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Managing Open Source Projects

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The only guide to managing and integrating the open sourcemodel With the phenomenal success of Linux, companies are taking openso... Lire la suite
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The only guide to managing and integrating the open sourcemodel With the phenomenal success of Linux, companies are taking opensource business solutions much more seriously than ever before.This book helps to satisfy the growing demand for guidance on howto manage open source enterprise development projects. Expert JanSandred explores the open source philosophy, describes currentsoftware tools for managing open source projects, and providesexpert guidance on how to organize and manage open source projectsusing the Internet as a collaboration tool. With the help ofseveral fascinating and instructive case studies, Sandred explorespractical concerns such as building, motivating, and managingvirtual teams; structuring tasks and meeting deadlines;establishing trust; project management software tools; maintainingproject security; and more.

JAN SANDRED is an internationally recognized leader in open source. He is one of the founders of Crealog Corporation, a management-end communication consulting company in the new economy, located in Uppsala, Sweden.

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Expert advice and practical guidance on developing and managing an open source project
Managing an open source project requires a different approach to management and leadership. If managed the right way, open source can deliver industrial-strength systems that meet users' needs and provide solutions that are fully extendible and maintainable over a long period of time. The resulting code will also be much more consistent and easier to maintain.

This book reveals the new possibilities and opportunities that open source and the Internet create so you can make the right software decisions for your business. Drawing on his own extensive experience, Jan Sandred clearly shows you how to organize and manage open source projects by using the Internet as a collaboration tool. He begins by presenting a brief history of open source and then discusses the different business and project management aspects. Sandred also offers in-depth descriptions of the software tools available for building open source sites and explains the steps that are necessary for setting up an open source project. And he provides you with advice and assistance on working with open source in a network organization.

With the help of several fascinating and instructive case studies, this book explores practical concerns such as:
* Building, motivating, and managing virtual teams
* Structuring tasks and meeting deadlines
* Establishing trust within a team in order to successfully manage a project
* Utilizing the latest project management software tools
* Collecting and communicating information from an open source perspective
* Effectively using the Web to integrate and manage the open source model
* Maintaining project security

The companion Web site at includes additional material, updates, links to other resources, and other valuable information.

Wiley Tech Briefs

Focused on the needs of the corporate IT and business manager, the Tech Briefs series provides in-depth information on new or emerging technologies, solutions, and vendor offerings available in the marketplace. With their accessible approach, these books will help you get quickly up-to-speed on a topic so that you can effectively compete, grow, and better serve your customers.


An Open Source Primer.

Open Source in Business Terms.

The Open Source Philosophy.

Open Source and the Internet Economy.

Network Organizations.

Managing a Virtual Team.

Managing Distributed Web Projects.

Tools for Building Open Source Sites.

Open Source Tool Tips.

Setting Up an Open Source Project.

Open Source Management Anecdotes.

So, Are You Ready for Open Source?

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Titre: Managing Open Source Projects
Sous-titre: A Wiley Tech Brief
Code EAN: 9780471189176
ISBN: 978-0-471-18917-6
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Format: eBook (pdf)
Producteur: Wiley
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Genre: Internet
nombre de pages: 208
Parution: 14.03.2002
Année: 2002
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