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There are all manner of books on this very subject and that makes it confusing for readers to decide upon which book will better ... Lire la suite
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There are all manner of books on this very subject and that makes it confusing for readers to decide upon which book will better serve them. This book has been written in a very simple way but covers a lot of territory within its pages:

● Learn how to use the breath to maximize your meditation experience

● Learn how to relax and to let troubles go

● Learn how to use different kinds of meditation to help enhance your life

● Learn to live in the moment

When writing this book, I appreciated that people from all different backgrounds will be looking into the question of whether mindfulness is for them. Thus, the manner in which the book is written is clear and straightforward. It is an instructional book that assumes that you have little to no experience or mindfulness or meditation. Thus, you can start your experience the correct way by preparing yourself for it. The chapters dealing with preparation are easy to understand and readers can follow the instructions easily.

The book explains why mindfulness is so useful and what it does, as well as giving an indication of its longstanding history. You will understand why people meditate as well as the mistakes that they make in their early attempts. In fact, the book covers the whole subject so that you are not left in doubt about your own ability to achieve what you set out to achieve - to become less stressed and more understanding about life in general. If your aim is to find happiness, it is here in this moment, waiting for you to discover it. It has no favorites and doesn't simply choose those more fortunate than others. Mindfulness is for everyone and offers the same wealth of possibility to all who practice it.

By the end of reading this book, you will have a good understanding of how to incorporate mindfulness into your life to open up the spiritual path that lies ahead. You will be more compassionate and will have learned the benefit of empathy. You will also find that your mind is better able to deal with all of the changes in direction that life throws at you and will embrace the moment because this is the best time of your life and the only time that really counts.

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Titre: Mindfulness
Code EAN: 9781386637950
Protection contre la copie numérique: Adobe DRM
Format: eBook (epub)
Producteur: Reading Dose
Genre: Santé
Parution: 05.01.2018
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