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Parallelism in Logic

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The potential of parallelism in logic reaches far beyond the exploitation of AND- and OR-parallelism usually found in attempts to ... Weiterlesen
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The potential of parallelism in logic reaches far beyond the exploitation of AND- and OR-parallelism usually found in attempts to parallelize PROLOG. This book discusses parallelism in logic and its exploitation on parallel architectures. A variety of categories of parallelism is discussed with respect to different levels of a logical formula and different ways to evaluate it. As an outcome of these investigations it is shown that modularity allows s tructuring of logic programs and meta-evaluation can be used to c ontrol the evaluation process on a parallel system. This combinat ion yields a consistent programming framework with a wide scope. Finally, the suitability of a specific evaluation mechanism for p arallel architectures is investigated.


1 Introduction.- 1.1 Logic.- 1.2 Parallelism.- 1.3 Parallelism and Logic.- 1.4 Relevance of the Work.- 1.5 Organization of the Book.- 2 Foundations.- 2.1 Logic: The Connection Method.- 2.2 Parallelism: Unity and Processes.- 2.3 Model Elimination.- 2.4 A Language: Lop.- 2.5 Conclusions.- 3 State of the Art.- 3.1 Parallel Logic Systems.- 3.2 Conclusions.- 4 Parallelism in Logic.- 4.1 Chapter Organization.- 4.2 Variations on Parallelism.- 4.3 Overview.- 4.4 Multitasking.- 4.5 Modularity.- 4.6 Precision.- 4.7 Competition.- 4.8 Spanning Sets.- 4.9 Reductions.- 4.10 OR-Parallelism.- 4.11 Routes.- 4.12 AND-Parallelism.- 4.13 Term Parallelism.- 4.14 Distributed Representation.- 4.15 Conclusions: Parallelism in Logic.- 5 A Parallel Logic Language: MMLOP.- 5.1 Overview.- 5.2 Syntax.- 5.3 Semantics.- 5.4 Examples.- 6 Computational Model.- 6.1 A Computational Model for MMLop.- 7 Architecture.- 7.1 Overview Architecture.- 7.2 Spanning Setters.- 7.3 Mappings to Parallel Architectures.- 7.4 Unification.- 7.5 Conclusions: Spanning Setters and Parallel Architectures.- 8 Conclusions.- 8.1 Foundations.- 8.2 State of the Art.- 8.3 Parallelism in Logic.- 8.4 MMLOP: A Parallel Logic Programming Language.- 8.5 Computational Model.- 8.6 Architecture.


Titel: Parallelism in Logic
Untertitel: Its Potential for Performance and Program Development
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ISBN: 978-3-528-05163-1
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Jahr: 1991
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