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Michael Clifford is professor of philosophy in the Institute for the Humanities and the Department of Philosophy and Religion at ... Lire la suite
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Michael Clifford is professor of philosophy in the Institute for the Humanities and the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Mississippi State University. He is the author of Political Genealogy After Foucault: Savage Identities.

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One of the most promising developments in social and political theory in recent years is the research being done in the field of "political genealogy." Scholars employing political genealogy as a methodology represent a wide range of disciplines, from the social sciences to the humanities, from philosophy to geography to urban studies to cultural theory. Yet there has never been a comprehensive study of political genealogy itself. Empowerment: The Theory and Practice of Political Genealogy lays the groundwork for the recognition of political genealogy as a methodology and model of theoretical inquiry, one that will be taken up by scholars from a broad range of academic disciplines. Along the way, it critically assesses some of the best examples of work in political genealogy, showing how this work forces us to rethink many of the key concepts in political theory, such as sovereignty, representation, and violence. In helping us to understand the history of our present, it looks to our future and to what being a political subject will look like in a post-representational world.


Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Political Genealogy: Towards a Critical Methodology The Three Axes of Political Genealogy Truth, Power, Self: A Genealogical Consolidation Chapter 3: Rethinking the Central Concepts of Political Theory Sovereignty: The Ghosts of Power (Un)Natural Sovereignty Chapter 4: Citizenry in Peril: The Futility of Trust in the Modern State In Sod We Trust The Whiggish Marriage of Freedom and Commerce Malcolm X and the Politics of Declaration Declaring the Contract Void: Democratic Impotency and Post-Representational Politics Chapter 5: Political Genealogy in Praxis The Dark Continent: On Genealogy and Geography The Self as a Practice Being There: On Violence, Empathy, and Identity Chapter 6: Empowerment: Theoretical and Political Possibilities The Libertarian Fallacy From Scroll to Screen: On the Sur(faces ) of Political Identity Beyond Diversity: Managing the Identity Crises of the 21st C Conclusion

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Titre: Empowerment
Code EAN: 9780739150757
ISBN: 978-0-7391-5075-7
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Lexington Books
Genre: Philosophie
nombre de pages: 138
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Année: 2013