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Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications. With Aspects of Theoretical and Methodological Issues

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The International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC) was formed to p- vide an annual forum dedicated to the emerging and ... Weiterlesen
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The International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC) was formed to p- vide an annual forum dedicated to the emerging and challenging topics in artificial intelligence, machine learning, bioinformatics, and computational biology, etc. It aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia and ind- try to share ideas, problems and solutions related to the multifaceted aspects of intelligent computing. ICIC 2008, held in Shanghai, China, September 15-18, 2008, constituted the 4th International Conference on Intelligent Computing. It built upon the success of ICIC 2007, ICIC 2006 and ICIC 2005 held in Qingdao, Kunming and Hefei, China, 2007, 2006 and 2005, respectively. This year, the conference concentrated mainly on the theories and methodologies as well as the emerging applications of intelligent computing. Its aim was to unify the picture of contemporary intelligent computing techniques as an integral concept that highlights the trends in advanced computational intelligence and bridges theoretical research with applications. Therefore, the theme for this conference was "Emerging Intelligent Computing Technology and Applications". Papers focusing on this theme were solicited, addressing theories, methodologies, and applications in science and technology.


Biological and Quantum Computing.- Some Observations on Two-Way Finite Automata with Quantum and Classical States.- Design of DNA Sequence Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm.- Bijective Digital Error-Control Coding, Part I: The Reversible Viterbi Algorithm.- Bijective Digital Error-Control Coding, Part II: Quantum Viterbi Circuit Synthesis.- A Hybrid Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem.- Intelligent Computing in Bioinformatics.- Improving Tumor Clustering Based on Gene Selection.- A Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing with Time Windows.- A Biological Intelligent Access Control System Based on DSP and NIR Technology.- An Improved Support Vector Machine for the Classification of Imbalanced Biological Datasets.- Prediction of Protein Homo-oligomer Types with a Novel Approach of Glide Zoom Window Feature Extraction.- Multi-layer Ensemble Classifiers on Protein Secondary Structure Prediction.- Predicting Cytokines Based on Dipeptide and Length Feature.- A New Unsupervised Approach to Face Recognition.- Human Motion Analysis Using Eroded and Restored Skeletons.- Activities Prediction of Drug Molecules by Using the Optimal Ensemble Based on Uniform Design.- Prediction of RNA-Binding Residues in Proteins Using the Interaction Propensities of Amino Acids and Nucleotides.- EMD Approach to Multichannel EEG Data - The Amplitude and Phase Synchrony Analysis Technique.- Prediction of Binding Sites in HCV Protein Complexes Using a Support Vector Machine.- Identification of Co-regulated Signature Genes in Pancreas Cancer- A Data Mining Approach.- Neighborhood Rough Set Model Based Gene Selection for Multi-subtype Tumor Classification.- Poisson-Based Self-Organizing Neural Networks for Pattern Discovery.- Computational Genomics and Proteomics.- Proteome-Wide Analysis of Amino Acid Absence in Composition and Plasticity.- Optimal Accurate Minkowski Sum Approximation of Polyhedral Models.- Fuzzy C-Means Based DNA Motif Discovery.- Find Key m/z Values in Predication of Mass Spectrometry Cancer Data.- Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Based on Ramachandran Maps.- Probe Selection with Fault Tolerance.- Intelligent Computing in Signal Processing.- Image Reconstruction Using a Modified Sparse Coding Technique.- Application of Optimization Technique for GPS Navigation Kalman Filter Adaptation.- Optimal Design of Passive Power Filters Based on Multi-objective Cultural Algorithms.- Robust Image Watermarking Scheme with General Regression Neural Network and FCM Algorithm.- Research on Sampling Methods in Particle Filtering Based upon Microstructure of State Variable.- Knowledge-Supported Segmentation and Semantic Contents Extraction from MPEG Videos for Highlight-Based Annotation, Indexing and Retrieval.- Parallel Lossless Data Compression: A Particle Dynamic Approach.- Ball Mill Load Measurement Using Self-adaptive Feature Extraction Method and LS-SVM Model.- Object Recognition with Task Relevant Combined Local Features.- Scheme Implement for Rendering of Chinese Paintings Ink Fluid Style.- Nonnegative Tensor Factorization with Smoothness Constraints.- A Minimum Zone Method for Evaluating Straightness Errors Using PSO Algorithm.- Intelligent Computing in Pattern Recognition.- A Supervised PLS Information Recognition Algorithm.- A Novel Numerical Random Model of Short Fiber Reinforced Foams.- Robust Wide Baseline Feature Point Matching Based on Scale Invariant Feature Descriptor.- Detection and Recognition of Scoreboard for Baseball Videos.- A Heuristic Approach to Caption Enhancement for Effective Video OCR.- A New Ear Recognition Approach for Personal Identification.- An FSM-Based Approach for Malicious Code Detection Using the Self-Relocation Gene.- WTSPMiner: Efficiently Mining Weighted Sequential Patterns from Directed Graph Traversals.- Reliable Probabilistic Classification and Its Application to Internet Traffic.- A New Decision Rule for Statistical Word Sense Disambiguation.- A Vicarious Words Method for Word Sense Discrimination.- New Algorithm for Determining Object Attitude Based on Trapezoid Feature.- Curvature Feature Based Shape Analysis.- A Study on the P3P Problem.- Face Verification Based on AdaBoost Learning for Histogram of Gabor Phase Patterns (HGPP) Selection and Samples Synthesis with Quotient Image Method.- Predicting Epileptic Seizure by Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Single-Channel EEG.- Double Sides 2DPCA for Face Recognition.- Ear Recognition with Variant Poses Using Locally Linear Embedding.- Motion Detection with Background Clutter Suppression Based on KDE Model.- Fingerprint Scaling.- A Novel Classifier Based on Enhanced Lipschitz Embedding for Speech Emotion Recognition.- GPU Implementation of a Clustering Based Image Registration.- Prediction of Aortic Diameter Values in Healthy Turkish Infants, Children and Adolescents Via Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System.- Feature Extraction and Classification for Graphical Representations of Data.- Improving Depth Resolution of Diffuse Optical Tomography with Intelligent Method.- Research on Optimum Position for Straight Lines Model.- Choosing Business Collaborators Using Computing Intelligence Methods.- Generation of Multiple Background Model by Estimated Camera Motion Using Edge Segments.- Cross Ratio-Based Refinement of Local Features for Building Recognition.- The Competitive EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixtures with BYY Harmony Criterion.- Method of Face Recognition Based on Red-Black Wavelet Transform and PCA.- Automatic Straight Line Detection through Fixed-Point BYY Harmony Learning.- A Novel Solution for Surveillance System Based on Skillful Image Sensor.- Intelligent Computing in Communication.- Collision Prevention for Exploiting Spatial Reuse in Ad Hoc Network Using Directional Antenna.- Nonparametric Classification Based on Local Mean and Class Mean.- Narrowband Jammer Excision in CDMA Using Particle Swarm Optimization.- DHT-Based Mobile Service Discovery Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Multivariate Option Pricing Using Quasi-interpolation Based on Radial Basis Functions.- A Novel Embedded Intelligent In-Vehicle Transportation Monitoring System Based on i.MX21.- Selective Sensor Node Selection Method for Making Suitable Cluster in Filtering-Based Sensor Networks.- Intelligent Agent and Web Applications.- Formal Description and Verification of Web Service Composition Based on OOPN.- Fuzzy Logic Control-Based Load Balancing Agent for Distributed RFID Systems.- A Learning Assistance Tool for Enhancing ICT Application Ability of Elementary and Secondary School Students.- Intelligent Fault Diagnosis.- A Sliding Singular Spectrum Entropy Method and Its Application to Gear Fault Diagnosis.- Security Assessment Framework Using Static Analysis and Fault Injection.- Improved Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Its Application for Fault Detection.- Machinery Vibration Signals Analysis and Monitoring for Fault Diagnosis and Process Control.- An Ultrasonic Signal Processing Technique for Extraction of Arrival Time from Lamb Waveforms.- Application Research of Support Vector Machines in Dynamical System State Forecasting.- Transformers Fault Diagnosis Based on Support Vector Machines and Dissolved Gas Analysis.- A Test Data Compression Scheme for Reducing Power Based on OLELC and NBET.- Intelligent Control and Automation.- On Initial Rectifying Learning for Linear Time-Invariant Systems with Rank-Defective Markov Parameters.- A New Mechanical Algorithm for Solving System of Fredholm Integral Equation Using Resolvent Method.- Controllability of Semilinear Impulsive Differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions.- Dynamic Adaptation of Workflow Based Service Compositions.- The Research and Application of Nonlinear Predictive Functional Control Based on Characteristic Models.- A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization for Manipulator Inverse Kinematics Control.- Methods for Decreasing Time and Effort during Development and Maintenance of Intellectual Software User Interfaces.- Adaptive Hybrid SMC-SVM Control for a Class of Nonaffine Nonlinear Systems.- Hormone-Inspired Cooperative Control for Multiple UAVs Wide Area Search.- A PID Parameters Tuning Algorithm Inspired by the Small World Phenomenon.- SLAM by Combining Multidimensional Scaling and Particle Filtering.- Application of Ant Colony System to an Experimental Propeller Setup.- Bacterial Foraging Based Optimization Design of Fuzzy PID Controllers.- An Analytical Adaptive Single-Neuron Compensation Control Law for Nonlinear Process.- Energy-Saving Control System of Beam-Pumping Unit Based on Radial Basic Function Network.- ANN Combined-Inversion Control for the Excitation System of Generator.- Learning Action Models with Quantified Conditional Effects for Software Requirement Specification.- Intelligent Data Fusion and Security.- A New Method to Determine Evidence Discounting Coefficient.- Feedback Information Expression and Fusion Method for Human-Robot Interaction.- Multi-parameter Differential Pressure Flowmeter Nonlinear Calibration Based on SVM.- Optimization Algorithm for Scalar Multiplication in the Elliptic Curve Cryptography over Prime Field.- A Vague Sets Based Hierarchical Synthetic Evaluation Algorithm for Health Condition Assessment.- Intelligent Prediction and Time Series Analysis.- Application of Fuzzy Classification in Bankruptcy Prediction.- Financial Time Series Analysis of SV Model by Hybrid Monte Carlo.- The Predicted Model of International Roughness Index for Drainage Asphalt Pavement.- New Results on Criteria for Choosing Delay in Strange Attractor Reconstruction.- Application of Data Mining in the Financial Data Forecasting.- Natural Language Processing and Expert Systems.- Integration of Named Entity Information for Chinese Word Segmentation Based on Maximum Entropy.- Evaluating and Comparing Biomedical Term Identification Systems.- Tracking and Visualizing the Changes of Mandarin Emotional Expression.- Exploiting Attribute-Wise Distribution of Keywords and Category Dependent Attributes for E-Catalog Classification.- Learning MultiLinguistic Knowledge for Opinion Analysis.- Intelligent Image/Document Retrievals.- An Indexing Matrix Based Retrieval Model.- Real-Time Intelligent End-Diastolic and End-Systolic Image Retrieval from Left Ventricular Angiograms Using Probability Density Propagation and Data Fusion.- Textile Recognition Using Tchebichef Moments of Co-occurrence Matrices.- Generic Summarization Using Non-negative Semantic Variable.- An Image Indexing and Searching System Based Both on Keyword and Content.- Network-Based Intelligence and Automation.- Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Calibrations for Predicting Glucose Concentration in Urine.- A Rotation Angle Calculation Method about Bearing Images Based on Edge Image Correlations.- Image Restoration Using Piecewise Iterative Curve Fitting and Texture Synthesis.- A Real-Time NURBS Interpolator with Feed Rate Adjustment.- A Genetic Algorithm for Automatic Packing in Rapid Prototyping Processes.- Research of CT / MRI Tumor Image Registration Based on Least Square Support Vector Machines.- A Novel Format-Compliant Video Encryption Scheme for H.264/AVC Stream Based on Residual Block Scrambling.- A Prototype of Multimedia Metadata Management System for Supporting the Integration of Heterogeneous Sources.- Study of Image Splicing Detection.- Research on Real-Time Sequential Decision of Texas Star Assembly.- A New Variable-Step LMS Algorithm Based on the Convergence Ratio of Mean-Square Error(MSE).- Saliency-Based Image Quality Assessment Criterion.- Crowd Segmentation from a Static Camera.- A Geometric Active Contours Model for Multiple Objects Segmentation.- A Mutation-Particle Swarm Algorithm for Error-Bounded Polygonal Approximation of Digital Curves.- Intelligent Robot Systems Based on Vision Technology.- Dimensionality Estimation for Self-Organizing Map by Using Spectral Clustering.- Micromanipulation Using a Microassembly Workstation with Vision and Force Sensing.- HK Segmentation of 3D Micro-structures Reconstructed from Focus.- Robust Face Tracking Using Bilateral Filtering.- Computational Intelligence for Image Analysis.- Fuzzy Neural Network-Based Sliding Mode Control for Non-spinning Warhead with Moving Mass Actuators.- A Novel Multi-robot Coordination Method Based on Reinforcement Learning.- An Algorithm of Coverage Control for Wireless Sensor Networks in 3D Underwater Surveillance Systems.- An Embedded SoC System IP to Trace Object and Distance.- RSS Based Localization Scheme Using Angle-Referred Calibration in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A General Framework for Adaptive Filtering in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic.- Stability Analysis of AQM Algorithm Based on Generalized Predictive Control.- Real-Time Communications on IEC 61850 Process Bus Based Distributed Sampled Measured Values Applications in Merging Unit.- Reconstruction Algorithms with Images Inferred by Self-organizing Maps.


Titel: Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications. With Aspects of Theoretical and Methodological Issues
Untertitel: Fourth International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2008 Shanghai, China, September 15-18, 2008 Proceedings
EAN: 9783540874423
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Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Anzahl Seiten: 1273
Veröffentlichung: 08.09.2008
Dateigrösse: 60.1 MB

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