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From Hand to Mouth

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Bringing in evidence to bolster what has been a minority view, this text goes beyond earlier supporters of a gestural theory by su... Lire la suite
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Bringing in evidence to bolster what has been a minority view, this text goes beyond earlier supporters of a gestural theory by suggesting why speech eventually (but not completely) supplanted gesture.


Michael C. Corballis is Professor of Psychology and a member of the Research Center for Cognitive Science at the University of Auckland. He is the author of three books, including "The Lopsided Ape", and coeditor of "The Descent of Mind". His work has appeared in "Science","Nature", Scientific American", and "American Scientist".

Texte du rabat

"A lively and well constructed read that bravely tackles head-on the tough question of where language came from. Corballis intriguingly concludes that this unique human property has gestural rather than vocal origins; and along the way he explores numerous fascinating byways that make this a must read for everyone interested in how humans became the extraordinary creatures they are."--Ian Tattersall, American Museum of Natural History, author of "Extinct Humans and The Fossil Trail"

"Michael Corballis has accomplished a Herculean task. Reviewing and synthesizing data from a range of disciplines, he has woven it all into a book that is at once enjoyable and easy to read and yet faithful to the complexity of the subject matter. While this is admittedly a provocative work, the author has marshaled considerable evidence in support of his thesis. Indeed, he has done all of us a great service by raising the level of discussion surrounding this controversial topic. This is no small accomplishment."--Sherman Wilcox, University of New Mexico, General Editor, "Evolution of Communication"

"A fascinating journey along the evolutionary path that 'converted us from wild gesticulators to smooth talkers.' On the path we pass our ape-like ancestors, the change to bipedalism, increase in brain size, gestures, the anatomical requirements for vocalization, and finally the spoken language."--Lewis Wolpert, University College London

Marshaling far-flung evidence from anthropology, animal behavior, neurology, molecular biology, anatomy, linguistics, and evolutionary psychology, the author makes the case that language developed, with the emergence of Homo sapiens, from primate gestures to a true signed language, complete with grammar and syntax.


Preface vii Acknowledgments xi Chapter 1. What Is Language? 1 Chapter 2. Do Animals Have Language? 21 Chapter 3. In the Beginning Was the Gesture 41 Chapter 4. On Our Own Two Feet 66 Chapter 5. Becoming Human 82 Chapter 6. Signed Language 102 Chapter 7. It's All Talk 126 Chapter 8. Why Are We Lopsided? 159 Chapter 9. From Hand to Mouth 184 Chapter 10. Synopsis 213 References 221 Index 247

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Titre: From Hand to Mouth
Code EAN: 9780691116730
ISBN: 978-0-691-11673-0
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: Princeton University Press
Genre: Linguistique et sciences de la littérature
nombre de pages: 272
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Année: 2003


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