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Introduction to Electrochemical Science and Engineering

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The Second Edition of Introduction to Electrochemical Science and Engineering outlines the basic principles and techniques used i... Lire la suite
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The Second Edition of Introduction to Electrochemical Science and Engineering outlines the basic principles and techniques used in the development of electrochemical engineering related technologies, such as fuel cells, electrolyzers, and flow-batteries. Covering topics from electrolyte solutions to electrochemical energy conversion systems and corrosion, this revised and expanded edition provides new educational material to help readers familiarize themselves with some of today's most useful electrochemical concepts. The Second Edition includes a new Appendix C with a detailed description of how the most common electrochemical laboratories can be organized, what data should be collected, and how the data should be treated and presented in a report. Video demonstrations for these laboratories are available on YouTube. In addition, the author has added conceptual and numerical exercises to all of the chapters to help with the understanding of the book material and to extend the important aspects of the electrochemical science and engineering. Finally, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is now used in most electrochemical laboratories, and so a new section briefly describes this technique in Chapter 7.

This new edition

  • Ensures readers have a fundamental knowledge of the core concepts of electrochemical science and engineering, such as electrochemical cells, electrolytic conductivity, electrode potential, and current-potential relations related to a variety of electrochemical systems
  • Develops the initial skills needed to understand an electrochemical experiment and successfully evaluate experimental data without visiting a laboratory
  • Promotes an appreciation of the capabilities and applications of key electrochemical techniques
  • Features eight lab descriptions and instructions that can be used to develop the labs by instructors for a university electrochemical engineering class
  • Integrates eight online videos with lab demonstrations to advise instructors and students on how the labs can be carried out
  • Features a solutions manual for adopting instructors

The Second Edition is an ideal and unique text for undergraduate engineering and science students and readers in need of introductory-level content. Graduate students and engineers looking for a quick introduction to the subject will benefit from the simple structure of this book. Instructors interested in teaching the subject to undergraduate students can immediately use this book without reservation.


Serguei N. Lvov is a professor of energy and mineral engineering, a professor of materials science and engineering, and a director of the Electrochemical Technologies Program at the EMS Energy Institute of The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA. His areas of research include electrochemistry, thermodynamics, material sciences, and environmental sciences. He is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed papers, 2 books, 6 book chapters, and 2 US patents.


1. Electrolyte Solutions

2. Electrochemical Cells

3. Electric Conductivity

4. Equilibrium Electrochemistry

5. Electrochemical Techniques I

6. Electrochemical Kinetics

7. Electrochemical Techniques II

8. Electrochemical Energy Conversion

9. Electrochemical Corrosion

10. Data Section

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Titre: Introduction to Electrochemical Science and Engineering
EAN: 9781315296845
Format: eBook (pdf)
Producteur: Taylor & Francis Ltd.
Genre: Chimie
Parution: 13.12.2021
Protection contre la copie numérique: libre
Nombre de pages: 446