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The Exodus Itinerary Sites

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The Israelite exodus from Egypt forms the foundational national origin narrative in the Hebrew Bible. Although it is a compelling ... Lire la suite
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The Israelite exodus from Egypt forms the foundational national origin narrative in the Hebrew Bible. Although it is a compelling and popular tale, only minimal supportive circumstantial evidence exists beyond the Bible. In this book Michael D. Oblath details the geographical context within which the Hebrew Bible was written. With this backdrop, he presents the geographical conceptualization of the exodus as described by the biblical sources. Within their references to the various exodus itinerary sites, these sources consistently locate the sites in proximity to known geographical locations. Oblath indicates that, within the geographical memory of the biblical sources, the presupposition of an exodus from Egypt is incorrect. Rather, the narrative describes events originating in the southern region of ancient Israel, between the Negeb and the Gulf of Elath.


The Author: Michael D. Oblath received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Religions from the University of California and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Currently, he is Adjunct Professor at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California, and St. Mary's College of California. His publications include articles on the patriarchal narratives and the exodus from Egypt.

quot;Michael D. Oblath's provocative rereading of the evidence for the exodus itinerary results in an unsettling challenge to epoch-old conventions of interpretation. Having relocated the geography of the exodus, he conjectures that its historical significance should be transferred to the monarchic period, adding to our understanding of how ethnic narrative might have contributed to political redefinition. Oblath's work is a virtuoso blend of exhaustive analysis, independent reasoning, and refreshing exposition." (Robert B. Coote, Professor of Old Testament, San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union) "Literature on the exodus is immense. Oblath's work, however, is different in that it challenges the traditional historical reading of the exodus as well as other literary and mythological readings. His study is detailed and fresh. His conclusions are provocative and daring and cannot be ignored." (Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA)

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Titre: The Exodus Itinerary Sites
Code EAN: 9780820467160
ISBN: 978-0-8204-6716-0
Format: Livre Relié
Genre: Religion et théologie
nombre de pages: 283
Année: 2004
Auflage: Neuausg.


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