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Complex Systems, Smart Territories and Mobility

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This book reflects the outcome of contribution by the plural community and of the interactions between disciplines. With the mass... Lire la suite
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This book reflects the outcome of contribution by the plural community and of the interactions between disciplines. With the mass of data available through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in an unprecedented quantity since the Human History, it is now possible to access dimensions of knowledge that, though not hidden, could not be grasped in the same way in the past. The question of how this information can be used for the benefit of institutional and economic actors to foster the development of a territory. Tackling the issue from a resolutely interdisciplinary perspective, the authors explore the theories and methods of complex systems in order to discuss how they can contribute in these new circumstances to territorial intelligence and to the development practices in which it is embodied. This book illustrates how today's research explores the multiple facets of territorial systems in order to reproduce their richness. It invites readers to learn about the challenges, ideas, results and advances present in this domain.


Patricia Sajous is associate professor in Geography and Landscape Planning at IDEES UMR CNRS 6266 at Normandy University - Le Havre, France where she is Deputy Director of the Human Sciences Research Center. Her research focuses on analyzing relationships between individuals and geographic space through the uses of various technical networks. It especially focused on daily and residential mobility in the context of climate change and increasing requests concerning ways of life more and more sustainable.

Cyrille Bertelle is full Professor in Computer Science at LITIS & NORMASTIC FR-CNRS 3638 at Normandy University - Le Havre, France where he is Director of SFLog, Research Federation in Logistics, Normandie. He is co-coordinator of CS-DC (Complex System Digital Campus) UNESCO UniTwin. His main research activities concern complex systems and complex networks modeling and simulation with applications to urban systems and logistics systems in order to produce tools to analyse and rebuild the complexity of land-use for smart territories engineering.
Moreover P. Sajous and C. Bertelle are the Principal Investigators of the ERDF project XterM (Complex-Systems, Territorial Intelligence and Mobility) supported by the Région Normandie and ERDF funds and involving 14 research laboratories over 7 High-Education Institutes in Normandie.

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Titre: Complex Systems, Smart Territories and Mobility
EAN: 9783030593025
Format: eBook (pdf)
Producteur: Springer International Publishing
Genre: Technique
Parution: 27.01.2021
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Taille de fichier: 10.4 MB
Nombre de pages: 256

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