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Methods and Techniques for Cleaning-up Contaminated Sites

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Methods and Techniques for Cleaning-up Contaminated Sites, Sinaia, Romania, ... Lire la suite
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Methods and Techniques for Cleaning-up Contaminated Sites, Sinaia, Romania, 9-11 October 2006

This publication comprises the presentations made at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop held in Sinaia, Romania 9 - 11 October, 2006. The contributions represent a unique cross section of issues and challenges related to contaminated site management. These range from low cost solutions to petroleum contaminated sites to advances in biological treatment methods. The publication is meant to foster links between groups facing challenges cleaning up contaminated sites.


Remediation of Metal and Metalloid Contaminated Groundwater; L. Diels, K. Vanbroekhoven.- Bioremediation In Situ of Polluted Soil in a Uranium Deposit; S. Groudev et al.- Vital Soil Versus Contaminants; P. Doelman.- Chemical Oxidation for Clean Up of Contaminated Ground Water; R.L. Siegrist et al.- Detection and Measurement Techniques to Identify the Presence of NAPLs In the Field; I. Van Keer et al.- Immobilization of Heavy Metals and Stable Organics from Aqueous Systems on Modified Activated Carbon; T. Lupascu, M. Teodorescu.- Remediation of The former Military Airport: Triangle Zatec; R. Raschman, J.Vanek.- Aquifer Remediation and Chemical Recovery Following a Spill Due to an Earthquake in Turkey; C. Zanbak.- How to Remediate the Pollution with Mercury and Hexachloro-Cyclohexane Residues in a Chemical Plant; S.H. Jordanov.- Decision Support System for Evaluation of Treatment Train for Removal of Micropolutants DSS for Xenobiotics Removal; P. Hlavinek, J. Kubik.- Simulation of the Radon Flux Attenuation in Uranium Tailings Piles; M. De Lurdes Dinis, A. Fiúza.- Biochemical Oxidation - a Pathway for Ammonia Removal from Aquatic Systems; M. Sandu et al.- Biobeds - Biotechnology for Environmental Protection from Pesticide Pollution; M. Del Pilar Castillo, L. Torstensson.- Incd-Ecoind Experience in Bio-Treatment of the Organic Compounds and Heavy Metals Polluted Soils; E. Pena Leonte.- Review of Characterization and Remediation Technologies for NAPL's in Groundwater; W.W. Kovalick Jr.- Mass flux as a remedial performance metric at NAPL contaminated sites; M.D. Annable.- Carbon/Polymer Composite Adsorption-Filtering Materials For Individual Protective Systems; M.T. Kartel et al.-

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