy Group Forecasting with Application to Foreign Exchange Rates Prediction.- Credit Risk Evaluation Using Support Vector Machine with Mixture of Kernel.- Neuro-discriminate Model for the Forecasting of Changes of Companies Financial Standings on the Basis of Self-organizing Maps.- A New Computing Method for Greeks Using Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis.- Application of Neural Networks for Foreign Exchange Rates Forecasting with Noise Reduction.- An Experiment with Fuzzy Sets in Data Mining.- An Application of Component-Wise Iterative Optimization to Feed-Forward Neural Networks.- ERM-POT Method for Quantifying Operational Risk for Chinese Commercial Banks.- Building Behavior Scoring Model Using Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machines.- An Intelligent CRM System for Identifying High-Risk Customers: An Ensemble Data Mining Approach.- The Characteristic Analysis of Web User Clusters Based on Frequent Browsing Patterns.- A Two-Phase Model Based on SVM and Conjoint Analysis for Credit Scoring.- A New Multi-Criteria Quadratic-Programming Linear Classification Model for VIP E-Mail Analysis.- Efficient Implementation of an Optimal Interpolator for Large Spatial Data Sets.- Development of an Efficient Conversion System for GML Documents.- Effective Spatial Characterization System Using Density-Based Clustering.- MTF Measurement Based on Interactive Live-Wire Edge Extraction.- Research on Technologies of Spatial Configuration Information Retrieval.- Modelbase System in Remote Sensing Information Analysis and Service Grid Node.- Density Based Fuzzy Membership Functions in the Context of Geocomputation.- A New Method to Model Neighborhood Interaction in Cellular Automata-Based Urban Geosimulation.- Artificial Neural Networks Application to Calculate Parameter Values in the Magnetotelluric Method.- Integrating Ajax into GIS Web Services for Performance Enhancement.- Aerosol Optical Thickness Retrieval over Land from MODIS Data on Remote Sensing Information Service Grid Node.- Universal Execution of Parallel Processes: Penetrating NATs over the Grid.- Parallelization of C# Programs Through Annotations.- Fine Grain Distributed Implementation of a Dataflow Language with Provable Performances.- Efficient Parallel Tree Reductions on Distributed Memory Environments.- Efficient Implementation of Tree Accumulations on Distributed-Memory Parallel Computers.- SymGrid-Par: Designing a Framework for Executing Computational Algebra Systems on Computational Grids.- Directed Network Representation of Discrete Dynamical Maps.- Dynamical Patterns in Scalefree Trees of Coupled 2D Chaotic Maps.- Simulation of the Electron Tunneling Paths in Networks of Nano-particle Films.- Classification of Networks Using Network Functions.- Effective Algorithm for Detecting Community Structure in Complex Networks Based on GA and Clustering.- Mixed Key Management Using Hamming Distance for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- An Integrated Approach for QoS-Aware Multicast Tree Maintenance.- A Categorial Context with Default Reasoning Approach to Heterogeneous Ontology Integration.- An Interval Lattice Model for Grid Resource Searching.- Topic Maps Matching Computation Based on Composite Matchers.- Social Mediation for Collective Intelligence in a Large Multi-agent Communities: A Case Study of AnnotGrid.- Metadata Management in S-OGSA.- Access Control Model Based on RDB Security Policy for OWL Ontology.- Semantic Fusion for Query Processing in Grid Environment.- SOF: A Slight Ontology Framework Based on Meta-modeling for Change Management.- Data Forest: A Collaborative Version.- Net'O'Drom- An Example for the Development of Networked Immersive VR Applications.- Intelligent Assembly/Disassembly System with a Haptic Device for Aircraft Parts Maintenance.- Generic Control Interface for Networked Haptic Virtual Environments.- Physically-Based Interaction for Networked Virtual Environments.- Middleware in Modern High Performance Computing System Architectures.- Usability Evaluation in Task Orientated Collaborative Environments.- Developing Motivating Collaborative Learning Through Participatory Simulations.- A Novel Secure Interoperation System.- Scalability Analysis of the SPEC OpenMP Benchmarks on Large-Scale Shared Memory Multiprocessors.- Analysis of Linux Scheduling with VAMPIR.- An Interactive Graphical Environment for Code Optimization.- Memory Allocation Tracing with VampirTrace.- Automatic Memory Access Analysis with Periscope.- A Regressive Problem Solver That Uses Knowledgelet.- Resource Management in a Multi-agent System by Means of Reinforcement Learning and Supervised Rule Learning.- Learning in Cooperating Agents Environment as a Method of Solving Transport Problems and Limiting the Effects of Crisis Situations.- Distributed Adaptive Design with Hierarchical Autonomous Graph Transformation Systems.- Integration of Biological, Psychological, and Social Aspects in Agent-Based Simulation of a Violent Psychopath.- A Rich Servants Service Model for Pervasive Computing.- Techniques for Maintaining Population Diversity in Classical and Agent-Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms.- Agents Based Hierarchical Parallelization of Complex Algorithms on the Example of hp Finite Element Method.- Sexual Selection Mechanism for Agent-Based Evolutionary Computation.- Agent-Based Evolutionary and Immunological Optimization.- Strategy Description for Mobile Embedded Control Systems Exploiting the Multi-agent Technology.- Agent-Based Modeling of Supply Chains in Critical Situations.- Web-Based Integrated Service Discovery Using Agent Platform for Pervasive Computing Environments.- A Novel Modeling Method for Cooperative Multi-robot Systems Using Fuzzy Timed Agent Based Petri Nets.- Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy Ant Based Routing Method for Connectionless Networks.- Service Agent-Based Resource Management Using Virtualization for Computational Grid.- Fuzzy-Aided Syntactic Scene Analysis.- Agent Based Load Balancing Middleware for Service-Oriented Applications.- A Transformer Condition Assessment System Based on Data Warehouse and Data Mining.- Shannon Wavelet Analysis.- Wavelet Analysis of Bifurcation in a Competition Model.- Evolution of a Spherical Universe in a Short Range Collapse/Generation Interval.- On the Differentiable Structure of Meyer Wavelets.- Towards Describing Multi-fractality of Traffic Using Local Hurst Function.- A Further Characterization on the Sampling Theorem for Wavelet Subspaces.- Characterization on Irregular Tight Wavelet Frames with Matrix Dilations.- Feature Extraction of Seal Imprint Based on the Double-Density Dual-Tree DWT.- Vanishing Waves on Semi-closed Space Intervals and Applications in Mathematical Physics.- Modelling Short Range Alternating Transitions by Alternating Practical Test Functions.- Different Structural Patterns Created by Short Range Variations of Internal Parameters.- Dynamic Error of Heat Measurement in Transient.- Truncation Error Estimate on Random Signals by Local Average.- A Numerical Solutions Based on the Quasi-wavelet Analysis.- Plant Simulation Based on Fusion of L-System and IFS.- A System Behavior Analysis Technique with Visualization of a Customer's Domain.- Research on Dynamic Updating of Grid Service.- Software Product Line Oriented Feature Map.- Design and Development of Software Configuration Management Tool to Support Process Performance Monitoring and Analysis.- Data Dependency Based Recovery Approaches in Survival Database Systems.- Usage-Centered Interface Design for Quality Improvement.- Description Logic Representation for Requirement Specification.- Ontologies and Software Engineering.- Epistemological and Ontological Representation in Software Engineering.- Exploiting Morpho-syntactic Features for Verb Sense Distinction in KorLex.- Chinese Ancient-Modern Sentence Alignment.- A Language Modeling Approach to Sentiment Analysis.- Processing the Mixed Properties of Light Verb Constructions.- Concept-Based Question Analysis for an Efficient Document Ranking.- Learning Classifier System Approach to Natural Language Grammar Induction.- Text Retrieval Oriented Auto-construction of Conceptual Relationship.- Filtering Methods for Feature Selection in Web-Document Clustering.- A Korean Part-of-Speech Tagging System Using Resolution Rules for Individual Ambiguous Word.- An Interactive User Interface for Text Display.


Titel: Computational Science - ICCS 2007
Untertitel: 7th International Conference, Beijing China, May 27-30, 2007, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540725862
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Datenkommunikation, Netzwerke
Anzahl Seiten: 1240
Veröffentlichung: 14.07.2007
Dateigrösse: 70.1 MB

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