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Computational Intelligence and Security

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Inhalt Cryptography and Coding.- A Fast Inversion Algorithm and Low-Complexity Architecture over GF(2 m ).- An ID-Based Optimistic... Weiterlesen
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Cryptography and Coding.- A Fast Inversion Algorithm and Low-Complexity Architecture over GF(2 m ).- An ID-Based Optimistic Fair Signature Exchange Protocol from Pairings.- FMS Attack-Resistant WEP Implementation Is Still Broken.- Design of a New Kind of Encryption Kernel Based on RSA Algorithm.- On the Security of Condorcet Electronic Voting Scheme.- Special Distribution of the Shortest Linear Recurring Sequences in Z /(p) Field.- Cryptanalysis of a Cellular Automata Cryptosystem.- A New Conceptual Framework Within Information Privacy: Meta Privacy.- Error Oracle Attacks on Several Modes of Operation.- Stability of the Linear Complexity of the Generalized Self-shrinking Sequences.- On the Construction of Some Optimal Polynomial Codes.- Perceptual Hashing of Video Content Based on Differential Block Similarity.- Cryptographic Protocols.- Secure Software Smartcard Resilient to Capture.- Revised Fischlin's (Blind) Signature Schemes.- Certificateless Threshold Signature Schemes.- An Efficient Certificateless Signature Scheme.- ID-Based Restrictive Partially Blind Signatures.- Batch Verification with DSA-Type Digital Signatures for Ubiquitous Computing.- On Anonymity of Group Signatures.- The Running-Mode Analysis of Two-Party Optimistic Fair Exchange Protocols.- Password-Based Group Key Exchange Secure Against Insider Guessing Attacks.- On the Security of Some Password-Based Key Agreement Schemes.- A New Group Rekeying Method in Secure Multicast.- Pairing-Based Provable Blind Signature Scheme Without Random Oracles.- Efficient ID-Based Proxy Signature and Proxy Signcryption Form Bilinear Pairings.- An Identity-Based Threshold Signcryption Scheme with Semantic Security.- A Token-Based Single Sign-On Protocol.- Simple Threshold RSA Signature Scheme Based on Simple Secret Sharing.- Efficient Compilers for Authenticated Group Key Exchange.- Insider Impersonation-MIM Attack to Tripartite Key Agreement Scheme and an Efficient Protocol for Multiple Keys.- Intrusion Detection.- An Immune System Inspired Approach of Collaborative Intrusion Detection System Using Mobile Agents in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- A New User-Habit Based Approach for Early Warning of Worms.- A Multi-gigabit Virus Detection Algorithm Using Ternary CAM.- Sampling Distance Analysis of Gigantic Data Mining for Intrusion Detection Systems.- Hardware-Software Hybrid Packet Processing for Intrusion Detection Systems.- D-S Evidence Theory and Its Data Fusion Application in Intrusion Detection.- A New Network Anomaly Detection Technique Based on Per-Flow and Per-Service Statistics.- SoIDPS: Sensor Objects-Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System and Its Implementation.- A Statistical Model for Detecting Abnormality in Static-Priority Scheduling Networks with Differentiated Services.- Tamper Detection for Ubiquitous RFID-Enabled Supply Chain.- Measuring the Histogram Feature Vector for Anomaly Network Traffic.- Efficient Small Face Detection in Surveillance Images Using Major Color Component and LDA Scheme.- Fast Motion Detection Based on Accumulative Optical Flow and Double Background Model.- Reducing Worm Detection Time and False Alarm in Virus Throttling.- Protection Against Format String Attacks by Binary Rewriting.- Masquerade Detection System Based on Principal Component Analysis and Radial Basics Function.- Anomaly Detection Method Based on HMMs Using System Call and Call Stack Information.- Parallel Optimization Technology for Backbone Network Intrusion Detection System.- Attack Scenario Construction Based on Rule and Fuzzy Clustering.- A CBR Engine Adapting to IDS.- Application of Fuzzy Logic for Distributed Intrusion Detection.- Security Models and Architecture.- Dynamic Access Control for Pervasive Grid Applications.- On the Security of the Canetti-Krawczyk Model.- A Novel Architecture for Detecting and Defending Against Flooding-Based DDoS Attacks.- A Variant of Poly1305 MAC and Its Security Proof.- Covert Channel Identification Founded on Information Flow Analysis.- Real-Time Risk Assessment with Network Sensors and Intrusion Detection Systems.- Design and Implementation of a Parallel Crypto Server.- Survivability Computation of Networked Information Systems.- Assessment of Windows System Security Using Vulnerability Relationship Graph.- A New (t, n)-Threshold Multi-secret Sharing Scheme.- An Efficient Message Broadcast Authentication Scheme for Sensor Networks.- Digital Image Authentication Based on Error-Correction Codes.- Design and Implementation of Efficient Cipher Engine for IEEE 802.11i Compatible with IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11e.- Secure Delegation-by-Warrant ID-Based Proxy Signcryption Scheme.- Building Security Requirements Using State Transition Diagram at Security Threat Location.- Study on Security iSCSI Based on SSH.- A Scheduling Algorithm Based on a Trust Mechanism in Grid.- Enhanced Security and Privacy Mechanism of RFID Service for Pervasive Mobile Device.- Worm Propagation Modeling and Analysis on Network.- An Extensible AAA Infrastructure for IPv6.- The Security Proof of a 4-Way Handshake Protocol in IEEE 802.11i.- A Noble Key Pre-distribution Scheme with LU Matrix for Secure Wireless Sensor Networks.- Security Management.- A Virtual Bridge Certificate Authority Model.- Weak Signals in Information Security Management.- PDTM: A Policy-Driven Trust Management Framework in Distributed Systems.- Methodology of Quantitative Risk Assessment for Information System Security.- A Secure and Efficient (t, n) Threshold Verifiable Multi-secret Sharing Scheme.- Improvement on an Optimized Protocol for Mobile Network Authentication and Security.- Neural Network Based Flow Forecast and Diagnosis.- Protecting Personal Data with Various Granularities: A Logic-Based Access Control Approach.- Enhancement of an Authenticated Multiple-Key Agreement Protocol Without Using Conventional One-Way Function.- Topology-Based Macroscopical Response and Control Technology for Network Security Event.- Watermarking and Information Hiding.- Adaptive Hiding Scheme Based on VQ-Indices Using Commutable Codewords.- Reversible Data Hiding for Image Based on Histogram Modification of Wavelet Coefficients.- An Image Steganography Using Pixel Characteristics.- Alternatives for Multimedia Messaging System Steganography.- Error Concealment for Video Transmission Based on Watermarking.- Applying the AES and Its Extended Versions in a General Framework for Hiding Information in Digital Images.- An Image Hiding Algorithm Based on Bit Plane.- A Blind Audio Watermarking Algorithm Robust Against Synchronization Attack.- Semi-fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Detection and Localization of Temper Using Hybrid Watermarking Method in MPEG-2 Video.- Public Watermarking Scheme Based on Multiresolution Representation and Double Hilbert Scanning.- Performance Evaluation of Watermarking Techniques for Secure Multimodal Biometric Systems.- An Improvement of Auto-correlation Based Video Watermarking Scheme Using Independent Component Analysis.- A Digital Watermarking Technique Based on Wavelet Packages.- A Spectral Images Digital Watermarking Algorithm.- Restoration in Secure Text Document Image Authentication Using Erasable Watermarks.- Web and Network Applications.- The Study of RED Algorithm Used Multicast Router Based Buffer Management.- Genetic Algorithm Utilized in Cost-Reduction Driven Web Service Selection.- MacroOS: A Pervasive Computing Platform Supporting Context Awareness and Context Management.- A Frame for Selecting Replicated Multicast Servers Using Genetic Algorithm.- On a Novel Methodology for Estimating Available Bandwidth Along Network Paths.- A New AQM Algorithm for Enhancing Internet Capability Against Unresponsive Flows.- Client Server Access: Wired vs. Wireless LEO Satellite-ATM Connectivity; A (MS-Ro-BAC) Experiment.- An Algorithm for Automatic Inference of Referential Integrities During Translation from Relational Database to XML Schema.- A Fuzzy Integral Method to Merge Search Engine Results on Web.- The Next Generation PARLAY X with QoS/QoE.- A Design of Platform for QoS-Guaranteed Multimedia Services Provisioning on IP-Based Convergence Network.- of Knowledge Management System for Technical Support in Construction Industries.- An Event Correlation Approach Based on the Combination of IHU and Codebook.- Image and Signal Processing.- Face Recognition Based on Support Vector Machine Fusion and Wavelet Transform.- A Dynamic Face and Fingerprint Fusion System for Identity Authentication.- Image Recognition for Security Verification Using Real-Time Joint Transform Correlation with Scanning Technique.- Binarized Revocable Biometrics in Face Recognition.- Short Critical Area Computational Method Using Mathematical Morphology.- A Robust Lane Detection Approach Based on MAP Estimate and Particle Swarm Optimization.- MFCC and SVM Based Recognition of Chinese Vowels.- A Spatial/Frequency Hybrid Vector Quantizer Based on a Classification in the DCT Domain.- Removing of Metal Highlight Spots Based on Total Variation Inpainting with Multi-sources-flashing.- Component-Based Online Learning for Face Detection and Verification.- SPIHT Algorithm Based on Fast Lifting Wavelet Transform in Image Compression.- Modified EZW Coding for Stereo Residual.- Optimal Prototype Filters for Near-Perfect-Reconstruction Cosine-Modulated Filter Banks.- Fast Motion Estimation Scheme for Real Time Multimedia Streaming with H.264.- Motion-Compensated 3D Wavelet Video Coding Based on Adaptive Temporal Lifting Filter Implementation.- Accurate Contouring Technique for Object Boundary Extraction in Stereoscopic Imageries.- Robust Object Tracking Based on Uncertainty Factorization Subspace Constraints Optical Flow.- Bearings-Only Target Tracking Using Node Selection Based on an Accelerated Ant Colony Optimization.- Image Classification and Delineation of Fragments.- A Novel Wavelet Image Coding Based on Non-uniform Scalar Quantization.- A General Image Based Nematode Identification System Design.- A Novel SVD-Based RLS Blind Adaptive Multiuser Detector for CDMA Systems.- New Electronic Digital Image Stabilization Algorithm in Wavelet Transform Domain.- Line Segments and Dominate Points Detection Based on Hough Transform.- The Study of the Auto Color Image Segmentation.- Regularized Image Restoration by Means of Fusion for Digital Auto Focusing.- Fast Ray-Space Interpolation Based on Occlusion Analysis and Feature Points Detection.- Non-parametric ICA Algorithm for Hybrid Sources Based on GKNN Estimation.- SUSAN Window Based Cost Calculation for Fast Stereo Matching.- An Efficient Adaptive De-blocking Algorithm.- Facial Features Location by Analytic Boosted Cascade Detector.- New Approach for Segmentation and Pattern Recognition of Jacquard Images.- Nonstationarity of Network Traffic Within Multi-scale Burstiness Constraint.- Principle of Image Encrypting Algorithm Based on Magic Cube Transformation.- A Study on Motion Prediction and Coding for In-Band Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering.- Adaptive Sampling for Monte Carlo Global Illumination Using Tsallis Entropy.- Applications.- Incremental Fuzzy Decision Tree-Based Network Forensic System.- Robust Reliable Control for a Class of Fuzzy Dynamic Systems with Time-Varying Delay.- Using Concept Taxonomies for Effective Tree Induction.- A Similarity-Based Recommendation Filtering Algorithm for Establishing Reputation-Based Trust in Peer-to-Peer Electronic Communities.- Automatic Classification of Korean Traditional Music Using Robust Multi-feature Clustering.- A Private and Efficient Mobile Payment Protocol.- Universal Designated-Verifier Proxy Blind Signatures for E-Commerce.- An Efficient Control Method for Elevator Group Control System.- Next Generation Military Communication Systems Architecture.- Early Warning for Network Worms.- Skeleton Representation of Character Based on Multiscale Approach.- Channel Equalization Based on Two Weights Neural Network.- Assessment of Uncertainty in Mineral Prospectivity Prediction Using Interval Neutrosophic Set.- Ring-Based Anonymous Fingerprinting Scheme.- Scalable and Robust Fingerprinting Scheme Using Statistically Secure Extension of Anti-collusion Code.- Broadcast Encryption Using Identity-Based Public-Key Cryptosystem.- Multimedia Digital Right Management Using Selective Scrambling for Mobile Handset.- Design and Implementation of Crypto Co-processor and Its Application to Security Systems.- Continuous Speech Research Based on HyperSausage Neuron.- Variable-Rate Channel Coding for Space-Time Coded MIMO System.- A New Watermarking Method Based on DWT.- Efficient Point Rendering Method Using Sequential Level-of-Detail.- Construction of a Class of Compactly Supported Biorthogonal Multiple Vector-Valued Wavelets.- Metabolic Visualization and Intelligent Shape Analysis of the Hippocampus.- Characteristic Classification and Correlation Analysis of Source-Level Vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel.


Titel: Computational Intelligence and Security
Untertitel: International Conference, CIS 2005, Xi'an, China, December 15-19, 2005, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540315988
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Anzahl Seiten: 1166
Veröffentlichung: 18.06.2006
Dateigrösse: 17.7 MB

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