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Marine Algae in Pharmaceutical Science. Vol. 1

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Texte du rabat Frontmatter -- PREFACE -- Contents -- Contributors -- Part I. General Reviews -- THE VEGETATION IN THE SEA / Levrin... Lire la suite
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Texte du rabat

Frontmatter -- PREFACE -- Contents -- Contributors -- Part I. General Reviews -- THE VEGETATION IN THE SEA / Levring, Tore -- MARINE ALGAE AND THEIR PRODUCTS AND CONSTITUENTS IN PHARMACY / Hoppe, Heinz A. -- LIST OF MULTICELLULAR ALGAE OF COMMERCIAL USE / Bonotto, S. -- SEAWEEDS IN PHARMACEUTICALS AND MEDICINE: A REVIEW / Chapman, V. J. -- Contributions and Potentialities of Caribbean Marine Algae in Pharmacology / Diaz-Piferrer, M. -- MARINE PHARMACOLOGY / Der Marderosian, Ara -- SEAWEED RESOURCES FOR PHARMACEUTICAL USES / Michanek, G. -- ALGAE AS DRUG PLANTS IN INDIA / Misra, Arunkumar / Sinha, Ramkumar -- PHARMACEUTICAL STUDIES ON MARINE ALGAE IN JAPAN / Nisizawa, Kazutosi -- Part II. Articles on Special Constituents of Marine Algae -- ANTIBIOTIC SUBSTANCES FROM MARINE FLORA / Aubert, M. / Aubert, J. / Gauthier, M. -- -VIRAL PROPERTIES OF ALGAL POLYSACCHARIDES AND RELATED COMPOUNDS / Ehresmann, D. W. / Deig, E. F. / Hatch, M. T. -- ANTIBIOTICS FROM ALGAE / Glombitza, K.-W. -- CHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION AND THERAPEUTIC EVALUATION OF -HERPESVIRUS POLYSACCHARIDES FROM SPECIES OF DUMONTIACEAE / Hatch, M.T. / Ehresmann, D.W. / Deig, E.F. -- AMINES IN ALGAE / Kneifel, H. -- ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS FROM MARINE RED ALGAE OF THE FAMILY BONNEMAISONIACEAE / McConnell, Oliver J. / Fenical, William -- USE OF BROMOPEROXIDASE, AN ALGAL ENZYME, IN THE PREPARATION OF RADIOBROMINATED PROTEINS / McElvany, Karen D. / Knight, Linda C. / Welch, Michael J. -- PARTIAL CHARACTERIZATION OF A SPECIFIC ANTIBIOTIC, ANTIFUNGAL SUBSTANCE ISOLATED FROM THE MARINE DIATOM CHAETOCEROS LAUDERI RALFS CC / Gnassia-Barelli, M. -- ANTIFUNGAL PROPERTIES OF SOME MARINE PLANKTONIC ALGAE / Gnassia-Barelli, M. / Gueho, E. -- Fatty Acids and Lipids of Marine Algae and the Control of their Biosynthesis by Environmental Factors / Pohl, P. / Zurheide, F. -- ALGAL POLYSACCHARIDES: THEIR POTENTIAL USE TO PREVENT CHRONIC METAL POISONING / Tanaka, Yukio / Stara, Jerry F. -- Polyhydroxyphenols in Some Brown Algae / Tsuchiya, Yasuhiko -- SOME REMARKS ON ALGAL CAROTENOIDS AND THEIR INTERCONVERSION INTO ANIMAL CAROTENOIDS / Wettern, Michael / Weber, Adolf -- The Distribution of Chemical Elements in Algae / Yamamoto, Toshio / Otsuka, Yukiko / Okazaki, Masaaki / Okamoto, Ken-ichi -- MICROBIAL TRANSFORMATION OF MARINE STEROLS: FUCOSTEROL AND ISOFUCOSTEROL / Youngken, H. W. / Soliman, F. M. -- Part III. Articles on Selected Algae and Algal Products -- The Use of Alginates in Dentistry / Ahing, S. / Hébert, M. -- ENZYMIC AND N.M.R. SPECTROSCOPIC ANALYSES OF AGAR- POLYSACCHARIDES / Bhattacharjee, S.S. / Yaphe, W. -- SIMPLE LABORATORY METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF GEL STRENGTH / Czapke, K. -- USE OF THE LAMINARIA TENT IN OBSTETRICAL PRACTICE / Feochari, Konstantin -- MEDICINAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL UTILISATION OF PURIFIED "AGAR AGAR" EXTRACTED FROM GELIDIELLA ACEROSA OF INDIAN SHORES / Gopal, . V. -- STUDIES ON PTEROCLADIA CAPILLA CEA (GMEL. ) BORN. ET THÜR. Part I. Phytochemical Investigations / Güven, Kasim C. / Güler, Erden -- STUDIES ON PTEROCLADIA CAPILLACEA (GMEL. ) BORN ET THÜR. Part II. Pharmacological, Antibacterial and Antifungal Investigations / Güven, K. C. / Güler, E. / Aktin, E. / Koyuncuoglu, H. -- Lipid Constituents of the Red Alga Ceramium rubrum. A Search for Antimicrobial and Chemical Defense Substances / Noguchi, T. / Ikawa, M. / Uebel, J.J. / Andersen, K.K. -- Contributions on the Content, Seasonality and Gelling Properties of the Phycocolloid from Three Hypnea Species from Hawaii / Mshigeni, Keto E. -- Studies on the littoral ecology and ecophysiology of the carrageenophytes, Hypnea musciformis (Wulfen) Lamouroux and H. valentiae (Turner) Montagne in Tanzania / Mshigeni, K.E. / Mziray, W.R. -- Taxonómic Index -- Subject Index -- Backmatter

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Titre: Marine Algae in Pharmaceutical Science. Vol. 1
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Année: 1979
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