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Mexico, Central, and South America: New Perspectives

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Jorge I. Domínguez is Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs and Harvard College Professor at Harvard University ... Lire la suite
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Jorge I. Domínguez is Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs and Harvard College Professor at Harvard University and is a member of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He has authored and edited a number of works, including Essays on Mexico, Central, and South America (Garland, 1994), To Make a World Safe for Revolution: Cuba's Foreign Policy (Harvard University Press, 1989), Democracy and the Caribbean (Johns Hopkins, 1993), Democratic Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean (Johns Hopkins, 1999), Toward Mexico's Democratization (Routledge, 1999), and the forthcoming The United States and Mexico: Between Partnership and Conflict (Routledge).

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With the fall of the Soviet Union and the acceleration of global economic, political, and social pressures, Mexico, Central, and South America have undergone vast transformations. This collection details these changes and updates the scholarship on a region once defined by the cold war and now struggling to define itself within the era of economic globalization and democratization. Rapid changes in the area have produced new and contentious scholarship, the best of which is contained in this new five-volume set. Collected by one of the premiere authorities on the region, each volume contains a valuable introduction and considers a key discipline of study. Together the volumes provide a comprehensive view, which will prove an indispensable research tool for students and scholars alike.

This five-volume set is a collection of scholarship on challenges faced by Mexico, Central and South America in adapting to the post-Cold War environment of globalization and increasing democratization. Each volume treats a key discipline of study and the set forms a comprehensive whole.


Volume I: Economics Aitken, Brian and Harrison, Ann. 'Do Domestic Firms Benefit from Direct Foreign Investment? Evidence from Venezuela.' American Economic Review 89 (1999). Edwards, Sebastian. 'The Political Economy of Inflation and Stabilization in Developing Countries.' Economic Development and Cultural Change 42 (1994). Calvo, Guillermo., Leiderman, Leonardo and Reinhart, Carmen. 'Capital Inflows and Real Exchange Rate Appreciation in Latin America: The Role of External Factors.' IMF Staff Papers 40 (1993). Obsfield, Maurice. 'The Mirage if Fixed Exchange Rates.' Journal of Economic Perspectives 9 (1995). Sachs, Jeffry., Tornell, Aaron and Velasco, Andres. 'The Mexican Peso Crisis: Sudden Death or Death Foretold.' Journal of International Economics 41 (1996). Roxborough, Ian. 'Inflation and Social Pacts in Brazil and Mexico.' Journal of Latin American Studies 24 (1992). Sheahan, John. 'Effects of Liberalization Programs on Poverty and Inequality: Chile, Mexico and Peru.' Latin American Research Review 32 (1997). LaPorta, Rafael and Florencio Lopez de Silanes. 'The Benefits of Privatization: Evidence from Mexico.' Quarterly Journal of Economics 114 (1999). Kiguel, Miguel and Liviatan, Nissan. 'When do Heterodox Stabilization Programs Work?' The World Bank Research Observer 7 (1992). Dornbusch, Rudiger and Fischer, Stanley. 'Moderate Inflation.' The World Bank Economic Review 7 (1993) Nazmi, Nader. 'Exchange Rate-Based Stabilization in Latin America.' World Development 25 (1997). Pastor, Jr., Manuel. 'Stabilization and its Discontents: Aggentina's Economic Restructuring in the 1990s.' World Development 27 (1999). Cinquetti, Carlos. 'The Real Plan: Stabilzation and Destabilization.' World Development 28 (2000). Dijkstra, A. Geske. 'Trade Liberalization and Industrial Development in Latin America.' World Development 28 (2000). Edwards, Sebastian. 'The Mexican Peso Crisis: How Much Did We Know? When Did We Know It?' World Economy 21 (1998). Volume II: Democracy Dix, Robert. 'Military Coups and Military Rule in Latin America.' Armed Forces and Society 20 (1994). Remmer, Karen. 'The Sustainability of Political Democracy: Lessons from South America.' Comparative Political Studies 29 (1996). Caldeira, Teresa and Holston, James. 'Democracy and Violence in Brazil.' Comparative Studies in Society and History 41 (1999). Stepan, Alfred. 'Brazil's Decentralized Federalism: Bringing Government Closer to the Citizens?' Daedalus 129 (2000). Geddes, Barbara. 'Challenging the Conventional Wisdom.' Journal of Democracy 5 (1994). Dominguez, Jorge. 'Free Politics and Free Markets in Latin America.' Journal of Democracy 9 (1998). Levitsky, Steven. 'F

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