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Practical Pricing

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This book is about taking a theory, pricing, and translating it into an operational practice that can be used by a company on an e... Lire la suite
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This book is about taking a theory, pricing, and translating it into an operational practice that can be used by a company on an everyday basis easily with maximum results. This book provides, in detail, all the steps and input required to build out a pricing strategy and function.


Michael Calogridis


Preface Introduction to Pricing Why All the Sudden Interest in Pricing? Why Pricing Fails in so Many Companies? Why is Having an Effective Pricing Strategy so Difficult? What Are the 'Basics' Required for Successful Pricing? What Role(s) Should Consultants Play in Pricing? What Types of Companies& Industries Have Had Long Standing Historical Pricing Functions? The Bottom Line Profit 'Practical Pricing' Defined What's a Price Plan? Creating the Price Plan - The Pricing Pyramid Phase I - 'Band Aid' Current Price Practices Assessment Short Term Fixes Types of Pricing Strategies Penetration Pricing Low Price / High Volume Price Set to 'Penetrate' the Market Low Price to Secure High Volumes Typical in Mass Market Products Chocolate Bars, Food Stuffs, Household Goods etc Suitable For Products With Long Anticipated Life Cycles May Be Useful if Launching Into a New Market Market Skimming Value Pricing Loss Leader Psychological Pricing Going Rate (Price Leadership) Tender Pricing Price Discrimination Destroyer Pricing / Predatory Pricing Absorption / Full Cost Pricing Marginal Cost Pricing Contribution Pricing Target Pricing Cost-Plus Pricing Influence of Elasticity Price Reductions to Increase Market Share Price Waterfall Pricing Policies Competitive Bidding and Negotiated Prices Transfer Pricing Global Considerations and Online Pricing Global Pricing Strategies Online Pricing Other Ways to Increase Price Managing Price at the Account Level Pricing Culture& Behaviour Phase II Price Strategy& Key Alignments General Business Goals Key Alignments Feedback Phase III Pricing Design Pricing Goals& Objectives Policies& Procedures Pricing Approaches Pricing Data& Systems Pricing Tactics& Management Price Increases Other ways to increase ASP Contract Compliance Technology-Enabled Pricing New Product Pricing Key Metrics Reporting Phase IV Implementation Pricing Training& Support Price Decision Tree Structure Other Issues Legal The Pricing Team Post Audit Analysis (Post Launch) The Pricing Team Building the Organization and Locating it 'Correctly' in the Organization Pricing as a Career True Stories 'From the Trenches'

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Titre: Practical Pricing
Code EAN: 9780230614604
ISBN: 978-0-230-61460-4
Format: Livre Relié
Genre: Economie
nombre de pages: 200
Poids: 415g
Taille: H17mm x B244mm x T163mm
Année: 2010
Auflage: 2010


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