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This groundbreaking work of both theoretical and experiential thought by two leading ecological philosophers and animal liberation... Lire la suite
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This groundbreaking work of both theoretical and experiential thought by two leading ecological philosophers and animal liberation scientists ventures into a new frontier of applied ethical anthrozoological studies. Through lean and elegant text, readers will learn that human interconnections with other species and ecosystems are severely endangered precisely because we lack - by our evolutionary self-confidence - the very coherence that is everywhere around us abundantly demonstrated. What our species has deemed to be superior is, according to Tobias and Morrison, the cumulative result of a tragically tenuous argument predicated on the brink of our species' self-destruction, giving rise to a most unique proposition: We either recognize the miracle of other sentient intelligence, sophistication, and genius, or risk enshrining the shortest lived epitaph of any known vertebrate in earth's 4.1 billion years of life. Tobias and Morrison draw on 45 years of research in fields ranging from ecological anthropology, animal protection and comparative ethics to literature and spirituality - and beyond. They deploy research in animal and plant behavior, biocultural heritage contexts from every continent and they bring to bear a deeply metaphysical array of perspectives that set this book apart from any other. The book departs from most work in such fields as animal rights, ecological aesthetics, comparative ethology or traditional animal and plant behaviorist work, and yet it speaks to readers with an interest in those fields. A deeply provocative book of philosophical premises and hypotheses from two of the world's most influential ecological philosophers, this text is likely to stir uneasiness and debate for many decades to come.


Michael Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison, partners who between them have authored some 50 books and written, directed and produced some 170 films, a prolific body of work that has been read, translated and/or broadcast around the world, have been married for more than a quarter-of-a-century. Their field research across the disciplines of comparative literature, anthropology, the history of science and philosophy, ecology and ethics, in over 80 countries, has served as a telling example of what two people - deeply in love with one another - can accomplish in spreading that same unconditional love to others - of all species.


Ecological Bifurcations
The Vernadsky Presumption
Biological Proliferations
Ecological Failure or Amelioration
Chapter 1: The Making of the Anthropocene
The Making of the Anthropocene
Relational Values and Vicissitudes
The Others
Pain and Pleasure
Grey Tonalities
Some Aspects of Due Diligence
Data Sets and Dialectic Ontologies
Melancholic Deliberations
Mind in the Forest
Ecological Enigma Codes
Sentience and Accelerated Evolution
Primate Biometrics and Other Biological Dualisms
Quantum Sapience
Darwin's Umbrella
Differential Equivalencies
The Ontology of Mutualism
Chapter 2: Our Conquest of Co-Evolution?
Counter-Collaborative Intuitions
The Zoological Gaze
Biorealism, Species Extinctions and Carrying Capacity
The Sorites "Paradox of the Heap" in a World of Fuzzy Logic
Contradictory Breaking Points
The Metabolic Truths of Biological De-Constructions
The Blue Whale Question?
Post-Holocene Histories
Chapter 3: The Metaphysics of Extinction
An Overview of Ceballos, Ehrlich and Ehrlich
Existential Animals/Plants at Ground Zero and the Rewilding Movement
Resolving Paradox?
510 Billion Square Meters of the Earth's Surface
Reproachable Pathways
The Genus Sus
What Constitutes Being Intelligent and is that Even a Relevant Word?
Intelligence Versus Sustainability and Compassion
Everything That is a Person
Living Ghosts from the Middle Miocene: Co-Habitation With the Most Iconic Carnivores in North America
Chapter 4: The Conative Spectrum of Other Species
Fagan Bonds
Quantum Anthrozoology
The Many Glitches of Fairyland Zoology
Flawed Algorithms and Interpolations
Epiphanies at the Boundary Level
Imagination that Translates into Biological Success
The Pigeon Test
Animal Intelligence that Challenges Our Own
The Semiosphere
The Disambiguation of Ethics Ecological Communion
Comparative Sentience and Sapience
A Menage a Trois in the Sea of Cortez
Chapter 5: Arcadian Connections
Jungles on an Existential Planet
Art as Interspecies Immanence
Of Birds and Dreams and Flannery O'Connor
Chapter 6: The "Other Minds" Challenge
Jain Bioinformatics
Himsa, Violence Towards The Others
Conflicted Advocacy: When Poetry and Song Fails to Impress
State Sanctioned Torture of the Innocents
Variable Data Sets
DNA and BioCommunications
Ignoring or Embracing the BioCommunicative Challenges?
Chapter 7: A Prolegomena of Human Conscience
Bambi and Beyond
Reverence for the Individual
Combinative Linguistic Capacities
Research Dialectics and Triage During Real-Time Crises
"Qualia" Beneath Seemingly Scientific Chaos
The Logic Trap
The Relativity of Neurons
Measuring Survival Within the Context of Intelligence
Chapter 8: Experiential, Empirical and Disturbing Anthrozoologies
Interspecies Altruisms
Ecological Dichotomies
Chapter 9: Epiphanies of the Biosemiosphere
Our Embrace of Life
Chapter 10: Evolutionary Biographies and the Enigma of the "Other" Beyond Solitude
An Overview of 'Readings In Zoosemiotics'
Chapter 11: A North American Family - The Ecologies of Translation
Redressing the Anthropocene Through Interspecies Communication
Transcending Taxonomy
The Brilliance of Songbirds
The Parrots
A Brief History of Biophilia
A California Fanfare: And Josie at the Heart of it All
Josie's Story
Gallus gallus and Meleagris gallopavo
Conversations With Josie
Post-Scientific Josie
Hominid and Psittacine Semiospheres
Of Dinosaurs and Other Memories
Expanding Contexts to Comport With Reality
Feathers Fashioned of Hope
A Personal Genealogy
The Fool's Paradise
Josie's Final Narrative
The Futility of Comparisons
The Crisis of One Plus One
Josie's Final Act of Heroism
Chapter 12: Coda
The Silence of Järvenpää

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Titre: Anthrozoology
Code EAN: 9783319459639
ISBN: 978-3-319-45963-9
Format: Livre Relié
nombre de pages: 338
Poids: 704g
Taille: H24mm x B244mm x T161mm
Année: 2017
Auflage: 1st ed. 2017


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