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The Constitution's Text in Foreign Affairs

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Describes the constitutional law of foreign affairs, derived from the historical understanding of the Constitution's text. This bo... Lire la suite
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Describes the constitutional law of foreign affairs, derived from the historical understanding of the Constitution's text. This book examines foreign affairs controversies, such as the role of the president and Congress, and shows how the words, structure, and context of the Constitution can resolve pivotal court cases and leading modern disputes.


Michael D. Ramsey is Professor of Law, University of San Diego School of Law.

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The Constitution, Ramsey concludes, does not make any branch of government the ultimate decision maker in foreign affairs, but rather divides authority among multiple independent power centres.


Acknowledgments Introduction: A Textual Theory of Foreign Affairs Law Part I: Sources of National Power 1. Do Foreign Affairs Powers Come from the Constitution? Curtiss--Wright and the Myth of Inherent Powers 2. Foreign Affairs and the Articles of Confederation: The Constitution in Context Part II: Presidential Power in Foreign Affairs 3. The Steel Seizure Case and the Executive Power over Foreign Affairs 4. Executive Foreign Affairs Power and the Washington Administration 5. Steel Seizure Revisited: The Limits of Executive Power 6. Executive Power and Its Critics Part III: Shared Powers of the Senate 7. The Executive Senate: Treaties and Appointments 8. Goldwater v. Carter: Do Treaties Bind the President? 9. The Non-Treaty Power: Executive Agreements and United States v. Belmont Part IV: Congress's Foreign Affairs Powers 10. Legislative Power in Foreign Affairs: Why NAFTA Is (Sort of) Unconstitutional 11. The Meanings of Declaring War 12. Beyond Declaring War: War Powers of Congress and the President Part V: States and Foreign Affairs 13. Can States Have Foreign Policies? Zschernig v. Miller and the Limits of Framers' Intent 14. States versus the President: The Holocaust Insurance Case 15. Missouri v. Holland and the Seventeenth Amendment Part VI: Courts and Foreign Affairs 16. Judging Foreign Affairs: Goldwater v. Carter Revisited 17. The Paquete Habana: Is International Law Part of Our Law? 18. Courts and Presidents in Foreign Affairs Conclusion: Text as Law in Foreign Affairs Notes Index

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Titre: The Constitution's Text in Foreign Affairs
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