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#039;In the sixteenth century there was a french philosopher by the name of Nostradamus who prophesised that in the late 20th Cent... Lire la suite
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#039;In the sixteenth century there was a french philosopher by the name of Nostradamus who prophesised that in the late 20th Century an Angel of Death shall waste this land' 'A holocaust the likes of which this planet has never seen Now I ask you Do you believe this to be True ?' Philip Parris Lynott 1949 - 1986

Texte du rabat

Simon who was Peter returned as it had begun to get dark, he had to work quickly, he and his men had only three hours before the dawn of the Sabbath.

He hoped that the Nazarene hadn't suffered, he hoped the mixture of gall and the potion that was concocted had been enough to convince the Sanhedrin and the Romans of his death. He'd been forced to bribe the guard to break the legs of both of the men on the other two crosses to convince the centurion that they were in fact dead. He'd hoped the skewering of the Nazarene didn't spoil everything; Peter hadn't contemplated that a centurion would vent his frustration at his share of the casting of lots by using his spear so savagely.

They carried the Nazarene to the tomb provided by his brother James. Mary of the Magdalene was already there along with the physician,

'Are you sure that the potion will work?' whispered the Magdalene

The physician didn't speak; he was busy swathing the wound in the side of the Nazarene.

'You must hurry, we must get him away from here before light alive or dead!' said Peter

The physician stood back and whispered

'He is alive', take the shroud and cover him, I don't want to know where you are taking him'

Peter removed the body from the tomb.

'If they think he is the one, we will be safe'.

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Titre: Covenant
Sous-titre: Book 1 - Awakening
Code EAN: 9781908374059
ISBN: 978-1-908374-05-9
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Editeur: Impressions Print and Publish
Genre: Divers
nombre de pages: 281
Parution: 13.06.2011
Année: 2011
Sous-titre: Englisch
Taille de fichier: 0.9 MB