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Land Issues for Urban Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Sub-Saharan Africa faces many development challenges, such as its size and diversity, rapid urban population growth, history of c... Lire la suite
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Sub-Saharan Africa faces many development challenges, such as its size and diversity, rapid urban population growth, history of colonial exploitation, fragile states and conflicts over land and natural resources. This collection, contributed from different academic disciplines and professions, seeks to support the UN Habitat New Urban Agenda passed at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, in 2016. It will attract readers from urban specialisms in law, geography and other social sciences, and from professionals and policy-makers concerned with land use planning, surveying and governance.

Among the topics addressed by the book are challenges to governance institutions: how international development is delivered, building land management capacity, funding for urban infrastructure, land-based finance, ineffective planning regulation, and the role of alternatives to courts in resolving boundary and other land disputes. Issues of rights and land titling are explored from perspectives of human rights law (the right to development, and women's rights of access to land), and land tenure regularization. Particular challenges of housing, planning and informality are addressed through contributions on international real estate investment, community participation in urban settlement upgrading, housing delivery as a partly failing project to remedy apartheid's legacy, and complex interactions between political power, money and land. Infrastructure challenges are approached in studies of food security and food systems, urban resilience against natural and man-made disasters, and informal public transport.


Robert Home has degrees in History (Cambridge), Geography (PhD, London), and Town Planning (Oxford Brookes), and is Emeritus Professor in Land Management at Anglia Ruskin University and a chartered town planner. His research publications are in planning history and land management, and he has undertaken research and consultancy in all regions of Africa.


1. Land, law and urban governance. Robert Home.

2. The Quest for "Good Governance" in Urban Land Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. Uchendu Chigbu.

3. The Fiscal City: Financing Africa's Urban Areas and Local Governments. Liza Cirolia

4. Urban governance through religious authority in Touba, Senegal. Eric Ross and Cheikh Guèye

5. The right to the city and South African jurisprudence. Serges Kamga

6. Urban land ownership and rights to sustainable development for women in Africa. Carol Ngang

7. Effectiveness of planning laws in sub-Saharan African cities. Robert Lewis-Lettington, Anne Amin and Samuel Njoroga

8. 20 years of land management and land tenure education Pamela Durán Díaz, Walter Timo de Vries and Uchendu Chigbu.

9. Stocktaking Participatory and Inclusive Land Readjustment in Africa. Charles Chavunduka

10. Governance challenges in African urban fantasies. Ismaila Rimi Abubakar

11. Land conflicts and ADR in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Botswana. Faustin Kalabamu

12. Post-Apartheid Housing Delivery as a (Failed) Project of Remediation. Zach Levenson.

13. Women, land and urban governance in colonial and post-colonial Zimbabwe. Sandra Bhatasara

14. Urban land governance and corruption in Africa. Manase Chiweshe.

15. Partnerships for successes in slum upgrading: governance and social change in Kibera, Nairobi. Thom Meredith

16. Urban resilience for achieving sustainability in Ghana. Patrick Cobbinah, Prosper Korah and Michael Addaney,

17. Food security and municipal powers in South Africa. Jaap de Visser,

18. The resilience of Informal Public Transport in Nigeria. Dumiso Moyo and Adebola Olowosegun

19. Diagnosing the role of urban governance in disease outbreaks in Harare and Monrovia. Hillary Birch.

20. African urban history, place-naming and place-making. Robert Home.

21. Should Monrovian Communities Agree to Voluntary Slum Relocations: Land, Gender and Urban Governance. M. Siraj Sait

22. What next?

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