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Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ICAISC 2004

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Inhalt Invited Papers.- Evolutionary Design of Information Systems Architectures.- Clifford Support Vector Machines for Classifica... Weiterlesen
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Invited Papers.- Evolutionary Design of Information Systems Architectures.- Clifford Support Vector Machines for Classification.- Uncertain Variables and Systems - New Problems and Results.- Blind Signal Separation and Extraction: Recent Trends, Future Perspectives, and Applications.- Visualization of Hidden Node Activity in Neural Networks: I. Visualization Methods.- Visualization of Hidden Node Activity in Neural Networks: II. Application to RBF Networks.- Rough Set Approach to Incomplete Data.- Neural Networks of Positive Systems.- Support of Natural, by Artificial, Intelligence Using Utility as Behavioral Goal.- Top-Down Selective Attention for Robust Perception of Noisy and Confusing Patterns.- On ANN Based Solutions for Real-World Industrial Requirements.- ActiveMath: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Mathematics.- Inference Rules and Decision Rules.- Survival of Intelligent Agents in Changing Environments.- Inducing Robust Decision Rules from Rough Approximations of a Preference Relation.- The New Concept in Computer Vision: Automatic Understanding of the Images.- Neural Networks and Their Applications.- Dynamic High Order Neural Networks: Application for Fault Diagnosis.- Momentum Modification of the RLS Algorithms.- Parallel Realisation of QR Algorithm for Neural Networks Learning.- Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Using Three Neural Network Methods.- Probability Distribution of Solution Time in ANN Training Using Population Learning Algorithm.- Parallelization of the SOM-Based Integrated Mapping.- Training Radial Basis Functions by Gradient Descent.- Generalized Backpropagation through Time for Continuous Time Neural Networks and Discrete Time Measurements.- Experiments on Ensembles of Radial Basis Functions.- Orthodoxy Basis Functions and Convergence Property in Procedure Neural Networks.- Confidence Estimation of GMDH Neural Networks.- On Some Factors Influencing MLP Error Surface.- Discovery of Linguistic Rules by Means of RBF Network for Fault Detection in Electronic Circuits.- Combining Space-Filling Curves and Radial Basis Function Networks.- Chaotic Itinerancy for Patterns Separation.- Dynamic Search Trajectory Methods for Neural Network Training.- Visualizing and Analyzing Multidimensional Output from MLP Networks via Barycentric Projections.- Optimization of Centers' Positions for RBF Nets with Generalized Kernels.- Fixed Non-linear Combining Rules versus Adaptive Ones.- Learning and System Modeling via Hamiltonian Neural Networks.- Recurrent Network Structure for Computing Quasi-inverses of the Sierpi?ski Space-Filling Curves.- Fuzzy Systems and Their Applications.- Comparison of Reasoning Methods for Fuzzy Control.- Fuzzy Modelling with a Compromise Fuzzy Reasoning.- A Self Tuning Fuzzy Inference System for Noise Reduction.- Fuzzy-Neural Networks in the Diagnosis of Motor-Car's Current Supply Circuit.- Fuzzy Number-Based Hierarchical Fuzzy System.- Stock Trend Prediction Using Neurofuzzy Predictors Based on Brain Emotional Learning Algorithm.- Digital Implementation of Fuzzy Petri Net Based on Asynchronous Fuzzy RS Flip-Flop.- Fuzzy Calculator - Useful Tool for Programming with Fuzzy Algebra.- On Defuzzyfication of Ordered Fuzzy Numbers.- Information Criterions Applied to Neuro-Fuzzy Architectures Design.- On Hesitation Degrees in IF-Set Theory.- Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Learning through Swarm Intelligence.- Application of the General Gaussian Membership Function for the Fuzzy Model Parameters Tunning.- Are Linguistic Evaluations Used by People of Possibilistic or Probabilistic Nature?.- Fuzzy Linear Programming in Ship Trajectory Optimization in a Restricted Area.- Application of Fuzzy Weighted Feature Diagrams to Model Variability in Software Families.- Neuro-Fuzzy Relational Classifiers.- What Differs Interval Type-2 FLS from Type-1 FLS?.- A Similarity Measure for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Its Application in Supporting Medical Diagnostic Reasoning.- Evolutionary Algorithms and Their Applications.- Multi-criterion Evolutionary Algorithm with Model of the Immune System to Handle Constraints for Task Assignments.- Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Minimizing Total Weighted Completion Time.- Adaptive Evolutionary Computation - Application for Mixed Linear Programming.- Adaptive Evolutionary Computation of the Parametric Optimization Problem.- Concentration of Population in Phenotypic Evolution.- An Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for Oblique Decision Tree Induction.- Propagation of Building Blocks in SGA and MPGA.- Selection Pressure and an Efficiency of Neural Network Architecture Evolving.- Rule Extraction from Neural Network by Genetic Algorithm with Pareto Optimization.- Graph Transformations in Evolutionary Design.- A Genetic Algorithm for Probabilistic SAT Problem.- Design and Optimization of Combinational Digital Circuits Using Modified Evolutionary Algorithm.- Modified Version of Roulette Selection for Evolution Algorithms - The Fan Selection.- New Genetic Crossover Operator for the TSP.- Rough Sets and Their Applications.- Hybridization of Blind Source Separation and Rough Sets for Proteomic Biomarker Indentification.- Inducing Jury's Preferences in Terms of Acoustic Features of Violin Sounds.- Fuzzy Implication Operators in Variable Precision Fuzzy Rough Sets Model.- Fuzzyfication of Indiscernibility Relation for Structurizing Lists of Synonyms and Stop-Lists for Search Engines.- Rough Sets in the Neuro-Fuzzy Architectures Based on Monotonic Fuzzy Implications.- Rough Sets in the Neuro-Fuzzy Architectures Based on Non-monotonic Fuzzy Implications.- On L-Fuzzy Rough Sets.- Application of Rough Sets Techniques to Induction Machine Broken Bar Detection.- Application of Rough Sets and Neural Networks to Forecasting University Facility and Administrative Cost Recovery.- Soft Computing in Classification.- Selection of the Linearly Separable Feature Subsets.- Short-Time Signal Analysis Using Pattern Recognition Methods.- Application of Genetic Algorithms and Kohonen Networks to Cluster Analysis.- Modified Kohonen Networks for Complex Cluster-Analysis Problems.- Reducing the Computational Demands for Nearest Centroid Neighborhood Classifiers.- SSV Criterion Based Discretization for Naive Bayes Classifiers.- Comparison of Instance Selection Algorithms II. Results and Comments.- SBL-PM-M: A System for Partial Memory Learning.- Relevance LVQ versus SVM.- Comparison of Instances Seletion Algorithms I. Algorithms Survey.- Towards Grammatical Inferencing of GDPLL(k) Grammars for Applications in Syntactic Pattern Recognition-Based Expert Systems.- Intelligent Layer of Two-Way Voice Communication of the Technological Device with the Operator.- A Neural Network Based Method for Classification of Meteorological Data.- An Empirical Test Suite for Message Authentication Evaluation in Communications Based on Support Vector Machines.- Efficient Digital Fingerprint Production and Evaluation for Secure Communication Systems Based on Genetic Algorithms.- On Chinese Web Page Classification.- A New Fuzzy Clustering Method with Constraints in Time Domain.- Special Cluster Analysis and Basic Feature Estimation with a Modification of Self-Organizing Map.- An Unsupervised Cluster Analysis and Information about the Modelling System.- Cursive-Character Script Recognition Using Toeplitz Model and Neural Networks.- Learning with an Embedded Reject Option.- Image Processing.- Impulsive Noise Suppression from Highly Corrupted Images by Using Resilient Neural Networks.- A New Methodology for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Raw Data Compression Based on Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks.- Fuzzy Processing Technique for Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Human Ear Identification Based on Image Analysis.- Automatic Change Detection Based on Codelength Differences in Multi-temporal and Multi-spectral Images.- Estimating Face Direction via Facial Triangle.- An Image Compression Algorithm Based on Neural Networks.- Fuzzy Nonparametric Measures for Image Matching.- Neural Computation of the Fundamental Matrix.- Face Detection Using CMAC Neural Network.- A Biologically Inspired Active Stereo Vision System Using a Bottom-Up Saliency Map Model.- Problems Connected with Application of Neural Networks in Automatic Face Recognition.- Czestochowa-Faces and Biometrics of Asymmetrical Face.- Wafer Die Position Detection Using Hierarchical Gray Level Corner Detector.- On Fuzzy Labelled Image Segmentation Based on Perceptual Features.- Generalized Multi-layer Kohonen Network and Its Application to Texture Recognition.- Robotics.- Translation STRIPS Planning in Multi-robot Environment to Linear Programming.- Fuzzy Combiner of Behaviors for Reactive Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot.- Artificial Intelligence of the Decision Unit of a Mobile Robot.- Finding Location Using a Particle Filter and Histogram Matching.- Calculation of Model of the Robot by Neural Network with Robot Joint Distinction.- Multi-robot Coordination Based on Cooperative Game.- Model Based Predictive Robotic Manipulator Control with Sinusoidal Trajectory and Random Disturbances.- Multiagent Systems.- Performance Evaluation of Multiagent Personalized Information System.- A Neural-Based Agent for IP Traffic Scanning and Worm Detection.- Evolutionary Neural Networks in Collective Intelligent Predicting System.- Development of a Personalized Digital Library System Based on the New Mobile Multi Agent Platform.- FOOD: An Agent-Oriented Dataflow Model.- Flock-Based Architecture for Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms.- Quickprop Neural Network Short-Term Forecasting Framework for a Database Intrusion Prediction System.- Various Problems of Artificial Intelligence.- The New Concepts in Parallel Simulated Annealing Method.- Simulated Annealing with Restart to Job Shop Scheduling Problem Using Upper Bounds.- Requirements and Solutions for Web-Based Expert System.- Information Structuring in Natural Language Communication: Syntax versus Semantic.- Strategic Planning through Model Checking of ATL Formulae.- On a Special Class of Dempster-Shafer Theories.- A Computer Based System Supporting Analysis of Cooperative Strategies.- Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Rescue Operation Planning.- Reduction of Tabular Systems.- Temporal Difference Approach to Playing Give-Away Checkers.- Artificial Neural Networks for Solving Double Dummy Bridge Problems.- On Application of Ant Algorithms to Non-bifurcated Multicommodity Flow Problem.- A Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Data Set.- Intensive versus Non-intensive Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning Algorithms.- Virtual Modeling and Optimal Design of Intelligent Micro-accelerometers.- Control, Modelling, and System Identification.- Local Pattern-Based Interval Models.- Implementation of Two-Stage Hopfield Model and Its Application in Nonlinear Systems.- Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Sliding Mode with Application to Building Structures.- Influence of the Training Set Selection on the Performance of the Neural Network State Variables Estimators in the Induction Motor.- LMI-Based Design of Optimal Controllers for Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems.- Design of Multi-objective Evolutionary Technique Based Intelligent Controller for Multivariable Nonlinear Systems.- Design of a Robust Sliding Mode Fuzzy Controller for Nonlinear HVAC Systems.- Global Identification of Complex Systems with Cascade Structure.- Medical Applications.- Diagnosis of Melanoma Using IRIM, a Data Mining System.- Detection of Spiculated Masses in Mammograms Based on Fuzzy Image Processing.- Artificial Neural Networks in Identifying Areas with Homogeneous Survival Time.- Multistage Diagnosis of Myocardial Infraction Using a Fuzzy Relation.- Application of SVM to Ovarian Cancer Classification Problem.- ROC Analysis for Fetal Hypoxia Problem by Artificial Neural Networks.- The Challenge of Soft Computing Techniques for Tumor Characterization.- A Multi-stage Classification Method in Application to Diagnosis of Larynx Cancer.- Multi-neural Network Approach for Classification of Brainstem Evoked Response Auditory.- The Study of Hierarchy Importance of Descriptive Attributes in Computer Assisted Classification of Melanocytic Skin Lesions.- Medical Knowledge Representation in Terms of IF-THEN Rules and the Dempster-Shafer Theory.- Online Neural Network Training for Automatic Ischemia Episode Detection.- Mechanical Applications.- Sequential and Distributed Evolutionary Computations in Structural Optimization.- Neural Analysis of Concrete Fatigue Durability by the Neuro-Fuzzy FWNN.- Neural and Finite Element Analysis of a Plane Steel Frame Reliability by the Classical Monte Carlo Method.- The Solution of an Inverse Problem in Plates by Means of Artificial Neural Networks.- Filtering of Thermomagnetic Data Curve Using Artificial Neural Network and Wavelet Analysis.- Various Applications.- Evolutionary Negotiation Strategies in Emerging Electricity Markets.- Evolutionary Algorithm for Scheduling of CHP Plant with Urban Heat Distribution Network.- Semi-mechanistic Models for State-Estimation - Soft Sensor for Polymer Melt Index Prediction.- Neural Approach to Time-Frequency Signal Decomposition.- ANN Based Modelling and Correction in Dynamic Temperature Measurements.- One Day Prediction of NIKKEI Index Considering Information from Other Stock Markets.- Application of Neural Network Topologies in the Intelligent Heat Use Prediction System.- Genetic Algorithm for Database Indexing.- Application of Neural Networks and Two Representations of Color Components for Recognition of Wheat Grains Infected by Fusarium Culmorum Fungi.- Hybrid Neural Model of the Sea Bottom Surface.- Fuzzy Economic Analysis of Simulated Discrete Transport System.- A Survey on US Economic Sanction Effects on Iranian High Tech Industries: Fuzzy Logic Approach.- Modeling of Optoelectronic Devices through Neuro-Fuzzy Architectures.- Neural Network Based Simulation of the Sieve Plate Absorption Column in Nitric Acid Industry.- Artificial Neural Networks for Comparative Navigation.- Predicting Women's Apparel Sales by Soft Computing.- Model Improvement by the Statistical Decomposition.


Titel: Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ICAISC 2004
Untertitel: 7th International Conference Zakopane, Poland, June 7-11, 2004 Proceedings
EAN: 9783540248446
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Veröffentlichung: 18.05.2004
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Anzahl Seiten: 1210

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