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Why Secret Intelligence Fails

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In this controversial book, the author (a former senior officer at the CIA) argues that the root causes of failures in intelligenc... Lire la suite
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In this controversial book, the author (a former senior officer at the CIA) argues that the root causes of failures in intelligence can be found in the way it is organised and in the intelligence process itself.


Michael A. Turner, Ph.D. is the Cannon Professor of International Affairs at Alliant International University. He served in senior positions in the Central Intelligence Agency, including five years as the chief of Public Liaison Staff. He has published numerous articles and lectures widely on national security, intelligence issues, and Aegean and Middle Eastern politics. He lives in San Diego, California.


Acknowledgements; Preface; List of Abbreviations; Chapter One - The Uncertainty Principle; What Is Intelligence? Utility of Intelligence; The Intelligence Cycle; The Plan; Chapter Two - Intelligence, American Style; Historical Reflections; The Intelligence Community; The Ineffectual DCI; The New Counterterrorism Focus; Chapter Three - Pitfalls of American Style Intelligence; The Intelligence Ethos; Bureaucratic Pathologies; Communication Problems; Inflection Points; Chapter Four - The Foreign Experience; The British Model; The Israeli Model; The South African Model; The French Model; Points of Comparison; Chapter Five - Requirements And Priorities; Shoddy, Hyped, and False Intelligence; How Is It Done? The Policy Environment; Intelligence Community Dynamics; The Analyst/Collector Environment; Inflection Points; Chapter Six - Perils of Intelligence Collection; Collection Disciplines; ORCON; The Classification System; An Ounce of Prevention; Inflection Points; Chapter Seven - Analytic Snafus; The World of the Analyst; The Estimative Process; Politicized Intelligence; Cognitive Issues; Inflection Points; Chapter Eight - Getting Intelligence to the Right People; Producing Intelligence; Disseminating Intelligence; Using Intelligence; Inflection Points; Chapter Nine - Contributing Factors; Counterintelligence; Covert Action; Inflection Points; Chapter Ten - Toward Smarter Intelligence; The Tragedy of Unrealistic Expectations; Provide Strong leadership With Unity of Command; Refine the Fusion Center Concept; Integrate Domestic with Foreign Intelligence; Promote Total Information Awareness; Improve Analytic Tradecraft; The Future of Warning? Glossary

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Titre: Why Secret Intelligence Fails
Code EAN: 9781574888904
ISBN: 978-1-57488-890-4
Format: Livre Relié
Editeur: Potomac Books Inc
Genre: Sciences politiques
nombre de pages: 224
Poids: 490g
Taille: H237mm x B161mm x T24mm
Année: 2005
Auflage: New


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