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In comparison to Husserl and Heidegger, Max Scheler's philosophy of time as first presented here, is considerably wider in scope. ... Lire la suite
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In comparison to Husserl and Heidegger, Max Scheler's philosophy of time as first presented here, is considerably wider in scope. Using posthumous manuscripts, Frings shows that Scheler conceived the origin of time in the self-activating center of individual and universal life as threefold "absolute" time of a four-dimensional expanse. This serves as a basis for establishing the phenomenon of objective time in multiple steps of constitutionality, including the physical field theory and theory of relativity.
For Scheler, objective time, even though anchored in absolute time, deserves "maximum attention" in a technological society. Frings focuses here with Scheler on time experience of values and among social groups, time experiences in the mind-set of capitalism, in politics and morals, in population dynamics, and time experiences in the process of aging, all of which were signposts in Scheler's thought before his early demise.


Exposition of the Text.
I: Time Structures among Values.
A: Description of Ranks and Types of Values and Time. 1. Values Felt in the Lived Body or the Sensible Values. 2. Pragmatic Values. 3. Life-Values. 4. Values of the Mind. 5. The Value of the Holy.
B: Phenomenology of Values and of Their Time. 1. Introductory Note on Value-Phenomenology. 2. Feeling. 3. Preferring. 4. Love and Time. 5. Phenomenology of Good and Evil in Relation to Time.
C: Sociology of Values and Time. Introductory Note on Social Forms. 1. The Mass. 2. Utility Cooperatives. 3. The Life-Community. 4. Society. 5. The Encompassing Person.
D: Ontology of Values and Time. 1. The Concept of Ontology. 2. The Ontological Place of the Being of Values. 3. The Ontological Status of the Functionalization of Values in Reality and the Primacy of Their Givenness.
E: Synopsis of Time Structures among Values.
II: Life and Time.
A: Reality and the Direction toward Yet Unknown Future Events. 1. The Constitution of Reality. 2. The Function of Time in Realizing Factors. 3. The Constitution of "First" and "Afterward" in Drives.
B: The Constitution of Time in Life. General Characteristics of Impulsion and Absolute Time. 1. Impulsion. 2. Absolute Time. Specific Characteristics of Impulsion and Absolute Time. 3. The Coincidence of Meaning and Phase . 4. Becoming and Un-Becoming. Time in the Process of Aging and Time Shifts in Consciousness. 5. Absolute Time in Transitions.
C: The Constitution of Temporalization. 6. The Phenomenon of Fluctuation in Absolute Time. 7. The Four Dimensions of Impulsion and Theoretical Physics. 8. Irreversible Successiveness. 9. Temporalization through Modification.
D: The Constitution of Objective Time. 1. The Void. 2. Distance.
III: At the Crossroads of the Present and the Future.
A: The Diametrical Directions of Drives and Mind. 1. The Growth of Mind and the Devolution of Drive Directions. 2. The Three Eras of History and the Transition from Absolute to Objective Time. 3. Types of Predictions and Their Classification.
B: Capitalism: Three Theses Concerning its Meta-Economic Origin. 1. Max Weber. 2. Werner Sombart. 3. Max Scheler. 4. Objective Time in Capitalism. A Cultural Observation.
C: Absolute and Objective Time in Two Present Issues of Concern. 1. World Population. 2. Politics and Morals.
Bibliographical References. 1. The German Collected Works (Gesammelte Werke). 2. Current English Translations. 3. Secondary International Literature.
Index: 1. Index of Subject Matter. 2. Index of Names.

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