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Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 1999 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, F... Lire la suite
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Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 1999 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, Free University of Berlin (Otto-Suhr-Institut), course: Globalisierung und Internationale Politische Ökonomie, language: English, abstract: The majority of the world's population does not have access to any of the basic civilizatory services including area-masking health, education, water supply, energy supply, and above all, adequate food supply services that are available to the vast majority of residents of developed nations. The installation of an Area-Masking, Omni-Sectoral (AMOS) Development-Engineering complex on the basis of a Private / Public Partnership (PPP) is to be seen as the one way out of a global crisis that is increasingly spinning out of control and causes billions of people to suffer from severe malnutrition and supply deficiency. This is particularly regrettable because technological solutions to most - if not all - segments of the Global Planetary Crisis (GPC) are meanwhile existing. In order to work towards the solution of the Global Planetary Crisis that increasingly unfolds at all levels of social, political and economic life, an action plan, that needs to be endorsed by an omni-national agency and that includes the appointment of a special task committee with the objectives of Future-Safeguarding and Infrastructure-Completion, may be one of the few viable options. Only such an omni-lateral round-table agency could inaugurate and authorize a network of economic, political and charitable organization com-plexes that may interact in cooperative and synergetic ways to provide the required socio-economic infra-structures, political framework and supply of goods, services and facilities in order to systematically over-come the crisis in all its aspects. The LIFENET system, as presented in this compact, key-issue focused study, is meant to be but one potential approach that could lead to true global democratization, power-sharing and equalization of living standards worldwide - if implemented wholeheartedly. The overarching goal is the complete and uncom-promising implementation of the Declaration of Human Rights, whereby Art. 23, section (2) is seen as most essential in order to physically solve the Global Planetary Crisis. The system builds on the particular complementary strengths of different types of profit and non-profit organizations and their interactive and synergetic potentials to forge a multi-sectoral task force that accumulates the required magnitude and goodwill to physically start solving planetary problems in cooperation with external units and governments.

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Titre: The LIFENET Plan
Code EAN: 9783656222439
ISBN: 978-3-656-22243-9
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nombre de pages: 224
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Année: 2012
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