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French Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun

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This English-French phrasebook contains more than twice as many phrases and terms as any other French e-phrasebook. It provides vo... Lire la suite
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This English-French phrasebook contains more than twice as many phrases and terms as any other French e-phrasebook. It provides vocabulary for enjoying tourism, making acquaintances, conversing with people, having fun, participating in sports, and pursuing romance, as well as coping with everyday situations. A dictionary-type format, with phrases and terms listed under their main word(s), makes it quick and easy to find things. Includes 10 appendices, one of which is a huge French-English food & drink glossary.

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The biggest and best! This French phrasebook contains more than TWICE AS MANY phrases and terms as any other French e-phrasebook:

9,076 phrases

14,552 terms

10,724 individual words

It gives you a treasure chest of vocabulary and conversation for:

. enjoying tourism.

. coping with all kinds of everyday situations.

. dealing with emergencies

. getting acquainted.

. making friends.

. carrying on simple conversations.

. pursuing romance.

. participating in and watching sports such as basketball, soccer, team handball, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, tobogganing, skateboarding, scuba diving, swimming, mountain climbing, equestrian sport, golf, tennis, track & field, skydiving, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, boating, kayaking, boxing, wrestling, birdwatching, fishing, hunting, archery, paintball, ice hockey, field hockey and many others.

Includes a HUGE French-English glossary of food and drink.

PLUS: 9 other appendices:

. French alphabet and pronunciation

. French grammar

. Numbers

. Clock time

. Calendar time

. Metric measurements

. Common adult heights

. Common adult weights

. Common French signs and labels

And it's easy and quick to find what you're looking for. No confusing categories. To find a phrase or term, just go the main word that it contains, which is alphabetized as in a dictionary.

Informations sur le produit

Titre: French Phrasebook for Tourism, Friendship & Fun
EAN: 9781929482115
ISBN: 978-1-929482-11-5
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Rodnik Publishing Company
Editeur: Bookbaby
Genre: Europe
Parution: 05.01.2013
Protection contre la copie numérique: libre
Taille de fichier: 1.7 MB
Nombre de pages: 857
Année: 2013