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Jews and Christians in Thirteenth-Century France

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A period of great change for Europe, the thirteenth-century was a time of both animosity and intimacy for Jewish and Christian com... Lire la suite
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A period of great change for Europe, the thirteenth-century was a time of both animosity and intimacy for Jewish and Christian communities. In this wide-ranging collection, scholars discuss the changing paradigms in the research and history of Jews and Christians in medieval Europe, discussing law, scholarly pursuits, art, culture, and poetry.

Elisheva Baumgarten and Judah Galinsky's volume is a welcome reminder of the Jews' long history in the French Hexagone. All the essays are well-researched, meticulously edited, and to the point. Indeed, this a rare example of an edited book with a coherent construction and in which the different essays are in real dialogue with one another. this is a volume of uncommon thematic coherence and all together a superb piece of scholarship. (Flora Cassen, The Medieval Review, 2016)

Cyril Aslanov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel David Berger, Yeshiva University, USA Susan E. Einbinder, University of Connecticut, USA Jessica M. Elliott, Grand Valley State University, USA Ari Geiger, Bar Ilan-University, Israel Ephraim Kanarfogel, Yeshiva University, USA Rella Kushelevsky, Bar-Ilan University, Israel Daniel J. Lasker Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Anne E. Lester, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA Sara Offenberg, Bar-Ilan University, Israel Samuel N. Rosenberg, Indiana University, USA Yosef Schwartz, Tel Aviv University, Israel Karl Shoemaker, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA Lesley Smith, University of Oxford, UK Margo Stroumsa-Uzan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel John Tolan, University of Nantes, France

Introduction: Jews and Christians in Thirteenth-Century France; Elisheva Baumgarten and Judah D. Galinsky PART I: LEARNING, LAW, AND SOCIETY 1. Continuity and Change in the Study of the Bible: the Ten Commandments in Christian Exegesis; Lesley Smith 2. Psalters for Men, Books of Hours for Women: Arras as a Case Study; Margo Strumsa-Uzan 3. What Happened to Christian Hebraism in the Thirteenth Century?; Ari Geiger 4. "I Have Asked for Nothing except the Ius Commune ": Legal Change in Thirteenth-Century France; Karl Shoemaker 5. Between Ashkenaz (Germany) and Tsarfat (France): Two Approaches towards Popularizing Jewish Law; Judah D. Galinsky 6. Authority, Control and Conflict in Thirteenth-Century Paris: Contextualizing the Talmud Trial; Yosef Schwartz PART II: POLEMICS, PERSECUTIONS, AND MUTUAL PERCEPTIONS 7. Joseph ben Nathan's Sefer Yosef ha-Mekanné and the Medieval Jewish Critique of Christianity; Daniel J. Lasker 8. How, When, and To What Degree was the Jewish-Christian Debate Transformed in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries?; David Berger 9. Of Milk and Blood: Innocent III and the Jews, revisited; John Tolan 10. The Image of Christians in Medieval Ashkenazic Rabbinic Literature; Ephraim Kanarfogel 11. Jews "Feigning Devotion": Christian Representations of Converted Jews in French Chronicles before and after the Expulsion of 1306; Jessica Marin Elliot 12. Women behind the Law: Lay Religious Women in Thirteenth-Century France and the Problem of Textual Resistance; Anne E. Lester PART III: CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS AND APPROPRIATIONS: ART, POETRY, AND LITERATURE 13. Mirroring Samson the Martyr: Reflections of Jewish-Christian Relations in the North French Hebrew Illuminated Miscellany ; Sara Offenberg 14. The Lament on the Martyrs of Troyes as a Monument of Judeo-French on the Verge of the Expulsions; Cyril Aslanov 15. Exegesis and Romance: Revisiting the Old French Translation of Kallir ; Susan E. Einbinder, with an appendix by Samuel N. Rosenberg 16. Abstinence in Medieval France: A Comparison of "A Slave for Seven Years" in Sefer ha-ma'asim to "The Life of St. Alexis"; Rella Kushelevsky

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