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Mexican American Voices

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Today, Mexican Americans are the youngest and fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. But Mexican Americans are also am... Lire la suite
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Today, Mexican Americans are the youngest and fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. But Mexican Americans are also among the nation's oldest communities, with a rich and complex history. This book seeks to restore Mexican Americans to their rightful place in the narrative of American history.


Steven Mintz is a member of the History Department and director of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Teaching Center at Columbia University.

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This short, comprehensive collection of primary documents provides an indispensable introduction to Mexican American history and culture. Includes over 90 carefully chosen selections, with a succinct introduction and comprehensive headnotes that identify the major issues raised by the documents Emphasizes key themes in US history, from immigration and geographical expansion to urbanization, industrialization, and civil rights struggles Includes a 'visual history' chapter of images that supplement the documents, as well as an extensive bibliography


Preface. Table of Contents. Introduction. Chapter 1: The United States' Spanish Heritage. 1. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Exploring New Spain's Northern Frontier, 1542. 2. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, The Spanish Borderlands, 1540-42. 3. Don Antonio de Otermin, Resistance and Accommodation in New Mexico, 1680. 4. Captain F. W. Beechey, Missionary Activity in New Spain's Northern Frontier, 1831. 5. California's Mission System. 5.1. Pablo Tac, Life on a California Mission, 1835. 5.2. Eulalia Perez, Duties of a Housekeeper, 1823. 6. Junipero Serra: Saint or Emissary of Empire?. 6.1. Junipero Serra, The Importance of Laborers in the Missions, 1775. 6.2. Junipero Serra, On the Lenient Treatment of Indians, 1775. 7. Pedro Bautista Pino, Description of the Province of New Mexico, 1812. Chapter 2: From Spanish to Mexican Rule. 1. James Josiah Webb, The Consequences of Mexican Independence, 1844-47. 2. Miguel Ramos de Arizpe, Anglo-American Settlement in Texas, 1812. 3. Jose Maria Sanchez, Mounting Mexican Fears About the Influx of Anglo Americans into Texas, 1828. 4. A Member of the Tejano Elite Favors Anglo American Immigration into Texas, 1830. 5. Narcisco Duran, The Secularization of the California Missions, 1833. 6. Guadalupe Vallejo, A Californio Condemns the Intrusion of Anglo Americans into California, 1890. Chapter 3: From Mexican to Anglo Rule. 1. General Manuel Mier y Teran, Mexican Concern Deepens Over the Influx of Anglo Americans into Texas, 1828. 2. Slavery in Texas: Pro and Con. 2.1. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin, Promotion of the Expansion of Slavery, 1825. 2.2. Jose Maria Tornel, Denunciation of the Expansion of Slavery, 1837. 3. Stephen F. Austin, Speech to Justify the Texas Revolution, 1836. 4. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin, A Tejano Leader Calls on Mexicans in Texas to Support the Texas Revolution, 1836. 5. The Battle of the Alamo. 5.1. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Perspective on the Battle of the Alamo, 1837. 5.2. Vicente Filisola, Perspective on Santa Anna's Strategy, 1849. 6. Juan Nepomuceno Seguin, The Fate of Tejanos, 1858. 7. Comision Pesquisadora de la Frontera del Norte, A Mexican Report Describes the Mistreatment of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Texas, 1873. Chapter 4: The Mexican War. 1. Manifest Destiny. 1.1. John L. O'Sullivan Promotes his Idea of "Manifest Destiny," 1845. 1.2. Jose Maria Tomel y Mendivil Critiques "Manifest Destiny," 1837. 2. James Knox Polk, The War Commences, 1846. 3. Ramon Alcaraz, A Controversial War, 1850. 4. Juan Bautista Vigil y Alarid, Resistance, 1846. 5. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 5.1. Article IX, 1848. 5.2. Article X, 1848. 6. Mexico Debates the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 6.1. Manuel Crescencio Rejon Denounces the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848. 6.2. Bernardo Couto Defends the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848. Chapter 5: Legacies of Conquest. 1. Hutchings' California Magazine, Land Loss in California, 1857. 2. Antonio Maria Pico, A Loss of Land and Power, 1859. 3. Hispano Commercial Club of Las Vegas, Land Loss in New Mexico, 1890. 4. New Mexico Statehood. 4.1. Harper's Weekly, Reaction to Senate Passage of a Statehood Bill for New Mexico, 1876. 4.2. New Mexico Constitution, 1912. Articles II, VII, and XII. 5. Resistance to Conquest. 5.1. Juan Nepomuceno Cortina, A Proclamation to the Inhabitants of the State of Texas, 1859. 5.2. Juan Nepomuceno Cortina Pledges Resistance to Intimidation and the Seizure of Land, 1859. 6. El Corrido de Juan Cortina, Songs of Resistance and Pride, ca. late 19th century. 7. Tiburcio Vasquez, Resistance in California, 1874. 8. John Rollin Ridge, Legend-Making: An Account of Joaquin Murieta, 1854. Chapter 6: Visual History. 1. Norman H. Reed, The Mission, Santa Barbara, Cal., c. 1890. 2. William Redmond Ryan, Een waterplaats in Neder Californie, 1850. 3. Edward W. Clay, Houston, Santa Anna, and Cos, 1836. 4. Storming of Chapultepec in Mexico, Sept. 13th, 1847, c. 1848. 5. S. Lee Perkins, Things as They Are, 1849. 6. C.E.H. Bonwill, Cortina, 1864. 7. George Grantham Bain, Mexican emigrating to U.S., Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, c. 1912. 8. C

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Titre: Mexican American Voices
Code EAN: 9781405182591
ISBN: 978-1-4051-8259-1
Format: Couverture cartonnée
Editeur: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Genre: Histoire
nombre de pages: 256
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Année: 2009
Auflage: 2nd Edition


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