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The Tinker Girl

  • Couverture cartonnée
  • 494 Nombre de pages
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Texte du rabat In 'The Tinker Girl', a family saga about women for women, the protagonist Cate, battles against poverty, gender an... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

In 'The Tinker Girl', a family saga about women for women, the protagonist Cate, battles against poverty, gender and class to save a highland estate and its people from ruin. The 1899 setting is Kevinishe, a village on the west coast of Scotland, ruled by the MacNishe lairds, their wealth coming from the distilling of a renowned single malt whisky. Cate appears to be from a tinker community but has a mysterious connection to the Cailleach, a mystic woman of the moors whose healing powers and Second Sight she appears to have inherited. Her journey begins with a fateful encounter with the Laird's bullying grandson, Bruce, and this becomes the source of life-long animosity and rivalry, but also the beginning of a crucial, supportive relationship with the Laird.Although the eventual heir, Bruce cares nothing for the estate, and the presence of Cate, brought into the Laird's household, gives him more reason to resent Kevinishe. Cate finds security, and, with her active, intelligent mind uses this piece of good fortune to educate herself, until, when only fifteen, Bruce rapes her. She is rescued by Fisher, the Laird's trusted friend and distiller, and discreetly sent to live with his relations in Glasgow. There, finding she is pregnant by Bruce, she nurses her hatred for him in the poverty of the tenements, but also finds enduring friendships.Giving birth to his child, her loathing of the father undermines her relationship with the son, Rhoddy, leading to bitter consequences in later life. Focused and determined, she works her way steadily upwards, until marriage to her employer, lawyer McAlister, gives her a daughter and the longed-for security of a family and home. However, tragedy and hatred from his family combine to rob her of husband, house and baby daughter. Cate and Rhoddy become homeless and destitute.Their travels eventually take them back to Kevinishe, but only after an important period in a country mansion working for Lady Jemima, whose respect and friendship she earns. Events, good fortune and her ability lead to full involvement in Kevinishe village, the distillery and at last a home of her own. Her continued friendship with Fisher and a developing one with powerful neighbour, Dinwoodie, provide her with staunch allies, but put her within Bruce's grasp again. Arson and physical injury, instigated by Bruce, almost end her life. Throughout this time she makes good use of her healing powers, but has difficulty coming to terms with the Second Sight.She then complicates matters by falling in love with a Glasgow journalist, Alashdair. Broken-hearted when she discovers he is married, she ends the relationship and flees to Lady Jemima, only to find she is dying. Grieving, she returns to Kevinishe and focuses on re-building her life in the village and guiding the distillery to success. Her progress is in stark contrast to Bruce's downward path. Pregnant with Alashdair's child she receives a marriage proposal, from friend and neighbour Dinwoodie, that would avoid a scandal. Cate also resolves her inner conflict with the Second Sight in a dramatic ending to her journey when she risks her life to save lives in a local quarry disaster. Now, pivotal and respected in the community, the redheaded tinker girl has become the flame-haired woman.

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Titre: The Tinker Girl
Code EAN: 9780957489479
ISBN: 0957489471
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Genre: Romans et récits
nombre de pages: 494
Poids: 656g
Taille: H229mm x B152mm x T26mm
Année: 2013


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