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Why You're Wrong About the Right

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And on your right, ladies and gentlemen, please observe The Conservative (Conservitus Americanus). This fascinating species in-hab... Lire la suite
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And on your right, ladies and gentlemen, please observe The Conservative (Conservitus Americanus). This fascinating species in-habits vast territories across middle America, but rarely reveals itself in coastal urban areas. It is commonly believed to be uptight, humorless, and devoid of compassion, and is often characterized as racist, homophobic, and highly eco-unfriendly. Primary behaviors include unnecessary warmongering, tax cutting, and gun collecting. For decades, conservatives have proven to be hopelessly un-hip, and their mating habits dull. They are highly feared and often despised, for so few know and understand their true nature. Get ready to meet the conservative next door or in the office down the hall, the person you never thought in a million years was one of &quote,them.&quote, Lively, witty, and thought-provoking, Why You're Wrong About the Right blows the lid off the stereotypes that have long been associated with the American Right, and reveals the face of today's conservatives: an intellectually and philosophically diverse new breed of young, outgoing, smart, friendly professionals who live and work among liberals everywhere! Themselves closet conservatives in Leftoid Land (aka Manhattan), S. E. Cupp and Brett Joshpe inject their own unique and colorful points of view into an honest dialogue on conservative ideas in American life and popular culture, and draw from interviews with a roster of renowned writers and political personalities, including Tony Stewart, Tucker Carlson, Brian C. Anderson, Laura Ingraham, Pat Toomey, David Horowitz, Ted Hayes, and many more. Undercover conservatives, reveal your true colors with pride! Liberals, hug a conservative today! And whichever side you find yourself on, you'll be engaged, surprised, and happily re-educated when you discover Why You're Wrong About the Right.


S. E. Cupp and Brett Joshpe



Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Republicans Are Racist 1

Chapter 2 Republicans Are Elitist WASPs 13

Chapter 3 Republicans Are Humorless 21

Chapter 4 Republicans Don't Care About Education 31

Chapter 5 Republicans Are NASCAR-Loving Rednecks 43

Chapter 6 Republicans Hate the Planet 53

Chapter 7 Republicans Are Stupid 65

Chapter 8 Republicans Are Intolerant 73

Chapter 9 Republicans Aren't Cool 89

Chapter 10 Republicans Are Bad in Bed 101

Chapter 11 Republicans Don't Care About You 107

Chapter 12 Republicans Are Religious Extremists 121

Chapter 13 Republicans Love Them Their Guns 133

Chapter 14 Republicans Are Sexist 145

Chapter 15 Republicans Are Greedy 159

Chapter 16 Republicans Are Undemocratic 175

Chapter 17 Republicans Are Homophobic 189

Chapter 18 Republicans Hate Foreigners 199

Chapter 19 Republicans Are Warmongers 213

Chapter 20 All Republicans Think Alike 225

Conclusion 239

Glossary 249

Notes 253

Acknowledgments 273

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Titre: Why You're Wrong About the Right
Sous-titre: Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives
Code EAN: 9781416563280
ISBN: 978-1-4165-6328-0
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Editeur: Simon + Schuster Inc.
Genre: Sciences politiques
nombre de pages: 304
Parution: 01.12.2009
Année: 2009
Sous-titre: Englisch
Taille de fichier: 1.9 MB